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Default I drove my Swift through a river

Today was the longest day of my life in Hyderabad. I picked my wife from Madhapur and since it was raining since 6 pm today one of her colleague requested me to drop him. He stays near JNTU so we decided to take the route Madhapur-Malaysian Township-JNTU-Pune Highway-Miyapur (I stay here). All was well till we reached the Hitech city MMTS underpass. There was a huge traffic jamand the cars were barely moving. There was an I20 and an 800 in front of me. After nearly 45 minutes of crawling, we reached the underpass. The 800 guy took a U-turn which surprised me. The I20 guy was indecisive, since it was raining I was not able to make out what was the confusion all about.
Suddenly the I20 guy accelerated and then what I saw was something I never saw in my entire life in an urban scenario. The entire underpass was transformed into a small river and the water was touching the rear windscreen of I20, first I was not able to believe my eyes, and then my brain was processing very fast on what to do next. Behind me, as a true hyderabadi spirit the people started honking as if I was enjoying the scene by not moving my car ahead. I decided to literaly take the plung. Shifted to the first gear, made sure that the car was revving around 3000 rpm and started moving into the "river" about midway I noticed the I20 sliding in front of me and the driver frantically trying to keep the control of his car. The next moment I was in the same situation. I could feel all the four wheels of the car not in contact with the road and the steering suddenly went "free", somehow I managed to steer the car from getting banged by the I20. Then as the front wheels touched some road, things were pretty in control, and I could notice steam coming out of the bonnet (it was actually water that might have touched the exhaust pipe area). Brakes too were almost dead for quite a few seconds. I drove out and thanked my car because it got me out of this terrible situation. As I came out of the "river" I realised how tough it was because a Mahindra Commander Jeep guy was taking a U-turn on the other side not ready to take a challange that a Swift Diesel took and won!

As soon as everyone in the car gathered senses we noticed that there was a lot of water in the foot well area (rear and front). Dropped the chap at JNTU, reached home, changed and then started soaking out water from the carpet. Managed to soak out around 1-1.5 buckets of water but the carpet was still wet, so left the clothes that we were using so that overnight it might soak more from tha carpet.

Now my question is how to dry the carpet completely, will just leaving the car in the sun with windows rolled down a bit be helpul or shall I take it to M.A.S.S (which I want to avoid because all they know is how to burn a hole in the pocket). Any other alternative like removing the carpet, drying out and then fixing it back ?

Another thing, Hyderabad admin has to work a lot on the infratructure, on the route I mentioned above there was terrible water logging and "rivers" on almost all the roads....today I greeted another face of Hyderabad.

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i was in the same state with my esteem when there was a downpour in Chennai.. Literaly my esteem was swimming. The best way is to use high pressure air to remove as much water as possible from the carpet. Then take it to a local mechanic and ask him to remove the seats and remove the carpet and dry it. Simple task would save ur car from that nasty smell. Unfortunately i did all these after a week as i had to go on a long drive and had to live with that smell for a week.
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You should be very careful if you love you car and yourself before performing such acts. The reason being your car is not only made of metal but electricals as well. They might get short and trigger unexpected. Better take it to maruti or call and ask them what to do to be on safer side. Also keeps heaps of old newspaper on wet irremovable areas and let the car stand in sun with windows rolled down to avoid smell. Take care that the rainy season is ahead and you do not want you car to be bitten by rust. Hair dryer might help in some areas as well.

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I would never do that with my car, Knowing the water levels were as high as the i20's rear windscreen. You tried to kill your car.

As Anandg has said get the car checked at a MASS asap, slightest presence of water in the engine can cause big damage.
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No offence,but this was sheer carelessness from your side.
and you were lucky,that you came out unscathed.
its a swift,not a boat.
You also could have been looking at repair bills,running into thousands.
IMO get Car checked,and get oil replaced,its quite possible that oil may have slight contents of water.

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Man, Don't use a swift Diesel as an ATV. The first and last thing I would check if I were you is open the Air filter box and check for any dampness/water. If there is any get the filter changed ASAP.

I don't think anything else could have gone wrong, because if it had it would have shown by now.
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I had a similar experience last October.

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/street...ml#post1515319 (Deluge, flash floods and mudslides: South Goa)

but this experience of yours was too extreme. Your car was floating on water. If you did not have two passengers it could have been much much worse outcome. After my experience I would never drive thru anything higher than a foot or so.
Surprisingly no water entered your air intake.
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Thanks guys I understand...and later realized that I could have landed myself in a bigger problem. At that point of time I had two choices, either go back and get stuck in a jam which was standstill or drive through it. Fortunately I drove through it and the car survived this without any issues, just some water logging.
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Please give it to MASS. They should take care of everything. Dont take any chances with the car electricals, filter etc.
Hope you have a learnt something and would never repeat the same thing.
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The best way to dry the car would be to park it under direct sunlight with all doors and windows open.

Another way is to leave it idling with the heater on at full blast with all doors and windows closed. In this method you will have to go and open all doors and windows for about 5 minutes every 30 - 45 minutes of car running.

I followed a combination of both these methods when my previous esteem had been thru a similar situation.
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Originally Posted by .anshuman View Post
I would never do that with my car, Knowing the water levels were as high as the i20's rear windscreen. You tried to kill your car......
Not just that he tried to kill himself!

Beware with that much of water level that electric door locks and windows can jam and the car become a deadly trap. Read up reports of some youngster dying inside the car in similar situation in Mumbai floods a few years back.

Similar safety issues are surfacing when cars catch fire and doors/windows jam. It is not easy to break the modern laminated glass as I have seen demo of a brick bouncing off a windscreen without damage!
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There is a brilliant thread by GTO here

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/owning...ing-rains.html (ARTICLE: Safe Driving in the Rains)

You probably would have followed the 800 if you had read the "Flooded areas" section.

I suggest let the experts (ie MASS) check if the water has caused any problem. Also, my experience has been that they also clean and dry the mats very well.

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Well rajat, you are lucky that you passed through. It could have been really bad. My suggestion: dont try this next time, (esp not after you see the car ahead of you submered upto the rear windshield) or you would have started a totally differnt thread.

About drying the carpets: go to Maruti A.S.S. They have high power vaccum devices to suck water out of wet carpets. Make sure you get the job done quickly or your carpet will lose its texture and also stink.
Electical connections also have to be dried if required. You must explain them the situation. But also be careful of being overcharged.

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A mans got to do what a mans got to do... even if it killed him!!
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Get it inspected by MASS asap. Do not tell him you drove through such high water levels. If you accept that they is a very good possibility that they will void the warranty(assuming you still are under warranty coverage).

Also get those drying agents (Silica gel ?) and place them in your car.
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