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Originally Posted by akas_chauhan View Post
BTW i got one of these guys phone number and i'm sure now at least i'll not be cheated/fooled/mugged again in that area, but what about other locality.
Can you PM me his number. Lets try tracing the number if at all it is genuine. Did you try calling them or they just gave you this number.

Just in case if you have noted / remember the cops who interfered. Please pass the details.

In case you noted the Vehicle numbers, pass them as well.

@Alter, are you afraid of them. Suggest you run over them with your Safari and then pay 10,000 for them to genuinely get treated

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My friend faced these morons and ended up paying 6K. His car front windshield broken during the incident. They were targetting E city people, looks like they shifted their base now. My friend's car is KL registered.
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Default What happened to Self Defense?

I am also from Bangalore and hear these kinds of stories almost every day. I don't know why people are not retaliating? Till when you are going to live like this? Every second day we have to fight with Auto, taxi guys now this.

Have you guys heard of guns? Why donít you guys apply for licenses? Or at least carry a pepper spray? How many times are you going to pay 2500? If you canít take care of yourself how are you going to take care of your family? What are you going to do if they wonít stop even after taking money and come for your wife/mother/daughter in the car?

Sorry for this kind of emotional post but I find it very disturbing when people donít stand up for their rights and even praise others for getting out of situations.

Ah.. I need to get down from my soap box now.

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@Aks - Really sad to hear the incident bro. I am horrified at the reaction of the policemen. Are they so spineless that they done even have the guts to face small time robbers? I suppose they have their cut already built in into this strategy. WHy dont you pass on the phone number to the police mail thats floating around. Lets see if its only on paper or are there any police men here who are really trying to help.

Edit: Sad to hear about ur friend Latheesh. Looks like they have found easy targets, espacially with non local car numbers. It really makes me sick.

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I read this email from GreenWood (residential society right besides wipro corp office) yahoo group. Its the similar incident what I just read in the first post and its almost the same area. I drive this route every day (rather bit more lonely area when I come from EGL > Yemlur > Belandur gate > Sarjapur Road).

I try to be alert while driving and keep an eye on vehicles if someone is following me. This is something new I came to know and have to be careful when someone is waiting for you on devider (new trick!). I wish we can contact someone immeidately for help if we get into such situation - If you see such thing happening on the road, make sure you stop for a minute to ensure an innocent guy is not getting bashed. Back to the original version here...

A similar incident happened with me a couple of months back ... I was
returning from Elan and was forced to stop by this motorcycle gang on
the road connecting Sarjapur Road and Belandur junction. These two goons
made a similar story of a boy being hit by my car ... fortunately I
managed to get out of the situation without paying ... but this was a
scary and close call. A friend of mine had a similar experience near
Innovative Multiplex ...
Looks like a common happening around this area ...


