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Old 17th August 2005, 11:06   #31
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hey F.R its really heartbreaking to see the pics of the car..i too had some sweet memories with that car....but as someone said cars can and will come back..and your car did a good job of protecting you..we are happy that you came out of it unscratched.
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Old 17th August 2005, 11:10   #32
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Its really sad man to get banged up like this. But good to hear you are okay.
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Old 17th August 2005, 11:21   #33
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Good to hear that you are safe.

Sar Salamat to Pagdi Hazaar!!!
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Old 17th August 2005, 11:53   #34
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Thank God that you and your passenger are safe, and escaped this accident without any injuries! As Steeroid said, the cars job is done by protecting its occupants. Seatbelts save lives, whether in the city or out on the highway.

If I can help in any way at all, please feel free to PM me.

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Old 17th August 2005, 12:03   #35
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Wow! thank god you are safe, that's one bad accident. Looks like this weekend was not a good one for Team-BHPians, at least 3 accidents involving Team-BHPians, greatDrive's Petra, ntomer's GetZ and yours is the worst.
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Old 17th August 2005, 12:38   #36
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Originally Posted by Rtech
Welcome back Rocam! Those truck drivers just never learn!

We had almost exactly the same accident on our way back from Delhi after the Airtel Rally. The Corolla looked to suffer the same damage as your car as well. If it's any indication, the final total came to a bit below 2 lakhs.
there was another one posted on tbhp some time back about a skoda in a very similar accident with a truck, on the delhi - jaipur highway.

Anyways, sad to see your car in such a condition, rocam.. but glad that you n your office boy are unscratched.

Take care

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Old 17th August 2005, 13:31   #37
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Hey Rocam glad to hear that you are safe after the accident.
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Old 17th August 2005, 17:02   #38
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Nice to hear that you are safe. I can very well understand the impact of that accident on you both mentally and physically.
My car accident was not that bad as yours. A Tata207 rammed into my car from back on red light. Bad part of it was that I was travelling with my wife Sister and my 10 months old Son. The collision pushed my Car about 4-5 meters, just one or 2 feet away from the traffic coming from opposite side. I really thank GOD for saving me and my Family.

I am also feeling bad about my Petra as its just 3 months old and I can't drive it until I get it repaired, now Car dicky is not getting closed and anybody can enter the car.

Here are some pic which will tell you about the Damage. Some part of Petra's Bumper is made of iron thats why it saved else it would have caused more damage.

Drive safe- and always wear seat belts.
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Old 17th August 2005, 20:36   #39
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Well,Rocam,first of all,great to hear you're safe and sound..the car was loyal to you - it saved you,not even a single scratch to it's owner and co-passenger..
Now,as for the repair process,I think you've done good thing to take it directly to Ford dealer..they should take care of it..and your babe should be up and running once again on Mumbai streets !..just a matter of couple of weeks.
No idea why the heck other drivers are so careless,as to not catch a glimpse in their side rear views before changing lanes/turning..maybe if the Govt. actually starts taking the RTO driving tests before giving the licenses on a proper RTO testing road course,almost 95% of the current transportation vehicle drivers would be off the roads..until they sit down with the road signs/rules/law books and take their test again.
Also,greatdrive..I understand your feelings too..brand new vehicle..I'm also going through it..(my 1 month old NHC CVT got submerged in 4 feet Mumbai rain floods recently)..
Alright,take care guys,and everyone - Drive Safe,and enjoy cars.
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Old 17th August 2005, 20:51   #40
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Hey Rocam, that wz one scary accident. Glad to know ur safe and so is ur office boy.

Now if it costs 5.5lacs for repairing, can't u get a new car for tht price??
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Old 17th August 2005, 20:58   #41
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As already discussed with you I dont think you should keep the car at all. Just claim total loss and buy either a 2nd hand OHC or a lancer and do it up. Should get both for approx the same price that you will get from the insurance.

Both are better in terms of performance and spares availability etc.

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Old 17th August 2005, 21:08   #42
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Glad to hear from you, bro! Welcome back!

We've seen for ourselves how seatbelts save lives. Good on you for wearing yours!
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Old 17th August 2005, 21:56   #43
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Fatal is the only word I have to describe the condition of the car. If you wish to know there is another service station in Pune named Planet Ford which can be consulted if you wish to. But as Viper said .. there is no point in keeping the car.
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Old 17th August 2005, 22:21   #44
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Ford Rocam,
Man, it's good to know you're safe and sound! Our truckers, cabbies and some other characters will never learn. Sad to hear about the plight of your Ikon. Anyway, as Viper has suggested, claim a total loss and go for a used City / Baleno / Lancer.
Drive safely.
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Old 17th August 2005, 23:12   #45
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Ya i have city/baleno in mind, but have to wait till surveyor inspects my vehicle and give his final verdict before i finally part away from my vehicle

@greatdrive , it hurts when some one bang you from behind especially if its a new vehicle, but main cocern is when , when u have your near one's and dear one's in the vehicle, Glad to hear that every one was safe including ur 10month old son.
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