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Default That horrid night!

I am yet to come out of the shock. The fear of death so close-by, a fear almost shrunk my heart. Anything could have happened, that ...dreadful night. I shall pray it doesn’t occur to anyone anymore ever again. This is a true story to be told, to be shared so that we are careful ...yet the trust, the hope in us is restored.

I started at 6:00 PM from Bangalore with my wife and sis in Verna, we started off towards a journey back home with a heavy heart; for leaving our loved ones behind & the times which were spent cheerfully & merrily together. Through Google map, we were able to locate NH7, the Highway which connected the route from Bangalore to Hyderabad. I was driving and my wife sat beside, while my sis dozed off behind. It was 10.15 PM, & we had passed quite a few kilometres. There was pitch black darkness ahead of me and I saw only too late that a Truck was almost stationary in front of me and i crashed into it. After I realize that I crashed into a truck which had absolute no break lights or any lights whatsoever to indicate me of his presence.

I completely distraught. A fraction of second maybe while we were sorting out things, the windshield crashed slowly into pieces. My sis said “come on, let’s get away from this high-way quickly...it’s dangerous” and I replied to that, “The car cannot move an inch further, the engine is totally crashed.” “ A speeding truck almost dashed into our car”...I rushed out & examined how badly it was crushed...we almost escaped death. It was disastrous, however ONLY by God’s grace, we were saved. Just minor scratches here ‘n there but otherwise not injured. My wife and sis tried to remain composed, as they did not want me to panic more; seeing there sorry state.

That was not the end. It was national highway with trucks speeding away and we were stuck there with no help, nothing almost. On either ways there were open fields and nothing visible at all. We were 15-20 kms away from Ananthpur. Surely with two females at this juncture, everything seemed bleak and we could imagine all the worst things. We frantically called every helpline numbers that we possibly could but nothing turned fruitful. We could not inform anyone at home for obvious reasons, we did not want to frighten them. Just when we were fretting and worrying, two men dressed in white clothes riding on a bike, stopped by. One appeared petite and slightly sullen whereas; the other quite lean and tall. Though there was moonlight, the faces were not distinct. Looking at them, I told my wife and sis to pulled up the windows and locked the car inside. I stood outside, & they approached me. They were returning from some party and were slightly drunk. Extremely petrified we all were, as ANYTHING could have happened if we were ill-fated. They saw that we were in trouble, almost inspected the car roundabout, and offered to help us. We had no choice but to look forward to that. No matter how much assurance they gave, “you are in safe hands”, “we will help you out” somehow, there was still a cloud of doubt. He apparently informed that he was a central government employee, and the other companion a political guy. For more than hour or so they tried to contact their peers who could immediately arrange vehicles that can tow the damaged car and also help us reach our destination safely. Those guys reiterated that it was simply God’s will that they passed by that route otherwise they had some other plans.

It was past midnight, a couple of hours later two cabs arrived with a group of men. Our anxiety only multiplied. We started, still unsure and sceptical who these people were, and on arriving what next is in store for us. Leaving everything to destiny we took a chance. Almost an hour later we reached the nearby town. On our way, my wife called one of her cousins to inform about the mishap & coincidentally he too was on his way to Hyderabad and was 70 kms behind our current location. On hearing, he drove at the maximum speed to catch up with us. We waited for him to arrive at the spot, that’s when we could see a pinch of hope. Those two men turned out to be God Sent...angels in disguise. By now their intentions were clear; all they wanted was to get us out of the trouble. To help us selflessly. Am sure, nothing can ever pay back such a gesture, but our well-wishes and prayers for them and their family shall always be. (Thank you Verna and the strangers)

Our cousin arrived and I sighed a sense of relief as now there was someone reliable with whom they could get back to Hyderabad while I decided to be in the car that was to be towed back, which would move very slowly and take extra hours to reach. We had no other option.

7.00 AM next morning my wife and sis reached safe. Almost awake the whole night with unnerving tensions mounting each moment. I reached much later in the evening almost shaken to the core around 6.00PM. Yes, I was thankful but probably very frightened ...only if the course of events took a devastating turn...I could have never forgiven himself...

I say, after all it was the car that got damaged which can be repaired, if it were human lives...I doubt!

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Thank God you all are safe. The car's condition is scary.
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Thats really sad...

I am not sure that I understood exactly what happened? You say, you struck into an almost stationary truck, and then you say a speeding truck dashed into your car? Also, you should have informed your relatives either at Bangalore or Hyderabad immediately after accident, why to wait past midnight!!!

Anyway, you guys were lucky to escape unhurt from the accident. Machines can be repaired.

Now get over it.
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That is one scary incident indeed. Glad that you and your loved ones were not hurt. Cars can be repaired.
Reasons like these i avoid driving at night. And even if i do, i keep flashing my lights at regular intervals, and frequently just to get better visibility.
By the way, shouldn't this be in street experiences?
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Big relief to know that no one is hurt. Thank The Almighty & Your Stars.

I would also request my fellow bhpians, to avoid highway drives at night, especially those which dont see much traffic and help is distant at both ends. Though anything can happen to anyone and at anytime, but still, its better to be safe than sorry.

Only very few of our Indians Highways can boast of being safe to drive irrespective of the time (Day or Night).
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Car has been smashed badly. Thank god, all of you are safe.
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Glad that you are your family are safe .

Mods please move it to appropriate section

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The angels part warmed my heart. There is hope out there.
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Friend I have had a similar incident. It is all Gods blessing that we are alive!! God Bless you and your family. Take care and try and avoid driving in the highways after dark!!
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I say, after all it was the car that got damaged which can be repaired, if it were human lives...I doubt!
well said dude. reading this scared me. If its with male passengers situation after accident is better but with 2 women on board and middle of no where, very scary! Very happy to hear that you guys are safe!

Damage seems be extensive. Any repair estimations given by service station?
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Whew, I would have freaked out. With 2 women on board, crashed car and slightly drunk characters. Straight out of a horror movie.

Lesson learnt : if avoidable avoid driving at night.

BTW - I was out on a holiday with my wife(in 2008) in Langkawi and the rented car I was driving was almost out of fuel by nighttime. We were trying to locate a bunk and I must say, it was quite scary driving out there in a desolate place. I did find a bunk eventually and reached the hotel. But gawd, it was thrilling.
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Thank god you and your family are safe.

Is the car a write off?

BTW, Posted in wrong section, should have posted in Street experiences.

Agreed, those two men were God sent.
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That is very sad and scary man! Like you said may it not happen to anyone. But the good part is you had humans to help you out and no one was seriously hurt. Doubly lucky I would say.
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Thank god that you are safe and sound. It was horrific to hear about the experiences and the accident.

Machines can always be repaired.

But I find one thing strange that you trusted the two person on bike. Had I been in you position then I would have definitely not trusted the two may be I am getting just over conscious . You could have tried instead to call highway police and wait for that or for that matter some of family member/friend would have arrived.

These trucks on highways have become a real nuisance to drive. Need to be extra alert next time on highway.
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Thank God you are safe and escaped with minor scratches. The responsibility on the male counterpart multiplies if he has females along.

Originally Posted by sachinj12 View Post
Is the car a write off?

The car doesnt look like a write off from any angle to me.
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