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Old 27th November 2009, 15:30   #31
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Originally Posted by s3va View Post
I drove all the way to office with deep remorse and shock. I couldnt believe I went to those levels where I shouldnt have.
Hey man, cheer up! Put it behind you & move on. Sometimes, we face situations & moments that drive us to do what you did. Unfortunately, most of these retards understand the aggressive methods & nothing else. If you act decent with them, they abuse. You shout at them, they back off. Cest la vie.

Move on
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Originally Posted by amitoj View Post
i was changing lanes when another car ignored my actions. We both braked, his mirror said hi to my mirror, and then we went our way without exchanging anything at all.
Lucky for you that it ended just in "HI". be careful next time when this happens because if it is a "KISS" or more than that then you will end up in a big soup

Originally Posted by pramodkumar View Post
you get to meet cartoons on the raod just ignore them and you will be happy.Pramod
"CARTOONS". I am not able to stop my laugh. Nice phrase you have used.
Originally Posted by Latheesh View Post
what my brother did was just pulled him out of the driver seat and gave him a tight slap!!! thats it end of the story!!
Be careful. This doesn't work everytime. If it is not your day then you will be on the other side of this story(no offences meant)
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Too much of english and remorse for a regular non-event. These scum are best left alone. I'm surprised you even bothered to expect some remorse - and asked him?!
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Originally Posted by shishir_bn View Post
Lucky for you that it ended just in "HI". be careful next time when this happens because if it is a "KISS" or more than that then you will end up in a big soup
At 5 kmph? I dont think so... it was just a case of both of us ignoring the presence of each other.
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Well my friend"blowing the lid off" makes you feel really bad after the entire episode and in most cases your day is ruined. i guess its common with most of us here. take it easy!

Last week a moron in "swift" almost brushed my bike while he was trying to over take me from left, and shockingly he showed is hands making it look as if its my mistake. when i asked him why did he do that he cooly asks "kya problem hai" and sped away!

There are lots of morons on the road these days and sometimes i feel taking bus will be the right choice. no point stressing one self.
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Old 27th November 2009, 15:46   #36
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I understand as I have also experienced the same in bangalore. Last week, an auto guy hit my rear view mirror when he used the wrong side to escape from traffic jam. He was cool and did not have any remorse.
I lost my cool (I know I shuould not have) and shouted at him "Can you not drive properly?"
He shouted back "You are well-off. What is your problem?"

I hate autos and cabbies respectively. They drive rash, do not care for their vehicles (usually rented or on duty) and other vehicles. Be careful as they can go to any level with the support of their unions.

Just forget it and carry on.

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These things happen ever single day.

In agra we have a million or maybe more auto's and they have made traffic and life HELL here. They have no sense of driving and zig zag through traffic, no brakes, blaring music, and about 15 people in each auto ( the shared auto thingie ).

The govt, local authorities have tried everything possible to get these menaces out, in fact they have stopped sale of auto's and stopped licenses BUT these guys still form a huge part of the traffic.

They stop virtually anywhere they wish picking and dropping customers.

In my daily drive which ranges from 20 - 30kms I must be abusing a few hundred times and try vey hard to keep my BP and anger low

In fact the govt which is absolutely pathetic here even went to the extent ( surprisingly ) of importing and ordering 22 low floor TATA MARCO POLO buses which are found in Delhi and half of these are airconditoned with LED displays.

They are getting about 50 more. All this for a town which has a Diameter of 10 km's !!

I guess we have to live with them for a short period of time more and after that they will simply vanish !! ( Fingers Crossed )

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Unfortunate incident, but that is what happens on an everyday basis now. Most of the auto drivers in Bangalore are goons. I have had many an altercation with them. In my opinion, what you did was fine. Someone needs to tell them to be sensitive to other road users, and you did that for sure.

Now, forget about this incident. You have a good weekend in front of you, just go ahead and enjoy the same.
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Old 27th November 2009, 16:24   #39
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Thanks much folks !

I used to drive the ways some mates have described here, by not letting auto/cab guys come to the front, do a literal bumper to bumper stop so that no one has the gap to nudge through, getting into altercations et al. But soon I realized that leaving all the factors aside, the most important consequence out of all these actions requiring serious thoughts from our end is the damage that we are doing to our Hearts by increasing our BPs. Yes, if you wont believe, I have felt my heart beating out of its place during these verbal duels and arguments. And then I began to wonder why the heck should I risk my health for all these useless acts. And hence I had changed my ways by driving calm and managing tempers while driving. I used to just give way to the rick guy or cabbie without giving it a second thought. But I know, today I lost it all purely due to the abuse hurled at me for something I knew I was 200% not at fault.

