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Old 29th March 2010, 23:28   #16
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Originally Posted by Garipagol View Post
You know you are in Calcutta if :

You see the garbage trucks hogging the right lane at 9.00 AM on busy roads.

The bus stop is right at the junction of a busy crossing.

You see people flagging down buses anywhere on the road as if they were taxis.

You are stopped at a red light for 30 mins and then you hear the siren of the pilot van rushing the political leader home in the opposite direction.
I bear all the above every day on my commute to work and back..

You know when you are in Kolkata when...

Neighbourhood shops shut down in the afternoon for lunch and seista!!
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Oh what a timing of this thread. I am planning go back to the city I love and I chance upon this thread. I have spent 27 years in Kolkata, hope it has not gone worse.

Originally Posted by sachinj12 View Post
I thought Bangalore was bad.

OT: Which city has the worst traffic sense? After reading this, I think Kolkatta is a strong contender.
I think Hyderbad is a stronger contender. I travelled to Hyderabad from Kolkata in my Baleno in 2007. Drove one evening in Hyderabad and I got so scared that I kept the car in the hotel and travelled in an auto for the next 7 days.
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Old 29th March 2010, 23:45   #18
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Ha. Some funny ones.

Also, i noticed that a lot of cars have the silver etched number plate.
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Old 30th March 2010, 00:01   #19
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you know you are in Calcutta when the pace of your life is slower than that of the tram passing by..
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Old 21st April 2010, 18:49   #20
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When cabbies in rattling Ambys indulge in late braking in a bid to stay ahead of each other, at every traffic signal leaving you, the passenger on tenterhooks.


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Great one-line analyses! Loved it. For a more detailed view (my personal view, that is ) at how Kolkata works (or doesn't), take a look at this thread.

@ Garipagol: I loved your handle too! There was a time I was called that by my friends!
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Old 28th May 2010, 10:59   #22
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You know you are in Calcutta if you see vehicles in all directions and a tram stuck in the middle of the road with cars blocking it on all sides .
Saw this with my own eyes around 10 years back.
I think the cities with worst traffic sense in India would be Hyderabad and Calcutta. Bangalore traffic is chaotic but believe me, it is much much better than Hyderabad.
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Old 9th June 2010, 13:59   #23
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It's always bad in all Indian cities, with a few minor differences here & there. Being someone who travels regularly between Bangalore, Calcutta, I do need to point out that
* In Bangalore, cars are not willing to slow down to let a person cross the road, in Calcutta they are generally more willing to let someone cross.

* In Bangalore, traffic jams occur because no one wants to give way to the other guy. In Calcutta, traffic jams occur because there are so many vehicles & people on the road.

* If you hit someone in Calcutta, and you are in a shiny, new, A/C car, you may get lynched. In Bangalore, it will cause a short commotion, and then everyone goes his/her own way.

* In Calcutta, if you are driving at 40 kmph, you're happy. In Bangalore, if you are driving at 40 kmph you will try to overtake the cars ahead of you so that you can drive at 60. At 60, then you try to overtake again to drive at 80, and so on.
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Old 9th June 2010, 22:57   #24
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I agree totally with you floyd.
Moreover, the two wheeler population in Bangalore is high (I understand it is highest in the world) as compared to Kolkata. Further the menace of auto rickshaws is lesser in Kolkata.
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Old 9th June 2010, 23:12   #25
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Moreover, the two wheeler population in Bangalore is high (I understand it is highest in the world)
I guess that goes to Pune. So many 2 wheelers and worst traffic sense :(
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Old 12th June 2010, 19:57   #26
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All the buses have Mughal-style windows!!! And trams actually doesn't hit anyone!!!

Originally Posted by Chipz View Post
You see the fish fry staring back at you. (heard they dont remove the fish's eyes, not sure)
We ate fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner and all my Punjabi friend could say was: 'We will start sprouting gills!!!'
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Old 12th July 2010, 20:05   #27
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you know you are in kolkata when the traffic is light because an important world cup match is on.
The matches have a major impact on the road conditions...
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Old 12th July 2010, 21:02   #28
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- if you get out of the airport and you are greeted by "deem" (boiled eggs) and yellow ambassador taxis- if you see people on the street lifting the manhole and filling up buckets and taking bath- if you see poori being fried in mustard oil in the open carts- when you feel the populace needs to be dipped dry in a surf filled washing machine- if you see an old truck from baba-adam age at Howrah station that you feel would crumble if you blew- if Rs.2 on a share taxi takes you 20 km away- if you have to explain to a person what a breakfast is.
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Old 12th July 2010, 21:14   #29
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If you see office caferteria deserted because there is cheaper and tastier Rice and fish curry available outside office!!!
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1) When every second car you see, has a dent.
2) Lots of Ambys
3) You can't go out as it is a bandh.
4) You cannot take the same street you took 10 minutes back again because it has become a on way now.
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