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Default Be Careful while driving alone

This has happened to one of my company's HRs. This is not my personal experience.

Be Careful while driving alone

I would like to describe an incident that happened to me yesterday in the evening on my way back home. I left office around 6.30PM going home via the University Road towards Aundh. I was driving my car at the normal speed. I was about 500 – 700 meters ahead of the Governor house when a bike with 2 men tapped on my window and asked me to stop the car. I felt I must have touched or hit their bike in the signal so brought down the glass and enquired what the problem was. Those 2 men started shouting at me saying that I was driving rashly. For a moment I felt I must have, and stopped the car to the left and stepped out. Those two men started talking to me rashly and abusing me. I was lost / panicked for a moment and was wondering what I did. I asked them to explain what happened. They said that near Chaturshingi temple I kind of knocked down a pregnant woman who was driving a bike, incidentally her bike touched my car lost balance and fell it seems. I was pretty sure of nothing happening of that kind. Then I asked them to take me to that lady so that I could take care of hospitalization or medical care for which they disagreed saying if we go back there are chances that angry people would hit me badly. Then I said lets go to police station and ask them to raise a FIR against and I would take care of the rest for that as well they disagreed mentioning that they don’t have time for all these things and they need to rush to the hospital.

Then I asked what is that they want me to do for which they asked me to pay money and rest they will take care. Being alone and panicked a bit I decided to pay money but when I checked out my purse I didn’t have much in it. I asked them how much do they need, they said around 4000/- – 5000/- to which I said I don’t have and will have to withdraw from ATM. I went to the ATM withdrew Rs.1000 and gave it to them. On seeing 1000/- they started abusing and mentioning that they would get people and thrash me out etc. Then I decided to put a fight and asked to do what they want but that is what I would pay or let’s go to the police station and let them take this to closure. When I said this they got pacified and said they would manage with this money.

After they left the place I then called up my relative and explained the situation. That’s when I came to know that this is a racket that’s happening in Pune, and he was also a victim of a similar situation with a different reason. Luckily, I had taken the bike number and passed it to the police.

So I kindly request all of you who travel alone / going home late / passing through lonely roads to be very careful and **DO NOT ** stop for any reason. Please pass on this message to as many people as possible.

Few pointers to remember if you still fall in this situation

- Call up any of your close friend / relative to reach the place ASAP.
- If possible, always travel in pair.
- Never ever give money.
- Be bold enough to raise a alarm, if required
- Don’t hesitate to approach the nearest police station along with these people. It’s very much possible that on hearing or seeing this move of yours they will run away.
- And most Importantly “NEVER PANIC”
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Isn't this the same modus-operandi followed by the muggers in B'lore for which there is a separate thread ?

BTW, I am glad I live in Chennai. Inspite of its weather and other cons, we don't have any such issues here.
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Thanks for the warning. However, there is no guarantee that the men in khaki are not hand-in-glove with these people.
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Your HR took them to an ATM? They could have shown a knife and made him withdraw everything. Guess they were aware of the atm camera and a possible guard.
This is ridiculous. How come your HR gave up 1000 bucks when he knew he didn't knock down anyone?

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OMG, looks like the Bangalore thugs have opened a branch at Pune! Same method, even same words, the variation seems to be the pregnant woman! Are they using black Pulsars too?

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@Neoonwheels, looks similar to the Bangalore mugging thread!

BTW, does your HR guy drive a non-maharashtra registered vehicle?
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Wow! Pune has its mugging thread! Thats painful.
I was not exactly mugged but on the same stretch I was going towards the coveted University of Pune and at a signal a biker stopped me and said that I had sprayed muck on them due to my driving into a pool of muddy water.
I contested and asked them to come to the police station. I guess they wanted to check the mettle in me and came along. Anyone in Pune will know that the chowkey is right next to the campus gate.
I parked the vehicle and started walking towards the police station. I would have asked to settle a dispute and called on of my relatives who is also a cop for reference. But just when I was going to enter the yard, they said they will settle it outside. I declined the offer to pay up w/o any fault of mine. They abused me reminding me of my female family members and left.

