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Old 18th October 2007, 10:30   #166
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Sunita, I know you dont approve of it, but I think insuch situations you should avoid Gandhigiri, and apply "my medicine" to this guy. Even though I am not in Bangalore, you have someone in your team who is more than capable of doing what I would have done.....u know who I mean
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Old 18th October 2007, 12:09   #167
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Thats so damn shocking. And the worst part is - both are well educated.

Hope all turns out well. Keep the fight on. I am sure all of the Blore T-BHPians will be more than glad to help you there.
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Old 19th October 2007, 03:07   #168
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No, I think Gandhigiri works only in films. But if you are hell bent on this idea, I can take care of delivering the flowers. Going to shift to RMZ-NXT in 2 weeks.

I suggest going ahead with a police case(if you have the time and inclination) and maybe another one(criminal) for harassment or some such charge added as well. See if the police will play along. Also, serve a court notice on the fellow. Maybe that will make him rethink.

If everything fails, I have another idea. PM'ed you.
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Old 19th October 2007, 03:47   #169
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Sunita, heard about this from Rahul. I was out of town when he called. Sad to see he's turned ugly over this. You might as well throw the book at him. If you want to throw something heavier, give me a call.
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Old 19th October 2007, 13:41   #170
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Originally Posted by Wheeliej View Post
So nobody supports me in sending 'get well soon' flowers to the couple
Rather than flowers I say we send across a court summon letter. If you wish you could send flowers with that.

You could also send across 10-15 team-bhp members. That should do the trick.

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Old 19th October 2007, 13:54   #171
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1: I think your insurance company ought to talk to his insurance company. You guys should only discuss the uninsured claims bit.

2: Does n't the police report back you up ?

3: What qualifies him to define "bad driver" ? You were following the truck at a low speed, there is conclusive evidence to show that his impact damaged both ends of the car

4: Ask him to document this in writing - bad driver, etc

5: GE will not mess around with mistruths about assets in their name. Send a legal notice to GE (legal department) for the uninsured loss, his documented the mistruths as stated, copy the HR department, if you can find a specific name. State that you want a response in 7 days

6: Go to the press -a rag like Bangalore Mirror would love it - GE pays for the back end or soemthing like that
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Old 19th October 2007, 14:37   #172
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Tch tch... things like this backing out stuff were expected.

My accident saw me going to the persons place after having been to the showroom for an estimate of the damanges. I took a rough estimate of 70% would be given by the insurance company and asked him to pay 40% (the excess 10% to cover up for the increased insurance premium next year). Five guys all in a really agitated mood did the trick for me. Took the money then and there and left.

Good thing was that my accident was witnessed by a cop and i had a report to this effect in my hand.

Go for his jugular. Don't let such people go lightly. Someone has to teach them a lesson..
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Old 19th October 2007, 22:20   #173
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Hi all,

Thanks again. I am still exploring my options. It is now confirmed that the car belongs to GE. I will be meeting with my lawyer over the weekend to find out my options.

Ajmat, please send me details of Bangalore mirror if you have it. It doesn't make sense for me to accept the damage to the rear of the car only since the entire accident happened due to his fault. If it hadn't been for him there was no way for my car to hit that truck. This man is making such idiotic arguments that the only way to reach him will be thru force (suggested by many here as the way to resolve this), which kind of support I don't possess & don't entirely endorse.

Other options are in play also. Am Trying to reach GE legal. This is a clear case of cheating so far as I am concerned. It is breach of contract & trust & displays an absolute lack of integrity. If anyone can send me the contact details of GE India top personnel, then I can appraise them of the situation. Else, the email details of GE usa management can be obtained. people in the US are very particular to avoid unethical behaviour by their employees (my company surely is). It will make a big difference, I feel.


Ps: mods - request you again to remove any matter that you feel might be objectionable for this forum.
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Old 19th October 2007, 22:48   #174
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Aren't U a lawyer urself,wheeliej?
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Old 20th October 2007, 19:27   #175
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Hi all,

The following actions were completed today :

- As advised by Himanshu, Filed an additional information and complaint to the FIR with the police station today adding GE ITS, the owner of the car as a party to the FIR, informed the police that the documents submitted by the other party included a insurance policy that had expired on 23.08.2007 and informed them that he had backed out of him commitment.

- got the contact details of the other party's boss. have spoken with him and sent him the details by email.

The lawyer postponed the meeting to next week since the relevant team member was on vacation due to the holiday.

PS Nitrous - yes, am a lawyer also, but dont want to be over-confident and miss out on something.

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Old 20th October 2007, 19:46   #176
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Hi Benny,

I tried sending you a PM, but your box seems to be full & thus not accepting further messages. Can you please send me an alternate email address?

Thanks, Sunita
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Old 20th October 2007, 19:48   #177
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that is quite some damage the honda city took compared to nothing on the accent.

does a city cost more to insure compared to other similar cars? i would assume so since it crumples like paper on low speed impacts.
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Old 5th November 2007, 02:05   #178
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Default Appreciation

Bangloreans know what I mean when I say that traffic is horrendous. But yesterday, while driving from Ulsoor to Vidhana Soudha, the road was jammed every which way for quite a while. And then slowly, traffic started moving and opening out till the going got pretty good. Had to really appreciate the Traffic Police for patiently, and under very trying conditions, coping with the massive volume of traffic. The public also, on the whole, behaved in a pretty civilized manner. For once, it was a decent experience being in a traffic jam.
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Old 5th November 2007, 21:41   #179
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Wow! Thats a good thing to know,Hoss. Glad that there are times when people maintain all norms of sanity,and let things take its own course.
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Old 5th November 2007, 22:55   #180
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Well the joy is short lived is all I can say since Hoss' s post this morning.

Saw a biker and auto driver bad mouth each other initially which turned into a bad exchange of blows from either sides.

Was passing by and I simply smiled at the 2 fools and the whole scene.
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