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Default Things that irritate/distract you while driving

Well as the topic suggests i am sure we all have some silly little things that just irritates you while you plan on having a pleasant drive. I personally just lost it if there's

- bad music (at times you cant help it as your passengers dont care about ur choices at all)

- passengers and their nonstop/nonsense "blah-blah-blah"

- passengers keeps changing directions and destinations
- this is typically when you are off for a decent drive and your friends bugg you by giving all the possible shortcuts and directions, e.g: "take left, no no its one way; take right, right,right".

- useless honking from behind at signals
as soon as the signal turns green, evn before you puton the 1st gear and start, everyone just starts honking as if you are the only one holding on the traffic

- AC not working

lets bring on those list and help each other on ways to help you keep your cool.
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Thing that irritates me the most while driving is truck walas occupying both the lanes (one trying to overtake another) and travelling almost at the same speed without bothering about others.

While in city, not following lanes is irritating to me.
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I get irritated
when some unwanted sound or rattles from the car.
when parked under sun , it becomes oven.
overtaking from left side.
Unnecessary honking

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added to all these things mentioned here, old aunties sitting and talking blah blah irritates me alot

Also those lanediscipline-less drivers ahead or behind me, pedestrians errantly crossing road pisses me big time.

even when my brother or cousin drives, i shout at them for not following lane discipline
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when a mosquito or a fly gets into the car and you are just not at peace and end up rolling the window many a times trying to get ride of it ,very irritating
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Well, I'm getting used to most of the stuffs happening on the road, however there're still the following that I cannot tolerate
- People honking from behind asking me to jump a signal
- Vehicles driving in wrong direction
- Govt busses blocking the way at bus stands & causing traffic jams
- Jay walking at busy intersections
- Not following lane discipline

The ones below do not drive me nuts, but still
- Govt vehicles (especially cop cars) violating driving rules
- Street racing
- Noticed most middle aged riders (in bikes), ride 40 on straight roads & when it comes to junction, they freak out & do all sorts of stunts like crossing the road when lorries/busses are zooming
- Cops at signals penalizing bikers & commercial vehicles
- Not sure how I would react for rattling noises from my car
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1.Passenger sitting behind, digging their knees into the back of my seat.
2.Truckwalas, especially Trailers occupying all 3 lanes of the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.
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Things that put me off while driving are

- Music not of my choice.
- Rattles in the car.
- People overtaking rashly.
- Mosquitoes inside car.
- Aditya at his full glare.
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1.The omnipresent idiot who cannot stick to the queue and comes up on the right, on a road with no divider that way blocking traffic coming from the opposite side
2. Monkey behind the wheel who thinks honking is his birth right
3. Grandson of 007 who thinks that the road is a stunt show ground where he can show off his skills to just get ahead only to be next to each other at the next signal
Many more- but these are the top 3 in bangalore traffic!
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1)I hate mosquitos or flies inside cars
2)I hate people who overtake from the left, and that too in the corners.
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  1. Overtaking from left.
  2. No switching on the turn indicators when turning left or right.
  3. Bikers trying to squeeze between two lanes when stopped at traffic signals.
  4. Some one driving at 40 Kph in the fast lane and dont shift lanes, then have to overtake from left.
  5. Honking at traffic signals.
  6. Top it all, "I dont care your brand new car" attitude by Rickshaws
I try to keep cool during all of the above but sometimes the whistle blows off and end up cursing somebody. However when my wife is sitting next to me she tends to cool me down fast by her angry looks.
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Passengers dropping eatables/ spilling drinks in the car. Can't say much, but it is an invitation to rats.
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Oh man! Don't blame me you've got me started now:

Things that irritate / distract mewhile driving:

1. Potholes - Mumbai roads are famous for these
2. Malfunctioning Signal lights
3. Beggars knocking on car windows
4. Urchins wiping the car with their rags
5. Persistent eunuchs who try to touch you and give you unwanted blessings for a quick marriage, getting film roles and male offspring.
6. Rickshaw drivers hogging the fast lane while driving at 20kmph
7. Suicidal pedestrians who suddenly jump in front of your car, prompting you to slam the brakes, horn, high beam and a string of expletives all at the same time!
8. Political posters which block important road signs

Too many to list here actually

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Default Bikers, bikers, bikers, ...

Bikers who assume, that their bike's manoevrability always tilts the law in their favor.

They can't seem to make up their mind, which lane they want to be in.

Eventually, whether you're in the leftmost lane or rightmost lane, they must try squeezing past you, between the curb and your car, whilst leaving you to worry about the safety of their limbs. Some will even jeopardize their innocent children.

Thank God, they're banned from the expressway.

My perspective is that, the senselessly wide disparity of vehicular sizes in India is the bane of her traffic. Observe how traffic flows so much better, where vehicles are roughly similar in size -- e.g. business time Marine Drive where trucks are banned and two-wheelers are minimal.
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I agree with most of the comments mentioned. Most of them irritate me while I am driving with in the city.

But surprisingly when the same happens during my long drives I am not irritated at all. I seem to have lot of understanding during those drives. I take them patiently.

May be because I LOVE long distance driving, and my LOVE is not allowing other things to occupy the mind.

On the contrary, city drives are an unavoidable necessity.
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