Dear Suncity Residents - I would like to inform you of a rather
unpleasant incident that happened with me last Monday, when I was
returning home from my office during daytime for lunch. As soon as I
took the left turn from ORR towards Suncity, two people on a black
colored pulsar bike behind me started honking wildly and came by side of
the car, asking me to stop. I lowered my glass window and they told me
that I have caused an accident while on the way and they have been
trying to stop me by following me since then. After this they stopped
the bike in front of my car and I had to stop the car just after Drapes
View. I thought that there would have been a misunderstanding of some
sort since I didn't recall being involved in any accident or hit while
on my way. My intention was to talk to them and pacify them. As soon I
stepped out of the car, the guy driving the bike said that I had driven
the car over the foot of the person sitting on the pillion of the bike
and that his foot was badly injured. He then said that there is a huge
crowd that has gathered at the spot of the so called accident and I need
to go back to that spot to settle things. After this they came and
forcibly sat inside the car, leaving the bike outside. Bike driver who
now sat on the front seat of my car started threatening me by claiming
that the person I have injured is the younger brother of a local goon,
Munianna and that he is not going to leave me unharmed for this. I tried
to reason with him and offered to take the other person to hospital to
treat any possible injury that might have happened to him. He did not
listen to me and went on with his threats, even uttering intentions to
harm my car, apartment and family if not complied to his demands
immediately. Sensing trouble, I tried to call my colleague back at
office at which he suddenly became violent and broke the rear view
mirror of the car. Their sheer audacity of doing this in broad daylight,
immediate damage to my car and continuous threatening by now led me to
believe that they were indeed real goons and I had got caught in their
clutches. He started demanding Rs 2 lakh as settlement for the injury to
his friend. When I said that I didn't have Rs 2 lakh, they asked me to
get the money from the ATM. I told them that I had only 15k in ATM and I
cannot pay them Rs 2 lakh at which they forced me to hand over my two
gold rings and a gold chain. They said that this is not enough and they
need whatever money I had in ATM plus another Rs 1.5 lakh. I was then
forced to drive to the ATM with these guys following me on bike and
withdraw cash. I was unable to note down the registration number of the
bike as it was in Kannada. Thoughts of fleeing away after hitting them
with the car and then going to police or shouting to gather crowd came
to my mind but I decided against it as there wasn't any use doing these
things with goons, they would have waylaid me again and done greater
harm. I wanted to get out of the situation and hence I withdrew Rs
14,000 and gave it to them. As soon as I handed the money to them, they
asked me to follow them but then they fled away. At that time I realized
that this might be a gang operating for this very purpose and I had been
one of their victims.

I went to HSR layout police station immediately to lodge a FIR, the SI
refused to lodge one and instead took a written complaint without any
receipt. My repeat visit didn't yield any results as SI/Inspector would
not be present in the police station. Later on I came to know through
various sources including police that such kind of incidents are on the
rise in ORR/HSR Layout. The miscreants who looted me were on black
colored Pulsar bike with registration number plate in Kannada and were
in mid thirties(one stocky dark fellow and other was average build
having wheatish complexion)

Please exercise caution even during daytime and do not fall in the trap
of these miscreants as I did. Its advisable not to stop the car for any
unknown person even during daytime irrespective of the reason given by
them. Even if you have to do this, drive the car to a place where you
are comfortable and have help available at hand. I would appreciate if
anybody from EC can help me with getting the FIR lodged in HSR police
Please be safe.

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What is all this happening. Really leaves bad taste in mouth. Is driving a joy anymore? The traffic woes on one hand and these goons on other. I took bike to office today. Less pollution and safer from people like these.

OT: I feel guilty burning up oil to move my massive 1200kg car when I am the only one sitting in it. Thanks to weird IT professionals timings car pooling is also out of question. Feels like I am robbing coming generations. Ok I must stop now.
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Thats true, I started riding my bull to work a few months back; didnt really like to travel alone in the car - couldnt justify (mine is not a big car though) - Came back to car for past 2 months - may be I was just waiting for first rain/thundershower in Bangalore so that I can ride my car again
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Ketan - The guy paid 15K

What is the police doing? Only sending mails and spreading their numbers? So that they could also have a fair share of the amount the goons are looting?
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I think we should unite and do something about this.
Cant we have some sort of intelligent walky systems (covering a few areas to start with and then entire bangalore and..) on our cars? I'm sure people shall invest in that considering the security it gives - we can form a decent group and keep in touch during such incidents. what say!
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Default Story of a survivor

Copied verbatim from

Mugging... how I survived - 02 June 2010

Mugging... how I survived

PC, a member of Forward150 has shared his experience.

As mentioned by my friend, yesterday I was chased by two persons on a bike and stopped near SJR Variety (Few meters from HM Symphony gate). They started speaking in Kannada and I told them to speak in Hindi. They told me that I had hit a person and need to come out and have a look at the person and solve the problem, I replied I am sure I have not hit any one and if you have any complaint we can go to police station.

They insisted I come out and look, I told them I will come out but why not we call police and talk before them. (All the talking by myself was done with out shouting). They took out the mobile and pretended to talk to police, I also took my phone and waited for their response. Next they asked me are you sure you had not hit any one. I answered yes and they took U trun and left the place.

