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Old 25th May 2010, 23:09   #16
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Sorry? I for one don't feel sorry though. For all I know it might be stolen goods. Perhaps stolen off someone somewhere who has worked hard for it.

Really appreciate the facts and your courage to post and share your experience here!
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This reminds me of a incident where some crooks on scooter offered me a SLR they claimed to be stolen from some foreigner, one look at the thing i knew it was a fake. I royally humiliated them before they they left embarrassed.

Like everyone else here said i agree it was your foolishness that you fell in the trap.
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I don't want to repeat the same what every one has already said and perhaps you learnt the hard way. But, I do want to thank you profusely for showing the concern of sharing the incident with us. You saved many potential victims from falling to such temptations. Thanks again and move on!
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You must be getting goosebumps after seeing those bricks inthere. Anyways lessons learnt. My uncle had similar experience in Mumbai for a new calculator, he got a deck of cards instead, but that was 20 years back! How come an intelligent guys like you(you are in team-bhp right) fall for this! try filling a police complaint, may be you might get back something or at least get this story published in local newspaper for someone else's betterment.
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Old 26th May 2010, 09:48   #20
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Amazed to hear that you bought a laptop from two strangers. On top of it you offered just additional Rs 100 and they agreed. They fooled you because of your own negligence.

Feel sorry for your presence of mind.
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Old 26th May 2010, 10:07   #21
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Not too long ago, I read a similar incident either in team-bhp or in one of the other forums.
Cant really recollect if it was a laptop or a mobile phone, but in that incident
they initially showed a working piece and finally after taking money left the person
with a display(toy) piece that one will see in the showroom.

Either way, I just want to Thank you for creating the awarness with fellow
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Old 26th May 2010, 10:17   #22
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Default Shocked

I feel sorry for you MR. I guess you were quite desperate to get a lap top and you fell for the trick.

Dont get worked up by this incident. Be careful in future. Consider this as a "Sadka" on you.

Time is the best healer.
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Old 26th May 2010, 10:22   #23
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Things like these do happen, at times there are offers which are too good to be true, but sadly the body listens to the heart more often than the mind. Every experience is a learning experience so be careful the next time. And like others have mentioned there was a possibility of things getting even worse. Glad the loss was limited to 15k and nothing more. Btw you can use the bricks as foundation stone for your future house after all each one is worth 3k.
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Old 26th May 2010, 11:26   #24
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Well M.R, that’s really sad bro, you should have never entertained those guys, even if you have purchased it, wt if the lappy was stolen?
I guess there is some gang running these kinda things in specially Lajpat Nagar and near by areas.

I know 3 incidents in Lajpat Nagar:

1. my friend's boss went to a shop to sell off his lappy, he went to a shop and didn’t get the money he was expecting , he came back to his car with the lappy, and kept the lappy on the co-driver's seat, suddenly a guy came and told him there is a Rs.500 note lying the ground, he (my friend's boss) came out of the car and found a note and kept it, he then found another 500 note near the rear tire, and a 3rd note near his car's rear, he was sooo happy that he got Rs. 1500 and this was his best day, but NO, as soon as he stepped back in his car, he found that the lappy was stolen. He still regrets, I told him (as he was a friend of mine too) that nobody will tell you if he finds your Rs. 500 note.
Till today I make fun of him, (though, I shouldn’t be) I tell him, this reminds me of "Tom & Jerry" episode, where tom keeps cheese at some intervals to catch jerry.lol..

2. This happened 1 month back, my friend was driving his Maruti 800, and he kept his N73 and an MP3 Player on the co passenger's seat. His both the windows were only 1/6 open, Mind it, 1/6th open, the traffic was moving on a 5km/h speed, suddenly near Moolchand flyover, a guy (looked like labor) came to him and started yelling, that "you almost killed me, with your ride" my friend surprisingly asked what, where, when & how?
In the meanwhile another guy from the other side came and took away the N73, and that guy was a tall guy because no normal height guy can take a cell phone from the seat if the window was only 1/6th open, the labor then told my friend that its okay this time, my friend saw someone turning back on the left side, but he didn’t realized what was happened. Later after 15 mins when he had to make a call, he realized that his phone was stolen, luckily, the MP3 player was still there.

3. Last week, I was in Lajpat Nagar market, went to get tires for my ride from BK Tires, but didn’t buy, while I came back & sat in my car, a guy came and said that he has the latest model of Sony’s handycam and he can give it to me for Rs. 10000, I just said “ nikal le bc” ..Because I didn’t want to become another victim.

M.R If you going to complain about your incident to the police station, please mention these thing too. These thugs chose places like karol bagh, lajpat nagar because these are places where many people from all over india and abroad are staying, and are easy to target.

These incidents are very common near darya ganj too and railway station and ISBT are near.

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I go to Lajpat Nagar very often but nobody's ever approached me with an intent of selling a stolen good or anything (may be because my dad's swift says "Bharat Sarkaar" loud in red).

I'd soon be visiting BK Tyres and may be encounter one of these thugs. However, I'm pretty sure the cops get their weekly/monthly cut and already know the thugs operating in their area so there wouldn't be a point in reporting such issues to the cops.
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All I can say here is that I culd not stop laughing when I read this and I almost coughed up the coffee I was drinking through my nose reading this.

Man, how could you fall for something like this. Buying a laptop at a signal is a joke. Didnt it even strike you that they could be con men. What you can do is to file a police complaint at the Lajpat nagar station, so they can possibly nab those guys. Wonder how many more people they are cheating.

Please give the cops their description etc what bike they were riding. Plus you said they gave you their phone number right? So why not hand over the number to the cops
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Wow those must be the costliest bricks someone ever bought!! So instead of Windows7 you got Bricks 7
Enjoyed reading your experience. Thanks for sharing.

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Thoughts echoed in this thread reminds me of the short fueling tricks at fuel stations. Divert attention, and then cheat.

The menace is spreading. Thanks for sharing the experiences.
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Oh boy what can I say..
While others here might laugh at you, I can say with confidence that many of us here would have been tempted to a similar deal if presented to us..
You checked the laptop twice.. found it ok.. but you got duped by those ill-intentioned god forsaken idiots.. they will repent later im sure.. will get caught too.
but you dont let this matter go like this.. atleast go to the sony world outlet and alert the store manager that this is happening around his store and Sony's reputation is at stake.
Im sure if they complain to police, something will happen. Your money might not come back but atleast others would be saved..
God help Delhites.. it sure is a bad impression on already tattered Delhi reputation of being a city of crooks and criminals...

and to imagine the Commonwealth Games are just a few months away!!
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Originally Posted by .anshuman View Post
This reminds me of a incident where some crooks on scooter offered me a SLR they claimed to be stolen from some foreigner, one look at the thing i knew it was a fake. I royally humiliated them before they they left embarrassed.

Like everyone else here said i agree it was your foolishness that you fell in the trap.
Man, you fell for one of the oldest scams going around.

I have been approached by these customs/shipping yard/container depot guys many times but always shoo them away.

Now time to tell you an interesting incident, when these thieves got what they deserved. Once I was with a friend of mine, who is a property dealer in Noida. We were in his Safari and I was driving.

We were at the Amity red-light when two guys on a scooter approached us and said that they have stolen SLRs and will sell real cheap. I shooed them away, but my friend said at least let me see the camera. I tried to stop him, but he lowered the windows and asked for the camera, making me furious.

But what followed was hilarious, he closed the windows glass and asked me to drive on, which I did. The scooter guys followed us till Sec. 37 red light, but seeing cops there, chickened out. The camera was a fake SLR, which we gave to an employee of his. But the incident still makes us laugh :-)

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