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@firebird, you have done your best and set us all an example. It's unfortunate that the victim couldn't be saved. May his soul rest in peace.

On a side note, most people think it would be troublesome to help somebody in a accident. But when you have the will and good intentions, it may not be that difficult. This incident is an example.
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RIP Mr.Sharma

Firebird dude are Indian of the year in my books.

You tried your best and you are an example to us all.
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Old 3rd December 2009, 18:24   #63
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Sadly, the whole back-road has always been way too dangerous for bikers. For one, the place has absolutely no dividers. Add to that, certain speed bumps tend to break up on one side of the traffic, so now you have kamikaze car drivers swerving onto that side of the traffic to miss the bump. I've had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing my friend get hit by an oncoming taxi (Indica, if you must ask), fall off a bike and his pillion lose 2 fingers off his right leg all because the taxi wanted to miss a bump.

Must say though, the traffic cops in the area are really really nice people and I've made a few good friends just by being a regular there. While not recommending bribes, do your part by being helpful to them. I've bought 10-12 sandwiches from the nearby 5D (some of you might know) and given them to a police van after they helped my friend get through the whole episode. They still remember that and make sure to wave to me everytime I pass.

You did a great thing by helping an injured stranger. Respect.
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I really bow down to you sir.In cities like Mumbai people always like to see the "tamasha" rather than lend a helping hand.The usual dialogue one can hear is-"who wants to go through the trouble",blame it to our law.Maybe if he was taken to a hospital before he could have been saved.possible cause of death would have been internal bleeding which entered his lungs.
And about Mumbai police-its a few of them that make them to be seen as a bad lot,else we are really lucky if we compare them with the ones in UP or Delhi where all we find are corrupt ones.
Once again saluting you for the efforts and may his soul R.I.P.
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Had goosebumps. God bless you. If you hear from the victim / cops that he's safe, please share the news with us. Salutes to you and all those who helped, not to forget the lady whose voice triggered you into action. Again, you did a humane job.
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You have made us all proud, to have such a wonderful person in our Team Bhp, my salute & respect to you for the noble act you did today, you are being humble by saying you are a common man, but your deeds speak of your heroic actions,

After reading your post, I have vowed that even I shall do the same if I ever come across such an incident, it has been an eye opener for me, thank you
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May the biker RIP. You did whatever was possible from your side.
We salute you and feel proud of you.
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You have done an amazing job my friend. I am proud of you.
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That was great job buddy, though the biker didnt make it.

Its the heart and courage to help a person in pain that really counts.
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Firebird buddy you did the best you could do.
You did what a true bhpian would have done.
We can just do our deeds and hope for the best, sometimes things go as we want them to, sometimes they dont.
May his soul Rest In Peace.
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You did what many avoid. without a concern of "What if" you went ahead, good job you did to help the biker. Very good job by the police by helping you throughout which made the job easier. However, feeling bad that the guy couldnt be saved.

May his soul rest in peace.
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What you have done is commendable and not many people would have done this much. Pity that the life could not be saved, but you did your part and rest is beyond your control.

May Mr.Sharma's soul rest in peace.

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Old 5th December 2009, 17:11   #73
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Originally Posted by ikoneer View Post
However, i need to ask, whether you are/anyone around trained to handle accident victims. If it was not, then it's a very high risk activity that you have done and would have got yourself in trouble if anything had happened to the victim. just keep this in mind in future.
True -- but in most cases its probably better to help carefully than wait (forever) till medical assistance arrives. Ofcourse, in cases like a back or neck injury, it might be safer to wait.

I think this was also touched upon in this thread : http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/street...-my-house.html (Big accident near my house.)

The other extreme is the public's absolute fear to help. For eg. i was lying face-down, injured on the road once in the USA, one passerby offered to call 911, and another moved my bike to the side of the road (after asking my permission to do so). Noone helped me at all!

Originally Posted by esteem_lover View Post
....I hope that the many thousands that read through this thread will feel that they too want to contribute like this.

That's a true reward for your timely help.
Absolutely -- even if this life was not saved in the end, you have given many readers the courage to do the same if they are ever faced with the same situation.

Originally Posted by Firebird View Post
Sorry guys - I am feeling terrible...
Also, please don't feel like your efforts went in vain. Life has its ways.

Atleast this way the family knows that he did not survive even with proper medical attention that he received -- which is more comforting that thinking he could have survived if he wasn't left on the road waiting for an ambulance to arrive - which would be a tormenting thought for them.

Another salute,
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Originally Posted by Rehaan View Post
True -- but in most cases its probably better to help carefully than wait (forever) till medical assistance arrives. Ofcourse, in cases like a back or neck injury, it might be safer to wait.
This is better sometimes.
A girl fell down from stairs and was badly injured and she broke her spine but her nervous system was functional. People lifted her into a car and made her lie on the rear seat. Unfortunately the person who climbed in with her lifted her head and placed it on his lap. At that instant the broken vertebra compressed her spine and from that instant she was paralysed waist down. Its been more that a year now and there is very little improvement.

After my accident i couldn't move both legs of mine. I was lifted up by friends and cops and made to sit sideways on the rear seat of the jeep. No one knew i had a broken back. I had no injuries on the outside, just rashes and peeled skin on my elbows. But fortunately for me more damage was not done by improper handling because the broken piece of the vertebra broke outwards as i later saw in the Xrays. It did not cut into the spinal cord.

If an accident victim is lying motionless or if he says that he cannot move his limbs or get up etc. its always best to shift him horizontally on a stretcher. But this is not always possible in our country.

Always wear a helmet because you have to do your own part in saving your life.

I've spent close to one week in neuro icu, most of the patients in neuro icu are two wheeler road accident victims. Some are in a coma some are paralysed some are in ventilator etc etc.. atleast one more RTA victim would be admitted in NICU every day. Some don't even make it.

Fact is its a tough life for two wheelers in our country. Most don't realise that they could be dead or become a vegetable while they're on the roads. It CAN happen to anyone.

I like to watch traffic from the balcony of my office and i'm amazed by the lack of love people have for their own lives, more so with commuters on two wheels.

May the guy's soul RIP.
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@Firebird I hope you are feeling better today. Take rest and take things slowly. I hope you come out of this feeling soon.
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