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Keep driving close to the median or close to the footpath (or whatever is left of it), so that you do not have to worry about keeping both the sides clear. Can't bite the dog back, can we?!!
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on 25th evening , returning from shopping with family ,had stopped in signal where the junction has a right turn and i had to go straight hence had stopped on the left , signal turned green i was inching forward out of the blue an auto parked on the gravel nudges the Left OVRM and tries to push forward scrapping & denting the left fender . Luckly a Traffic constable was watching and stopped the auto ,now the passenger bullies me saying i was at mistake and auto should be left to go . what was shocking was the passenger was drinking in the auto and both the driver and passenger were bullying me . since i was with my family & kids noted the Reg # and filed a Hit & run case on the auto as advices by the cops and the cop also issued a challan for druken/ rash driving . dont know when these morons will learn to be part of a civilised world. i had painted my left fender just a month ago .
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Keep driving close to the median or close to the footpath (or whatever is left of it), so that you do not have to worry about keeping both the sides clear.
The problem is that idiot bikers will squeeze through and will end up scratching with the handle bars or crash guards.

@rm_arjuna .These things do happen almost everyday and i myself consider lucky if nothing worst happens .similar sort happened to me as well but me and auto stopped just in time.Road is full of idiots

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Originally Posted by bullinb View Post
Shouldn't you have been in the left most lane if you were driving slowly? Driving slowly - even if you are obeying the speed limit - in the central lane is dangerous. By slowly I only mean slower than the other vehicles around you. I don't let anybody overtake me from left. If I spot somebody trying it, I just indicate left and change the lanes. Most of the people get the idea and overtake properly from my right - even the Bikers.
There is no left-most lane in most places in India because that is taken up by the hawkers. Or the footpaths are taken by the hawkers and the pedestrian has to walk on the road in the left lane.
In most roads in Kolkata there is the right lane on which most people drive and there is the left lane for overtaking.
And the left-most lane is reserved for pedestrians.
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i am one of the person who do overtake on the left lane if it is empty , what else can you do if the slower cars persist to go in the right lane??? hang back and keep honking?
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you should spend a day driving in Bangalore. The situation u mentioned is just another day here. Infact something like this happens several times a day. everyone overtakes from everywhere.
And you are annoyed by one incident!!!
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Default Spoilt day

I have also experienced a spoilt day on my part. Actually, when I was going to the office, I met an accident.The bike rider in the front was in full speed. I was some distance behind him. Suddenly, he stopped his bike to talk with a person on the road. This made me to stop my scooty,Activa at an instant. In order to balance and save collision, the scooty , fell on my right leg. The whole day was just the spoilt one. I don't understand why the bikers do such a childish activity on the road!
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Default Re: A spoilt day

Originally Posted by bullboy View Post
It all happend today morning on my way to office inside our campus. The road inside the campus at a particular stretch has hardly space for two cars and is in an incline. There are two speedbreakers and couple of twists in this stretch .I was following a queue where there was 2-3 cars infront of me and they all slowed down when they approached speed breaker at a sharp turn.There was a guy in bike on my left trying to overtake and suddenly a guy in indica came from back and without any hint ovetook me .There was hardly any space between his car and mine i had to turn to left and nearly avoided hitting the bike guy and i breaked.I was furious what would have happened if had hit the bike just because of somebody's insane stupidity,I followed this car guy and scolded him and drove to my office.
He was with family and looked furious. Later i thought it was needless .I could not understand why even these educated people could not show some road manners.
These type of reckless drivers i see everyday outside our office campus.
This incident spolied my mood .
I am sure this is a typing error. But were you trying very hard to hit the bike when you nearly missed?!!
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