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Lets thank the almighty for saving these young life's. May these experiences be an eye opener for all those rash drivers we meet on our daily road trips.

John and Sankar thanks for sharing your experience, John i pray to God earnestly to get you back to normal.
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John that was spine chilling and i dont dare to even imagine what you went through, happy that you are recovering!

As atrisarkar mentioned most of us have taken life for granted and we are engrossed with petty things until we are introduced to the actual scenario!
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Thanks John, Shankar for sharing your experiences, and may the blessings always be showered upon you all for leading a normal life.

Like our fellow BHPians have mentioned here, it is always good to be as careful as you can, all safety geared up and always keep pre-emting the moves of other vehicles on the road, and as much as possible let the other vehicles/people pass.
I am a strong believer that a few seconds delay is nothing compared to the loss that we try to trade for it.
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That was a blessed testimony John and moments like these make us stronger and brings us more closer to God.

Have a blessed life and thank God for all the blessings!
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Default God bless

May god bless @johnruben and @sankar (and all others) who have suffered and gone through such experiences.

It is probably our good deeds and blessings which keep a strict vigil on the most fragile thing we have - our life.

Keep us protected.
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Originally Posted by atrisarkar View Post
Thanks a lot for sharing John. After reading incidents like yours and Sankar's, it makes us realize that how much we take life taken for granted. It reminds us that we should value the life we have and thank the almighty forces for whatever they have given us till today.
Most of the times we are so engrossed in our daily lives that we hardly think about the bigger picture.
I'm not a religious person at all but whenever I can I try to devote some quite time to think and thank the forces which are beyond out control and which makes the clock tick.
+ 1
I completely agree with you. But when you see the bigger picture, we tend to forget the bad incident which might have happened to us or others after a couple of days and we are back to our old ways. It's just life, and it goes on. Got to be very careful.
Take care of yourself John and I pray you recover from this shock and be careful the next time you are out there on those deadly streets. It ain't worth to risk your life.

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Thanks for sharing your experience.

Every time I read such scary experiences, I pledge to be more careful leaving aside the "pedal to glory" temptations. But overtime it gets diminished, good that tbhp is giving regular dose of the same.

Gansan: Felt sad. Sunai is a very great place to enjoy swimming, but its also dangerous spot for people who choose that place to party n swim.

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Thats really inspirational. Truely admire you. And i am glad that you are recovering back to normalcy. Here, wishing you and your family the very best in life and keep that spirit going
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Take care mate and yes God is great.

There are far too many combinations that work against you when on bike. Purely the reason I gave up biking. Must wear protective gear when riding. Its inconvenient but saves life.

All the best!
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Originally Posted by lohithrao View Post
As atrisarkar mentioned most of us have taken life for granted and we are engrossed with petty things until we are introduced to the actual scenario!
Absolutely! It is then when we realise how weak and fragile we are.

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John. Thanks for sharing.
Although i have not been through it, i can imagine what you must have gone through. I have been through smaller problems, and realise that only when you lose something you know the value of it. We so easily take for granted what we have - each of our body parts is so extremly useful. Only when we see one of them not working do we understand how tough life is without it.

However, the takeaway as you say is to have faith, and be brave in life. Wishing you to recover completely as soon as possible - faith and time are great healers.
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Thank you guys for your sweet Regards, Really Appreciate it.

The Reason I wanted to post in this forum is for others to be cautious and careful, specially in driving bikes.... By grace of God i am completely allright now, but the pain i went through was like hell and i cant see and never wish someone to carry out the same pain.

I cannot drive 2-wheeler anymore as back starts aching and Doctor has told me not to sit or drive 2 or 3 wheelers at all.

Post surgery trauma was too much to handle, eventhough i was in bed for 4 months, i did realize what pain really is. I still remember 4 people used to carry me with great difficulty to just make me sit on a chair, and I hardly was able to sit for 5-10mins and again i used to shout in pain. every consultant surgeon who comes for rounds used to see my chart, which says "Stabilization" and would make a sore face and leave my room, it used to hurt me so much and i was in a dilemma will i be able to walk in the future or not.

Now i can do everything, even run, If i work continuously for 5-6hrs i have to sleep for 15mins atleast in bed or else there is severe back ache, Original is always original... once knife and scissors are put, it cant be same anymore that is what i have understood. But I am completely thankful to God, my parents, my wife, my relatives and my dearest friends who were there with me when i really needed them and supported me in eveything, God Bless you all

@sankar sorry to hear that you went almost the simliar one but looks like its more severe, i will keep you in my prayers, i am sure god will heal you completely, just have that faith.
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Atheist here! But whoa, I salute your strength, and endurance, as well as the skills of the doctors, without whom you could be dead or worse. It sounds like your sheer endurance will see you through --- and if faith helps, then I'm not arguing with that: each to their own.

One way or another, you are a lucky man.

What's more, if just one motor cyclist reads this and thinks about how small the grip of his tyres on the road actually is, then you will have done a lot of good too.

Thank you for your story. Wishing you well; completely well.
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Hand of god saved you.

Only thing is that this should be eye opener for first aid. Moving an injured person, especially if suspected neck / spine injury, is a specialist task. While the two young men did what they thought the best it could also have meant a permanent disability.

In all first aid courses this is one thing that is taught. Assess before helping.
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Thank God for this johnruben. Being normal after this kind of an impact is a miracle. Increase your faith. Take care.
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