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Default Mea Culpa

I had a horrible week in my workplace (My poor sis got a piece of my mind in between, which resulted in a show of some feminine water power), so I decided to take a break. I reached God's own country this morning at 0400hrs. Reached home in fifteen minutes. Went for a nap. Mom woke me up at 9 and said she wants to be dropped at her school before ten. Since it's IST (Indefinitely Stretchable Time) and moreover, I needed some sleep, we managed to start only at 9:45.

I was behind the wheel of our trusty M800, it was drizzling, and I was doing 60 (mistake no.1). At a slope, I see an Amby taxi with Kottayam registration in the middle of the road, going slow as a snail. I honked, flashed, but no response. My adrenaline levels rose (Mistake no. 2). I overtook and then I saw some animal on the road (Country-side, people let their cattle graze on the roadside grass and bushels) and I veered left. I think there was an old man walking on the left side (not ON the road) at the position where the Amby was at this moment. No sooner than I came in front of the Amby that I heard a soft thud from behind.

First I thought it must've been some pothole (Mistake no. 3). Then, it struck me that I must've grazed the Amby. By this time we'd covered considerable distance. We had to take a left turn at a busy intersection. This Amby comes and stops in front of me. The driver gets out. Now I'm sure that I'd hit him.

He tries to pull me out, but my seat-belt holds put. My mom's worried, she asks him to leave me. I unbuckle, and get out. Seeing a lady, he softens a little and avoids profanity. Now I go and inspect our rear fender. A new scratch has appeared. I try to keep my cool. Then I go to inspect the "damage" to his car. A slightly bent front fender - not much really, and scraped paint (Still wonder how the fiber bumper of my M800 can cause a dent on the steel bumper of the amby). It was fresh, I admitted my mistake. He demanded the repair costs or go along with him to the police station. I guess, from my looks he thought I'm one of those rich school kids driving without a license. My mom was already too worried to speak and it was pouring too. She was getting late as well.

I paid Rs.300 from my hard-earned money and closed the door of his car. And then I let out my frustration when I was sure that I have a chance to flee the scene (Mistake no. 4).

I dropped mom at her school, and was driving to a fuel station to fill LPG. It's past a Police Station. Then it struck me that I could've told him that I'll go to the station. But now I didn't have his registration number (Mistake no. 5) - I was a bit shaken and moreover, tired after the journey, to let my senses work. Returned home and tried to leave this incident.

I learnt my lesson. I decided to be extra vigilant on the roads. I decided to be as cautious I'm on highways and city roads, on relatively empty stretches too. I decided to rein in my temper at any cost.

"I'm a changed man... I pose no danger to the society" (from The Shawshank Redemption)

PS: This post is just a rant. I don't even know if I've posted it at the right place. Fellow BHPians, feel free to comment; Dear Mods, feel free to edit/delete/move/...

Adios for now

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It happens all the time, to almost every body. We are not machines, we are bound to have moods. It is just that one has to be ultra cautious. Of course, it is easier said than done.
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Well, I guess, The post title says it all - once it is "mea culpae" - it is fine - all of us do - learn - don't do it again - after all - thats life - wat say ?

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