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My first trip was from Bijapur to Manipal in Our Brand New Premier Padmini in 1991.
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My first trip in which i drove was with friends in a Fiat 1100 during late 2000, from Coimby to Ooty
I just fell in love with this machine after this trip. Cant wait for the day to buy one
Did not have any camera with us, as we were supposed to be in college according to parents
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Default Nostalgia! when are where did you pilot your first ever road trip

When i bought my first ever car back in 2000, i wasnt too confident in taking her out that much. We would travel only on short known routes and never venture out into the unknown.
Fast forward to more than a year later.
It was an average joe middle of the week day.
Got a call from my girlfriend ~ now = wife. At around 7 in the morning.
And she wants to go out to get some breakfast together. Sounds like a good enough excuse to fire up the car and head off to a nearby cafe.
But today things were different, the both of us felt like going for a drive, venturing out further than we normally do. And so we decided to take off to a place known but never self driven to.
Slowly but steadily we made our way to the NH and up to the great twisties of Mahabaleshwar. At first i was a bit nervous as this was my first ever highway run. But like a duck takes to water. We just cruised our way on. It truly was a memorable drive, and we often talk about the excitement of our first road trip. From the nervousness at first to the sheer joy and the highway HIGH that one experiences on their first ever highway run.

Always wanted to know how people felt on their first ever road trip / highway run.
Where did you go?
How did it feel?
Any pics to share?
Will try and dig out some pics of this drive, hope to find it somewhere.
But one thing is for sure, this very first trip of ours is etched in our hearts and truly one experience we will never forget.
Aaah sweet Nostalgia!
Would love to hear yours.
Drive safe!
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Default Re: Nostalgia! when are where did you pilot your first ever road trip

The year was 1998 and I was in my first year of BCA. That was the year that our first car came home. No prizes for guessing, it was a M 800.

When the car arrived (an uncle drove it home) it felt like heaven. But the catch was, neither Dad nor I knew how to drive one, though we both held a valid DL. Anyway, since I'd more experience then him (as I'd taken shots at driving the cars of my friends), the reins came into my hand first and within a week I was teaching my Dad.

I guess we're both very fast learners cause as soon as the first service (1000 Km) was done, Dad spilled his plans for a road trip to the family. The plan was to visit Dehradun, Mussorie, Tehri, Dhanolti and a few other places. And wait, he also told us that I (LOG) would be doing most of the driving. I felt to elated, about the big big road trip, visiting so many places and getting to drive the car on the highway, on the mountains. It was amazing! I think I finally ended up driving more than 2K Km in a week. Ah, those were the days... no hurries, no deadlines, no worries. We drove on winding mountain roads, through heavy rains and black clouds, just enjoying the feel of a road trip. The most funny incident for me of the trip was seeing my Dad so scared of mountain roads with no barriers on the drop side. While he was driving, there came up this one big curve and we couldn't see what was beyond. It was like being on the top of the world. But there were no barriers to stop a fall and this scared him big time. I grabbed the opportunity and soon was in the driver seat.

I guess this WAS the trip that turned me into a mountain goat and instilled the Live To Drive in me.

Sadly no pics of that trip, as in our excitement we forgot to pack a camera. And wow, do I really feel nostalgic or what. *sigh*
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Default Re: Your first trip in your first car

What a nice thread and I did not see it yet!

Well, my first drive, a long distance one, was not in my own car.

It was a usual noon of December 2000, when I get a call on the landline(did not have a cell phone yet, was in 1st year engg then!) from my cousin (11 years elder to me)asking me what was I doing? He usually calls up asking this even now, not intending anything, just for the sake of it! My usual reply is nothing important, you tell me?

Bro: Take a few clothes, we are travelling.
Me: (No questions asked, as I somehow felt he must be heading to Kolhapur for some business related stuff). Ok, what time will you be here?
Bro: 1:30 PM
Me: Ok.

I keep the phone and take permission from my parents for the trip. (To this date, I always make sure I have their permission before going out on trips. It somehow gives me a pleasent feeling!). I pack my sack, have my lunch and I am waiting for him to pick me up.

1:50 PM he appears in his Sierra, I put my sack and settle down. He takes a left turn at Nasik Phata and heads straight.

Me: Are we going to Nasik this time?
Bro: No, we are going to Agra. (Plain and simple, nothing more he said and continued driving)
Me: :O What???? Are you kidding me? This is winter season and I am not carrying suffient warm clothes, not even a sweater!!!!!
Bro: We will buy you a nice leather jacket from Agra.

(My home town is Agra and I am big fan of jackets and leather accessories!)

Me: But what do we do while we are on the road?? Wont I feel cold??
Bro: Shut up and enjoy the drive!

He also said, he had a important meeting which was scheduled the next day and we had approx 1100 KM to be covered.

Trust me, we reached Agra in 19 Hours flat with only one cassette (Tum Bin) playing only Koi Fariyaad by Jagjit Singh!

That was nostalgic and even to this day when I think about those three days I still get goose bumps!!

As for my own car and first drive, it only happened in 2007, in my 2nd hand Palio 1.2 Elx Petrol with my parents and sister.

Had been to Lonavala and on the way back took a detour to Pavana damn. Had a nice time!

My most recent drive, again an implusive one was to Ujjain, in my Figo with my cousin!! Even that has a nice story behind it!


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Default Re: Your first trip in your first car

My first car was a SANTRO XO 2006 model.
My first trip was PUNE --> LONAVALA .

Till now i can not forget that moment when i was trying to negotiate a stiff incline going towards Amby Valley. The car was fully loaded with 5 adults.

Every time i tried to press the gas paddle the car slide backward. and the road was slippery too. There was a long line of cars behind me. They were honking like anything.

At last with some screeching tyre sound, clutch burning smell , i was able to move the car forward.
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Default Re: Your first trip in your first car

My First long trip was my drive to my estate which was 175 km from my home in my Jeep.The roads were really bad back then but i think those drives made me confident to pick any vehicle for a drive.. It was during 98-99 time.
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Smile Re: Your first trip in your first car

My first drive in my first car started off well but ended with a minor accident. It was M-800 and those days I used stay in Dombivli. Had come to Thane to pick up the car and drove it to Dombivli. Negotiated the traffic in between but when parking in my building in reverse banged the car causing the rear lamp covers to be broken. When I got out of the car I was literally trembling not able to accept the fact that I banged the car. My sis took a snap of me at that time and till date when I look at the photo I laugh at myself for being so over confident. That day I learnt an imp lesson. However confident you are on road behind the wheels never take things for granted.
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Default Re: Your first trip in your first car

My first car - Swift VXI - K Series Engine
My first trip - Pune - Shridi

I just loved the highway drive and decided to do a road trip south the next month. Before the start of the trip the car was just 1040 KMs old. After a week ended up at 5700 Kms. Did Pune - Bangalore - Salem - Coimbatore - Munnar - Kochi - Mysore - Bangalore - Pune.

This trip was dream run for me.
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Default Re: Your first trip in your first car

Excellent thread

My first car - Ford Figo tdci
My first trip - Bangalore - Pondichery (Not considering the numerous Bangalore-Mysore drives I did before that.)

Had to attend a friend's wedding at Pondy, and that was a perfect opportunity to do my first long drive in my car with my friends.
The drive was very enjoyable. A lot of night driving, some of it in very heavy rain. thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the drive!
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