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Old 27th November 2009, 14:11   #16
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Hey man,

I can totally feel your frustration and the vent out. but my friend, you are not alone here. A lot of us often cross paths with maniacs or Animals (so to say) on the road, the key though lies in being patient and managing your anger. do read my post on a similar experience - https://www.team-bhp.com/forum/shift...ml#post1581399

"I drove all the way to office with deep remorse and shock. I couldnt believe I went to those levels where I shouldnt have".

its great that you realize this, despite of not being able to practice it on the spot. Trust me, your abuses, aggressiveness or the physical harm would not make a penny worth of a change to someone who is that selfish and ignorant. a lot of us think that stooping down at their level, and teaching them a lesson by (verbally or physically) attacking them would turn them "sane" overnight.

The grim truth is that, the guy will be back to his garbage habits right after the next 5 minutes.

its not worth it man. Sorry this happened to you. but just Move on..
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Old 27th November 2009, 14:13   #17
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Yeah i also used to get down from my car and have a word every time an auto or two wheeler banged or brushed with my car. But their apathy has eventually rubbed onto me too now. Now i dont even bother if someone taps from behind.

Today on BG Road, i was changing lanes when another car ignored my actions. We both braked, his mirror said hi to my mirror, and then we went our way without exchanging anything at all.
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Old 27th November 2009, 14:13   #18
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I do not think you have done anything wrong. It was that auto guy's mistake and he could have said sorry. But these autowallas always shout so that either other party will afraid or leave place without making a scene.

Welcome to blore.
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Old 27th November 2009, 14:29   #19
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Many of them are not taking this as their preferred job. You can see most of auto guys are school drop outs or with bad background etc. And their profession is like that all those around are in similar nature (there are few good people also ).
It is true that no one will be supporting you/me but all other auto fellows will join with
the other if one met with such incident and blankly support them. Cops around also come and finger you at the end because you are sitting in car and you dont have anyone to back in that situation.
Autos,anywhere in india, you can see that they come very close to any vehicle and they do zig zag driving, they never use the indicators and we wont know which direction he is going to turn. If they hit your/my car, they simply sit in the auto giving the impression it is their privilege to hit others because it happens - sorry or no sorry?

So what we can do??
Fighting with them and spoil your day -they have nothing to lose?
or just note down the auto number and do your car repair at your insurance cost?
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Old 27th November 2009, 14:35   #20
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Default I empathise with your experience

To start with, I am going in for Anger Management from next week onwards.

The actions mentioned below should not be done under ANY and I mean ANY circumstances and in no ways am I propogating the use of violence.

Driving my Baleno, rick bangs from behind.
Rude words exchanged, First abuse from the rickshawallah.

I walk back to my car, pick up the baseball bat from the boot and proceed to make the Rick a peice of art without the windshield.

Coolly walk back start the car and go home as if nothing happened.

Although I did regret it later, par Laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahi maante....
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Old 27th November 2009, 14:37   #21
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It happens to everyone, Guess what, yesterday i wa going to my office. the traffic infront of my office is managed by private agencies. So the vehicle infron of my car is allowed to go and they stopped me, i was fine like 3 seconds passed and i hear a mild thud, I turn arround and there is a bike behind my car. I rolldown my window and i asked him dont you have breaks? to that the dude answers, why did you stop your car. seriously lol, i thought no point of arguing, i thought if there is a damge it will max take 1000 bucks to fix or else i will put a tbhp sticker on it. I just drove away without even checking what happend, i got down at office and checked. There was not even a sctrach. The lesson i learned is accident happens, there is no point getting into a situation that might spoil your entire day. if you feel the impact was bad then only get down.

I remember reading a members case where in a scooterist hits his bolero from behind and falls down unconsious, Our belowed member felt human and took the guy to the hospital and latter his family demanded huge money from our man.

The most hedious incedent that happened to me was when i was taking my cousin for a movie, my car was converted into a makeshift dressing room, the cabin lights were on, i was at say 30-40KM/h and one biker guy comes and says something. I did not realize what he said so i rolled down the window. This dude says "you driving is very harsh and negligiant, its a threat to me and others on the road" after saying this his english quota kinda expires and he starts talking in sign language, all this happens with my car and his bike moving. I just felt like getting down and giving him one tight slap, but I just said I am sorry and flored the car till the red line (raod was empty) within seconds there was a 200-300 Mts distance between the two of us after that i came back to my usual 30-40 KM/h Speed and i just ingored him there after, you get to meet cartoons on the raod just ignore them and you will be happy.

