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Angry Morning Road Rage, I still cant digest what had happened...

This morning while I was on my way to office, I stopped my car as I approached a signal ahead. After my car came to stand still, say about 5-10 secs later, I felt a thud at the rear and saw an autorikshaw had banged.

It took sometime for me to realize what had happened, and when I turned around I saw the auto guy sitting coolly, his body language had no sign of something that said, "Sorry Its my fault". Since the traffic was still, I got out of my car to check the damage done. With a sigh of relief I didnt see much of a damage & went ahead straight to this auto guy and gently asked in Hindi " Dont you have brakes in your Auto ?". And to my surprise, he reacted rudely by saying that he applied his best to brake but failed to stop the auto. Well, I was not concerned about the technicalities as I felt accidents can happen but its just this attitude that he put up without a single sign of remorse.

My blood boiled, and by now the vehicles behind started honking as the the traffic started to move. Giving him a warning asking him to take care henceforth, I proceeded to my car. As I said earlier, right from the beginning of my conversation, this guy very rude and reacted very hyper(like one of those guys who have high BP). To top it all, there was a sign on his auto that said 'Ex-Army'. The least expected out of an ex-defence personnel !!!

Now as I entered the car, this guy with all his ego hurt since I shouted at him in front of other people around, dashed to the LHS of my car and said something that I never ever expected. HE ABUSED ME in Hindi asking me to control my ways of driving !!! Man, did i even drive ? I was parked at the signal and he hit me from behind !!! For a moment I could not even understand why this was happening in first place. Now the terrible thing happened for which I am still regreting, I threw a counter abuse and I stopped my car. I know I should'nt have done this, but it just happened !

As I could not take it anymore, especially with the abuse part, I walked straight towards him and asked for an explanation about the abuse. Now, the incident had completely taken a twist and as he was more insulted from my counter abuse, things looked like as I was the offender and the initiator of this entire happening.

Next, it happend which I feared the worst, he started approaching closer towards me as if he was about to physically assault. Rest is all an uncontrolled reaction for which even now I am doing a root cause analysis to find the mistake from my end. My conscience hinted about something about to happen, and that I had to protect myself. Hence I pushed him backwards towards the footpath. He never expected this action from my end(neither I), and again approached towards me. I pushed him again. By now his fear factor overtook him and went back to his abusive techniques rather physically reacting. Since he was transporting a lady passsnger, I didnt want this to prolong as I didnt want a 3rd party to be affected due to whole hulla bulla ! By then, another auto driver came out to make peace. And I parted ways with him with a message to mend his ways !

I drove all the way to office with deep remorse and shock. I couldnt believe I went to those levels where I shouldnt have. But I concluded the fact that Bangalore auto drivers, majority of them, are just goons and uncivilized. Beware of them ! I am yet to completely come out of this unfortunate episode as I am still worried if he will trace my address from the vehicle number for resorting to further actions ! The whole act was to protect myself and defenitely could have been dealt in a more decent manner, provided the auto guy had controlled his tongue !!!

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I can understand and empathize with you. As much as I would like to respect auto drivers, most are thugs and use the strength of their union against public. I have had my run-in's with some of these low-life's and I am lucky that none turned out a goon so far. In fact, one guy chased me for a long while on his auto and if it was not for traffic, it would have ended up in violence.

Just put the incident behind you and move on. These things happen.
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Hi S3,

I am sorry to read this. To be honest with you, I feel every bit of it every day and each time I get my car out. I used to get very frustrated and my blood pressure used to reach the moon or may be pluto too. But then I started to calm down after a few bouts of blood pressure incidents.

There is no point to argue with these arrogant and head less drivers. I know it is not easy. Quite often I feel like buying a tractor and running over them. But why bark back at a dog on the road? I am not a dog, right?

From the last few incidents, what do is, I get down from the car (the way you did), walk up to the auto driver (the way you did), and then politely ask him to drive as fast as he can and then bang right back into my car. I mean, he can always do it right? If he applied brakes as best as he could and even then could not stop his auto, then what I am asking him to do is pretty easy, right?

Did this a couple of times. And to be honest, I feel very calm about it. I feel nice inside. And I like the face of the arrogant auto driver when I ask him to do what I just said. He would think I am insane to ask him to do such a thing. Last 2 times, two different auto drivers had usually apologized, and even offered me 150 rupees to paint of a small scratch. No sweat!

