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1. Turn off the Engine
2. Browse through the Cd's which I have.
3. Put on some soothing music.
4. Wipe interiors.
5. If Cd's are boring, listen to Radio Fm.
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Old 1st March 2010, 19:16   #32
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1. Check out the other cars/chicks on the road
2. Look out of any small gap where i can squeeze through, or try to get into a bylane to bypass the traffic (works a lot in BLR)
3. Call, SMS.. the usual stuff.
4. But thanks to Radio Indigo, you can just pull the handbrake and listen to the fab music they play
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Old 2nd March 2010, 14:58   #33
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BTW, and further to my previous post, we do have something for you to do when driving : m.team-bhp.com . Traffic problems solved? Of course, this is ONLY if you are a passenger.

Skin fine-tuning in process. Expect an announcement soon.
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Old 14th April 2010, 14:31   #34
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post

Of course, if I'm not driving and in the passenger seat, power naps work!
The last thing that I would want irrespective of conditions (city or highway or mild traffic or mad traffic). Is it on Indigo or Civic?
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Old 14th April 2010, 14:41   #35
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I do stuff only when I know for sure that the traffic won't move for at least a few more minutes. Otherwise I just gape out of the windows. I usually take out my Blackberry and look at mails. If there are no mails, I'll look at the calendar just for fun. If it's a really long wait, I'll even get on IM and bug people. Or play a game.
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Old 14th April 2010, 14:50   #36
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There are many things I do when I am stuck:

First - Switch of the engine

Then do one of the following:

1) Check the cars around for TBHP stickers
2) Clean Interior
3) Change music CD/song
4) Check people around and their behavior
5) Check for any beautiful chicks around - and try to make eye contact if I like them. Try it its fun.
6) Play my fav song and go to an entirely different world. Wake up when others honk.
7) Think how the day went good/bad.
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Old 16th May 2010, 12:26   #37
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1) switch off the engine & roll down the windows
2) pump up the music volume
3) look around at nearby cars & try to find out interesting things/accessories/parts etc!
4) play with my phone
5) push seat back & relax
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Old 16th May 2010, 12:41   #38
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Some of the things that i do are ( immediately after switching off the engine)
1. If stuck on way to office, call up about being late
2. If stuch on way home, tell wifey about being late
3. These are the times that i actually use to catch up with friends ( my boss actually catches up on reviews when he is stuck in a jam)
4. Start seeing if there is any specific lane moving faster ( happens quite often in Bangalore). Its a lot more fun trying to watch others cut through to that lane and finding it difficult
5. Music on 94.3 is always a constant companion
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Old 16th May 2010, 12:59   #39
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There had been only very few instances where I was stuck in a traffic jam ever since I moved to Kerala. All roads are filled with cars, but traffic jams are less.

I used to look around other cars and bike riders when I used to get stuck in a traffic jam!
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Old 9th September 2010, 21:38   #40
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Default Thoughts while stuck in traffic!

As I was stuck behind at least 200 other vehicles at Aurobindo Marg today - I started to compare Delhi's traffic situation with that of other world class cities.
Here's some random thoughts:

1) Traffic build-up in Delhi is usually due to some insignificant blockage factor - but the jostling of impatient people trying to get ahead of everyone else makes for very significant delays in negotiating through the blockage.

2) Instilling lane discipline for Delhi drivers is like trying to make a drunk walk on his toes in a straight line. Give up!

3) Its not that we don't have traffic cops or traffic laws, we do. It's just that the cops don't know the law well enough to understand when and how it's being broken. Is that the same as saying that we have dysfunctional cops and laws? Probably.

4) If someone were to invent a device that could
A) count the litres of fuel burnt while idling
B) multiply that with a user-input price/litre
- and sell it as an accessory - would probably
A) save all the buyers a lot of money
B) make him a billionairre.
C) cut-down greenhouse gases.

5) The chief minister's aspiration to have Delhi recognized as a world class city in the run up to the CWG does not necessarily mean the status is granted.

6) If the Metro were to be truly successful, we would need
A) A very fast and efficient feeder system that would really save people the time and expense of driving.
B) A fairly extensive metro network. Which means to get from Point A to Point B - assuming they are reasonably distant, you would have at least 3 different reasonable Metro routes to choose from.

7) In Delhi, Road width is usually not the issue. It's what we do with it.

8) The traffic mess is probably because the hordes have started owning cars in a very short period - leaving the old-timers nary an opportunity to drill road-sense into them.
(This in a sense reinforces point 1 - imagine a situation when two-wheeler owners - normally without a sense of lane discipline - suddenly find themselves owning 4 wheelers. Unfortunately, traffic sense does not increase proportionately to prosperity.)
It's happened in China - and in a sense it's happened here.

9) Happy Driving!
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