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Default Your experiences with Supercars on the road

What's your experience when you encounter a supercar ahead of you?

Yesterday, as chance would have it, there was this gleaming white Audi R8 in front of me. I was behind the car for nearly 4-5kms in peak traffic.

After the intial excitement and drooling, i started noticing the driver's and people's reactions. It quite amazing.

My reaction:

Initial: wow, wish i had one. drool drool drool
Now this guy was driving very very slow and if he got a few meters of empty space, he would floor it and screech to a halt again. I would do the same as a matter of habit, lest someone cuts in between. But now, the only thought going through my head is, "Dude, don't rear end it, dude don't rear end it". Any other car in front of me, i would have not thought of this but, with this car ahead, all i could think of is to be careful. Also,i was noticing different people's reactions around, so i was all the more distracted.

Other people's reaction:

The usual drool... taking out mobile cameras to click. And since i was trying to keep a safe distance, they were trying to squeeze in behind the R8, while also trying to take a pic. This was getting the R8 driver really worried and i could see him concentrating more on what's happening behind in his ORVM than in the front!!!

BUT, normally, people who do drive careless and cut here and there were giving the car it's due respect. Taxis, buses, and cyclists where not trying to squeeze past.
Ofcourse, bikers are a different breed!!! A jack*ss mechanic on a bike tried to squeeze past between the R8 and a bus and bumped his front tire very mildly into the rear bumper of the R8. No damage. I guess the R8 guy didn't notice or didn't care. The biker then decided to squeeze past him from the other side, i.e. between the R8 and the divider and nearly managed to take off the R8's right ORVM. The R8 driver as a matter of reflex swerved left and nearly went into the bus!

Damn, it's difficult to drive a supercar in bombay traffic. You need big pockets and balls!!!

The R8 owners reaction:

The smug look on his face, was replaced with constant attention to look out everywhere to avoid a scratch. I guess, he didn't even use his car's backrest since he was concentrating too much. Poor guy, feel bad for him.

On every road undulation he used to slow down to a stall and then immediately look back in his rear view mirror anticipating a bang!

I finally got tired on his slow driving, and my tension of rear-ending him, and as soon as i got a chance, i overtook him...

So, what's your story?
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I have followed a Hummer on Blore roads for quite some time now and have observed that the driver/owner is much better than many others on the road inspite of driving around in that hulk of a machine.
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well i don't know if an SL63 amg qualifies a supercar. but i was following one. well i don't like to follow people as such but i just wanted to see what model it was. and yes it was an AMG. and it looked awesome with the open top. two dudes in late 20s were sitting. my friend asked me what car is this and how much does it costs. i said its atleast 1.5 crores for sure because it was an SL and also and AMG. my friend asked me whats so special about the amg. i told him to wait. the SL then came to a halt at the signal. and the driver then floored it when he was in the clear. lolz the amount of noise that came from the engine.hahah. my poor friend who lacks knowledge of this kinda stuff was amazed. now he is a big fan of AMG. and those dudes in the SL63 were having the time of their life. they very driving carefully but having fun too. i could see all this as it was a convertible.

once i was coming from a skinny little road. its like a road parrellel to main road. so very less traffic. and out of the blue comes a hummer. damn it was big and heavy. lolz first thing that came into my mind was "gass guzzling idiotic thing". why can't he buy something nice. then i thought they buy this to show off that they have deep pockets to fill up petrol in such vehicles. but still the hummer has very good presence.

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I was once behind a Rolls Royce on the Gurgain Delhi highway. We were near the Radisson hotel. Its was about 2.5-3 yrs ago and the flyover was not operational. The RR belonged to some hotel I think. The driver was dressed in a white colored uniform with a white hat et al. I was behind it in a Qualis office cab.

Our cab driver would normally overtake cars easily on the highway but with this car in front he was overtly cautious and postponed overtaking it till there was more than enough gap available for him to safely execute the manouver.

It was very slow moving traffic in peak evening rush and everyone around was going slow and maintained a safe distance from the RR. It was almost like the RR has a 2 meter magnetic field around it and people were driving as if any automobile entering that perimetere would be burnt to hell. The driver of the RR was calm composed and driving in a seasoned player who's seen it all.

Finally we managed to overtake it and it was soon lost in the rear view mirror. What was surprising was that the same people who wouldnt think twice before cutting lanes and barging into someone else's space at the drop of a hat were maintaining their distance and acting civilized. I guess RR commands that respect.

After a while our driver said something like
'Uska ek sheesha (ORVM) lene ke liye yeh gaadi (Qualis) bechni padegi'
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