Try it. No use being the dog that they are.

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I agree with the above post, they use strength of union against the public. Very unfortunate that you had to endure this first thing in the morning, but stuff happens, try and put this incident behind you.
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Well this always happen with auto drivers , Once an auto guy brought out a thick wooden log from his backseat to threaten me , I got down from my bike and grabbed his collar and only then he mellowed down and started talking by addressing as Saar.

Do not hesitate to give a swift slap or engage in fist fight if you can . any sign of civil behavior from your side is taken as a sign of cowardliness by these ruffians. Just remember he can not continue the fight for long and jeapradize his income just because he may be thinking that you are gentleman and will not fight back he tries to terrorize.

One funny thing is that though Auto driver may be Tamil / kannada / telagu speaking but when it comes to abuses it is the choicest Hindi MC /BC which is used by them. Capability to step low and reciprocate in this department is a prerequisit if you want to avoid fist fight.
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One big reason for me to buy a bike... trust me its more peaceful riding, I think atleast for now!

But chill mate- it happens, glad it did not get to a fist fight
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s3va, These things happen and i feel you handled the situation quite well. These auto guys just dont care a damn for others property and will refuse to accept their fault even if the traffic cop stands there and points out his mistake. They behave like this because they know that there will be a coupla autawalas in the vicinity who'll support him even if they dont know what happened.
My blood boils when autowalas hit my vehicle. When approached, they either ignore you completely or speak very arrogantly and say its your fault. There is not much use talking to them.
Cool down and move on! Dont let this incident bother you as it'll just increase your rage and you'll probably take off your frustration on the next guy who nicks your car.
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Thanks guys for your posts !

kuttapan & amith... Unions are misused and exploited for all these purposes, fortunately a union wasnt involved here and hopefully the incident doesnt get re-opened by the guy with the involvement of union. I have seen such things happening in my hometown !

Souvik..absolutely right..I need to handle such things in the way you have mentioned !

amitk26..Logs and stick are something that reminds of college days ! But I really dont wish to resort to such actions as I dont think its worth it, unless you are a guy who can afford to take the repercussions. Backing from local groups are very much required to tackle such goons !

Spitfire...9 years in BLR, this is the first incident of this sort...

Samurai..Yes thank god it just stopped at that. I dont even want to put myself in a situation bashing up faces ! Frankly, I have decided to use my company cab, not just because of this incident as I have been thinking for a while, for a tension and hassle free day at office !

James..Thanks for the reassuring words !

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Don't worry. The fact that you have realised your mistake will help you in prevention of similar incidents in future.

Go through these, one of them is my own


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Thanks Eddy..

After posting my experience and from the reactions of Team BHP members, I feel light now..Thanks guys !
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All these are gundas. Best is get down and blast them. If he comes to you then be ready to give it back. If this doesn't suit you then do as "Souvik" said. I have tried both and both has worked for me.
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Same thing had happened to me last year. These incidents keep on happening as long as these auto guys are there. Very unfortunate. They are Goons, dont have any sense or manners. So started to give them their own medicine (Cut across their paths whenever they drive rashly). Take care Friend.

Spitfire: Sir, not just Bangalore, it happens everywhere (Auto guys are the same all-over, Personal Experience).

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I had a similar incident few days ago. A IndiCab came too close while overtaking me and i had to brake real hard to avoid him and besides me a lady driving a scooter got down the road fearing for the worst. A Wagon-R behind braked in time to avoid any damage. I really got pissed and went behind that guy like a mad bull. Stopped my car very close to him and in the process ended up brushing the rear left door. I was furious and got out really shouted my mind (without any abuses :-)). And this guy is very cool and says "Nothing happened to your car. I was in hurry so I had to do this". I was about to thrash him but controlled my self. Other commuters were also supporting me. I just warned him and let him go.
Later, I realized that I could avoided this scratch if I had been a little bit more patient. I am usually not this bad but on that day I so furious that I could have thrashed him for sure. Bad day, it happens. I learnt my lesson well. Just avoid these morons and do not spoil your day.
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I usually avoid BMTC monsters and autorickshaw bugs and maintain an arm's length from these thugs. They have very powerful union and are not fearful of cops.
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My dad taught me the intricacies of driving. One of the things he taught me was, whatever the situation or provocation never leave the drivers seat. You might leave your passengers (family) stranded or in trouble. This is more so when alone. The cabin of the car is our safety zone.
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