I believe I had a narrow escape from the goons. and the same gang mentioned below is behind the drama.

Few points I have observed after the incident

1. Mine is not a Karnataka registration vehicle, not sure they are targeting other state vehicle.

2. I was alone in the car, they may be targeting lone travellers.

3. I did not turn off my car so that I could move any time if they harass me too much.

4. Never come out of the vehicle even if they say that the vehicle is damaged.

5. Never lose presence of mind.

The email chain from Forward 150 helped me a lot in understanding about the gangs mode of operation. Thanks very much and be very careful while driving through Kasavanahalli main road.

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Wind, the person in the mail you received, posted just above this post of mine is my friend, whose experience i had posted a couple of pages earlier on this thread. His was a KL registration vehicle. Incidentally, i was also with him till just a few minutes before this incident. I was in my car before him, and turned towards La Casa restaurant, while he proceeded straight towards HM Symphony.
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Today's Bangalore Mirror carries all these incidents with contact numbers of the cops to be called in an emergency: here's the list.

(1) Bangalore Police Control Room – 100 / 103
(2) HSR Lay Out Police Station - 080 - 22943467, 22943474
(3) Officer In-Charge HSR Lay Out Police Station - Inspector Rajesh Ph: 94484 48833
(4) Sub-Inspector Mirza Ali Raza, Ph: 99728 33003
(5) Ashok (Towards Marathahalli) -9902660986 (on Cheetah)
(6) Vijayamurthy (Towards Iblur)-9980834703
(7) Manjunath Ph: 98456 68681 (Crime Squad)
(8) Ravindra Kumar Ph: 99803 99551 (Crime Squad)

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Looks like they are operting in full swing around HSR layout, ORR and Sarjapura Road (area between Sarjapura and Hosur road as well) area. Are they also choosy about the category of car, personality of the person driving!! I'm sure they are.

If so many people know about when / how / where they operate, Police must know a lot more than us, wondering why are they keeping quiet!!
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This surely looks like the beginings of a really big problem. And is bound to spread to other cities as well if not controlled in Bengaluru itself.

Fighting lone battles against these goons will not solve the problem. As they will grow in confidence with each successful attempt and soon enough other unemployed/disillusioned goons of the area will realise the potential of this business model and jump in. Increasing the frequency of such instances and thereby reducing the possibility of you getting away of such situations unharmed.

Going to the local Police Station will not help as, in almost all such cases, the local police station is always on the rolls of such goons. Individuals trying to lodge complaints won't have any effect. As a few victims have mentioned in the thread, the police will only accept a written complaint and won't lodge an FIR. A written complain without an acknowledgement, which can be thrown into the dust-bin as soon as you get up to leave.

Why can't all Bhpians in Bengaluru get together and make a representation to the Commissioner of Police or the Local MLA and ask them for help. I am not saying commissioners /MLA' are saints of the first order and you will get an immediate solution; but the media attention which goes with such people will ensure that something surely, will be done. You can also solicite help from other such groups of people based in Bengaluru who have been victims.

Today media attention translates into "votes", the only thing the so called civil servants care about. So in my humble opinion this is the only possible solution.

As long as citizens will continue fighting alone, with pepper spray', body language, aggressiveness, this problem won't go away.

If you have any friends in either the print or the electronic media, please pass on the link of this thread to them. If they do a story on this issue, it will help a lot. If this issue gets more media attention it will get resolved sooner, else you can pray that some wise man will shoot down these *&%#$!'s before these lone incidents become an everyday problem.
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I am moving to HSR Layout this weekend, and I quite often am traveling late at night. And on top of that both my vehicles are out of state registered.

Threads like this are great to make people aware of such misdeeds happening around this area, but at the same time they put in some amount of fear too.

So till now I can see a trend that it is just a duo on a Black pulsar with number plate in Kannadda. Are there any other commonly spotted goons like this?
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