Best solution incase of a bump is to drive away if the impact is small, don't even bother to check, confrionting people will only spoil your day, you cannot change peoples attitude.

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Old 27th November 2009, 14:48   #22
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Lucky you. Had this incident happened at Chennai, the scenario would have been in reverse.
You might have ended up in triggering an auto strike and worse - you might have landed in some hospital before reaching your office.
Here they are goons - I should say, driving auto is their part time job

Disclaimer: Not all auto drivers are like this
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Sorry this happened to you. Where did this happen ?

We all drive on the road with few things which are not in our control. Try and avoid stooping to their levels.

I too had couple of incidents like this and the one near the KSCA stadium 3 months back was very ugly , but of course, i was with my

guys, so came out of it.

After this, i am very conscious and dont get into any kind of arguements with these guys for things like coming your way, moving slowly blocking your way & as nair rightly said, coming very close , zig zagging, But will definitely not spare them if they hit me.

Better forget and carry on.

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Old 27th November 2009, 15:06   #24
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High chances are the auto was rented out to this person by an ex army personnel or the sticker just might be there for the heck of it.

I understand how you feel. Relax, that guy was not worth it. But I think that guy deserved to be treated this way. You were parked and he hit you. As everyone here has rightly mentioned these guys are not scared of doing anything.

Most of you would disagree with me on this, but hell, these guys need to given the stick once a while.
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Old 27th November 2009, 15:07   #25
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These type of behaviors run in their blood . There are guys who just want to pick up fight. You are luckily that you ended it over there.
Do not let this catch up with your brain or else your whole day is ruined.
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Old 27th November 2009, 15:07   #26
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There is lot of road rage in Bangalore. About an year back I did face something similar - a two wheeler was blocking my way so I honked. My horn is a bit loud and I did honk a bit too long. At the next signal I see the two same two wheeler coming and scratching my bumper purposefully as though to take vengeance of my honk. I gave my mouthful and proceeded. Can't help with such unreasonable folks who go to unreasonable extent to massage their ego.
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Old 27th November 2009, 15:19   #27
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Siva,You do not need to feel so emotional about it. He will not come behind you. Just chill. These guys only understand one language-the language in which they operate! We being polite does not mean anything. Show them your fist and they will shut their mouths!
If you cannot do this, just ignore and be patient. End of the day, we do not want to pump our already high BPs that exist due to bad driving conditions & manners in our country.Happy Motoring!
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Old 27th November 2009, 15:20   #28
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Oh, not only Auto drivers most of the cab (indica, sumo, qualis) drivers behave same way. Somehow I am able to control my temper now a days:-) + Due to recent sudden weight loss of 15 Kg made me look thin ...so no energy left in the body to fight:-))).

Other hand my younger brother is good in managing these people. Once we asked auto guy to take us to Richmond road, he refused and said he would come if we pay double the meter charge. He started quarrelling with my brother on this issue, what my brother did was just pulled him out of the driver seat and gave him a tight slap!!! thats it end of the story!!
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Contrary to what everyone is saying my experience is that involving police in these incidents helps. Actually if you don't involve police but threaten him that 'let's go to police station' helps more(not in case of serious accidents). There are 2 reasons behind this --
1. For auto guy, the amount of time he spends on road is proportional to the money he is earning. Involving police and he loses his time/money
2. Most of the policemen will not do anything to you or the autowallah or you but might try to get some money out of both of you(or at least from any one of you), this again hurts autowallah more.

Actually this happened with one of my friend once. He was driving and had a little brush with an auto side-by-side. When autowallah started fighting and asking for a lot of money he called me. My friend told me that accident happened due to mistake from both(auto and car). We went with autowallah to nearest repair center and that guy gave some estimate(~ 100-150rs) but after that autowallah talked to him in Kannada(neither me or my friend know kannada) he raised it to ~500. We understood what conversation might have happened between these guys. We simply said we can pay you 100Rs or you can come to police station with us and file a complaint against us, let the police decide the damage and we will pay that amount to police. Needless to say that auto guy agreed to take 100rs for damage repair.
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Originally Posted by beejay View Post
Most of you would disagree with me on this, but hell, these guys need to given the stick once a while.
Lol well I agree with you, but easier said than done
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