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Originally Posted by yzfrj View Post
But does it make a difference Ganesh ?
Yes it does...
Good looking + mistake on your side = you've a memorable bad day
Good looking + mistake on her side = crowd expects you to behave as gentleman
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You find such people everywhere these days. Drive on the roads and you have gentlemen & ladies in the buses, spitting right onto your car window. There are so many of them who speak over the phone and yet drive. Ignorance to some extent saves you from getting your blood pressure levels too high. If we tend to behave in the same way, then we may not think in the right direction. The best part would be to concentrate on checking if anyone was injured and further steps to get the injured to the nearest hospital and also get in touch with the traffic cops, all in case of an accident.
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Originally Posted by aargee View Post
Yes it does...
Good looking + mistake on your side = you've a memorable bad day
Good looking + mistake on her side = crowd expects you to behave as gentleman
Accidents are mostly due to carelessness.

I've not lot my cool in my past, unless and until I'm being pushed around.
In that case I do react. In all the other cases better to keep a cool head and deal with the aftermath than blame each other.

In most cases it just takes one guy to turn it around.

This is a very old incident probably I was like 19 then.

Bus bangs another bus which was stopped in a bus stop.
The culprit a idiotic scooter guy who cut off the bus guy and to save him the bus driver turns hard left and end result it bangs the other bus.

Sadly no one sees this and the scooter man never stops after hearing the big "thud".

Glass all over the place and people are bleeding mostly ladies who were standing in the front.

The "hero's" from the crowd want to take a piece out of the driver and the other chaps on the bus. I jump in in between and tells the "hero's" - "don't act mad, people are bleeding we need to take them to hospital, the bus guy ended up here as he saved a stupid scooter man and if anyone wants to hit him we can do it after we get the injured people to the hospital"

The scene turn sane and people are off loaded and taken to the hospital.
Thankfully no one was seriously injured.

PS : I was the "local" man so it helped.
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Originally Posted by ampere View Post
That is a very good point! No one else then will dare. As you rightly say:

"Meek shall never rule the earth".
Remember Charles Darwin and the survival of the fittest.
I will narrate an incident, though not related to the above.
This was in pune and i was coming with my then GF (now wife) on a Bajaj Boxer from E-sqare to Pashan. At a signal just before pashan there was a minor scuffle and i had to stop due to the blockade. I didnt notice there was a small opening to the left through which i could squeeze through (I am an extra cautious/defencive driver) but didnt. Now the biker behind me, a portly middle aged man starts honking and hurtling abuses (probably seeing my AP reg plates). My GF turns back and asks him to not abuse. He continues shouting and then i move on and midway he overtakes me. While heading towards pashan there is a secluded patch where i notice this chap waiting. He hunts me down on his HH passion, stops me, he himself stops a few feet away and takes his waist (leather) belt out to hit me (with the heavy buckle). There are a few commuters who just pass by, not heeding to my calls to stop. He is heading towards me with full force and in a split second i saw my GF's face and just folded my hands (praying gesture). He continues his explitives in the choicest of words.
I was sure i could have taken him on, but kept away from doing that thinking about my company.
I forgot about the incident the very next day and 4 yrs have passed by...
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