There used to be times when my 'Got BHP' sticker in my earlier car provoked quite a few guys for a road race to prove who had beter 'BHP' ! And I used to complete those races with flying colors. But I have come out of all those times and now I use the highways when I have the urge to floor.

As most of you say, it is defenitely a day to day regular incident that requires not much a botheration. The reason why I brought it out to the forum is to highlight the attitude these guys carry that affects a number of people in one way or the other. I dont care a freak about the damage or actually there wasnt at all. As someone said here, these damages/incidents should be brushed aside(unless crater creating impacts) and we should move on.

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Well s3va,

After reading the whole episode I feel that you were infact quite lucky. Being Bangalorian I believe that you were just luck as this Auto driver was not in his locality or as mentioned earlier the Auto drivers union did not intervine. I had my worst experience with them and unfortunately that day I did not take my driving license with me as I forgot my wallet at home.
They took advantage of this and by 7-8 auto guys sournding me and my friend who was a co-pasanger.
Finally my friend took the lead and he started saying that he was the one who was driving lets call the police right away and he will teach lesson to these guys. As soon as he took his mobile to call the police they started cooling off and later agreed to pay for the damages and started asking for conssesion as he is married and he is driving auto on rental basis. His bad luck as he had already made the damage by abusing and damaging the car hence he had to pay for everything.
Can say I was just lucky as I had some friend of mine who took the bold step.
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Default Oh God! Give me the strength to stomach the things that I can't change!

S3va, such is the life in traffic in most, if not all, of the cities in India. I've had several crosses with the auto-drivers in Chennai and Bangalore. My vocabulary shot pretty much up thanks to the 'courteous' words I had exchanged with them! Never had a fist fight. Backed by union these rogues can stoop down to any level.
At the end of the day, they never learn, unless the authorities start applying the rules of the law. Whenever will it happen in India???
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Souvik's approach is quite unique indeed. Worth a try if (God forbid) we come across such a situation. However let us all accept that it is very difficult to keep calm whenever our favourite vehicle is damaged by a careless driver with no fault of ours!!
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I really feel like getting a MNS Id card. jokes apart, i dont support or a party to them.
I had a Premier padmini and used to get it serviced in Bombay Central Area. This area is the hub for taxis, so lots of taxi wallahs. When my car was being done gained a lot of insight on these people. Their taste is quite different than us. Like fancy radium stickers, blue and red tube lights, all songs with jhankar beats, etc.
One of them also once told me, 'Hum thukwate nahi, Thokte hain'. But we need to understand many of them do not have formal driving education, drive close to 100-150 km in congested traffic, no aircon, know it all attitude, etc.
They can also be extremely polite, infact many have helped me change a tyre, change engine speeds(when needed),and also lent a vital tool. Not to mention a drop, and simply refused to take the money.
Its a fact, in Bombay, no matter what the terror attack is, the cabs are first to bear the brunt. I just sympathise with them rather than complain. Atleast they can be better than those with party stickers on their number plates and single digit nos. many of whom we may even mind talking to, forget about a harsh conversation.
In case they behave very unruly involving a police is the best solution.
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Originally Posted by s3va View Post
But I concluded the fact that Bangalore auto drivers, majority of them, are just goons and uncivilized. Beware of them !
Aren't all auto drivers, taxi guys goons and uncivilised. They will never admit their mistake ! Sorry for what happened with you, lot of things just happen in the heat of the moment but later one realises they should not have happened.

I would suggest God forbid next time something of this sort happens, then at the first instance you will come to know how the person is (like in this case you came to know from the body language that he was anything but sorry).

My take is don't argue with such people. They can do anything. Sorry to say but he could have stabbed you or hit you also;there have been numerous cases in Delhi.

Thumb rule don't argue with people on the road, it will cause you more trobule. If someone hits you and he is the right kind of guy, he will walk upto you and apologise and maybe offer you compensation. If this does not happen then remember he is a goon !
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Originally Posted by shishir_bn View Post
Be careful. This doesn't work everytime. If it is not your day then you will be on the other side of this story(no offences meant)
Yes man, but all happened within split second. My brother is well built and fluent in most of the south Indian languages and Hindi + short tempered .This happened in our locality (then) and most of the local auto wallas are friendly to him. After the slap few local auto wallas came to support my bro.

Siva such things are common, forget it and move on!!. Even I had couple of incidents with Auto and Ace drivers that caused damage to my vehicle.

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