They also asked me where I stay. I lied about my residence and said Dange chowk. He said I'm the dada there and I'll see you sometime (Kadhitari bhetu re phuknichya).

I started for where I had to go and forgot about the incident. I think I had narrated this incident on some other thread as well.
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Not sure where it started first; Pune or Bangalore. Your HR is such a "nice" guy to be fooled around I guess. But again, sorry, ask your HR to browse TBHP regularly to get an update on all these mugging rackets. Thanks God that those guys didn't ask to withdraw all the money from ATM & left uninjured.

@Prince - Couldn't agree more that you handled it very well.

@Gansan Sir - Last night I was wondering when the same trick will be started in Chennai & voila I hear this started now in Pune!!! The winds of mugging started blowing to North first.

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Yeh I dont know but seems the HR was so dumb that he took them to ATM. He could have directly driven to Police station asking them to settle it with the police. This happened to me as well, and when the guys asked me for money I said let my uncle come here, who is DCP here and settle everything. When I started dialing the number (To call my couple of friends), these guys said "saheb jaudya, tumhi ja ghari, amhi settle karato" : "Its ok, you go home and we will settle this".
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Originally Posted by aargee View Post
@Gansan Sir - Last night I was wondering when the same trick will be started in Chennai & voila I hear this started now in Pune!!! The winds of mugging started blowing to North first.
I doubt it will start in Chennai, even though the possibility can't be ruled out. Since IT people seem to be the main targets, it will have to take place mainly on the OMR stretch or roads leading there, which are way too busy. A lot of such employees travel by MRTS and avoid driving any way..

Even if it happens, once things seem to be going out of hand, the way the Police handle it here will be different. A couple of these guys will die in "encounters" and that, as they say, will be that!

But wait, it is only one incident reported at Pune. Let's see if the epidemic spreads like it did at Bangalore. I am sure the MH police will handle it effectively if it does, unlike their KA counterparts.

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Looks like some of the muggers must have been reading the team-bhp thread on mugging in Bangalore! Their techniques look so similar. Frighteningly, the trend seems to be catching on as more and more cars come on the road, chaos and road rage increasing and poverty lines falling further.
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Unhappy Similar Experience

I had a similar experience about 2 months back .

While driving through Salibury Park 3 guys started following me in a rickshaw and started asking me to stop my car. I was quite confused and continued driving for some distance. After I stopped at a signal they blocked my way and asked me to pull over. They then stared abusing me and told me that the back tyre of my Santro had gone over the leg of person while crossing road and had resulted in a fracture. I told them that they must be following the wrong car as I was sure nothing of this sort had happened. They threatened to call goons and damage my car and told about their political influence. I agreed to visit the patient and pay for the treatment. They then got into my car and on the way they said that a mob would be waiting there and would create problem. They asked me to pay them for the treatment and that they would take care. By this time I was completely shocked and a bit scared. I parted with the Rs.2000/- I had on me and left the scence.

I was quite disturbed by the whole incident for quite some time. This whole incident happened in broad daylight at 2 p.m. near Golibar maidan chowk.

I know I panicked at that time but was not aware such incident take place in Pune.

Hope this makes more people aware.
I still donít know what I should have done. Any inputs on that would surely help others. I understand cops is one option but they are not always around.

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You can't help losing your money or valuables if you are caught in a lonely stretch.

But what I don't understand is how the victim can take the muggers to an ATM, withdraw money and hand-over !!
There must be people on the way to ATM, security guard at the ATM, etc.
Or does the mugger hold a Gun on the victim's forehead all the way along?
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Oh great. Now these muggers from Bangalore are opening branches in other cities as well. Best practice sharing at its best i guess.

Keep a can of pepper spray handy in case the situation gets out of control. Else keep your cool and stand your ground and tell them that this can be settled at the police station. Sounds easy but i guess its very different in a panic situation.
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thank you for enlightening us all. with deteriorating crime & increasing divide between haves & have-nots and the indifferent law & order situation in our cities, these incidents are bound to repeat everywhere- we must be on guard all the times not to get dragged into and never to stop your vehicle unless & until a uniformed policeman or PCR van stops you.
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