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Old 8th November 2010, 10:56   #61
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1. Put the Seat Belts on and make sure my co-passenger does that too. Wont
move the car until that is done. Also try to talk the rear passengers into wearing them but m rarely successful with that.

2. Flash few times before taking a turn in 'layout' roads. Also use flash to
ask for a pass rather than honk.

3. Use the middle lane as a home lane. Try to overtake from right whenever possible.

4. Give the pedestrian right of way but only after making sure i don't have a
vehicle on my left.

5. Cruise at 50-60. Once in a blue moon use the kickdown mode.

6. Hatex10 my reverse horn. I want to get it out every time i put the car in R.

7. Don't like talking while driving except when cursing someone. I fsome one touches me while i am driving it really ticks me off. (some people have that annoying habi )

8. Never ever ever stop to buy sabji at random (husands/sons will know this). No matter how hard i am being yelled at.

9. I am very anxious about getting parking slot so the policy is to get into the first slot i get rather than go for the closest.

10. I always come back to my car to check whether i have locked it. I do this 8 out of 10 times. Mild OCD.
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Old 8th November 2010, 12:22   #62
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  • Always wear seat belt.
  • Use parking lights if its raining lightly, and full lights on if raining heavily.
  • Always use indicator
  • Always honk before overtaking.
  • If the guy ahead of me does not leave way after honking a couple of times, and if the road is clear - I overtake from left!! (i know some of you would want to reprimand me for this).
  • Mostly switch off the vehicle at signals.
  • Music is usually on.
  • At signals, generally my vehicle is close enough to the vehicle in front so that a 2 wheeler cannot pass (vehicle got scratched a couple of times allowing the 2 wheeler to pass), but far enough for a person to walk through (also to compensate if the vehicle ahead rolls back slightly before going ahead).
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Old 8th November 2010, 13:02   #63
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Somethings that have become a habit in me while driving,

1. Seatbelts on as soon as I get in
2. Never honk in the night on highways
3. Use dipper even during the day (quite a lot actually)
4. Have a look at the driver whom i just overtook (mostly on highways)
5. On parking lights only when waiting at a signal in the night
6. Get frustrated when someone fails to give you way on the right (on four-laned roads)
7. Look for T-bhp sticker on every car that i spot
8. Always game for a drag as soon as the signal goes green and I am fortunately (or unfortunately) in the first row
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Old 8th November 2010, 14:20   #64
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Another habit I have is to leave sufficient space between my car and the car right in front of me. However, in Mumbai it has turned out to be quite a disadvanatance. If I do leave space, the autorickshaws and two wheelers will do all sort of acrobatic trick and bring their vehicles right infront of the car. Some the bikes have also touched the ORVMs while trying to make way for themselves. Now, I am very careful and make sure that I do leave space but not enough for a biker or auto to barge in.
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Old 8th November 2010, 16:04   #65
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Default What I do.....

While driving I:

1. Try plan my route well in advance, so as to not make any stupid errors (like sticking to the left lane when I want to turn right).
2. Try not to disrupt traffic just because I'm getting impatient.
3. Make sure my Seat belt is always strapped on. Got into the habit thanks to an extremely irritating light that stays blinking if the seat belt is not fastened. Sadistic, but effective. I drive an SX4.
4. Fight the urge to put on "Highway Star" on full blast and floor the accelerator.
5. Thank God for providing me the luxury of a car.
6. Love to irritate the rickshaw drivers in Pune. Give them a taste of their own medicine.
7. Sometimes wish I was on my bike (if stuck in traffic)
8. Dream of one day driving a car that I buy and modify myself (Contessa Classic modded to look like a modern Dodge Challenger replica with the Honda CRV 2.4 liter petrol engine re-tuned to provide at least 200 bhp)

... now to get back to work....
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Old 8th November 2010, 16:11   #66
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I face another type of problem during traffic jams on two lane high ways. If there is a place ,even untarred, to my left that can barely accomodate his vehicle, someone sneaks in. The driver tries to get out if the jam continues and invariably bangs my left side door with his door as the gap would be so small.

When the jam starts clearing, he tries to move fast and tries to sneak in between me and the vehicle in front of me. I invariably give way for him.

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Old 8th November 2010, 16:15   #67
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@murthy - I have been there and I know how frustrating it is :-( takes the real joy away of driving
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Old 8th November 2010, 20:29   #68
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My signature goes like this -

1. Seatbelts are must, without them I feel uncomfortable. Always advice front passenger to wear while I'm driving.
2. Follow the lane discipline, no overtaking from left as much as possible.
3. Use turn indicators for turns/ lane change.
4. Soft Honk or flash lights for overtaking. At times thank with one short (really short) horn if the person allows to overtake .
5. NO to aggressive driving.
6. Use low beam during nights. At times switch to high beam but go back to low as soon as possible.
7. Always give way for ambulance.
8. Switch off the engine at traffic signals and pull the handbrakes.
9. Switch off headlights at signal during night.
10. Position the mirrors before starting, dont like OVRM folded.

Last but not the least - Look for vehicles with TBHP stickers .

Cheers !!!
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Old 8th November 2010, 22:28   #69
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Everyone wears seatbelts in the car when I am driving.

I try not to honk and suceed 99.9 % of the times.

Try and follow lane driving as far as possible.

Use indicators ALWAYS when turning.
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Old 9th November 2010, 00:01   #70
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I forgot something : I always turn the IRVM away to cut glare from vehicles behind during night drives and rely extensively on the ORVMs during night drives.
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Old 9th November 2010, 05:05   #71
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My points of pride:-

1. Using the high beam even in the day to overtake instead of the horn

2. Stopping my car before the stop line and getting that sheepish smile when people catching up from behind copy me

3. Avg speed in the city 50-60 kmph NO MATTER WHAT in the daytime, which gives me FE of 19.7 (Bless you suzuki).

4. No drifting lanes, and sometimes on roundabouts when im on the wrong side, i just go around and try again instead of bulling my way through.

5. Following the traffic lights even at night.......(at a risk though)

6. Giving way to an emergency vehicle even if i have to drift to a wrong lane.

7. Driving on the commonwealth line just to satisfy myself that the traffic nightmare is over.

8. Stopping for pedestrians, though 8 times out of 10 even they look confused as to what im upto till i gesture them that they can cross.

Moments id like to forget:-

1. Being told off by my friends very well educated MOTHER, for insisting that the police give me a challan for driving while talking on the phone. "beta, tumhare paas bohot paise hain toh mujhe hi dedo", imagine that.....

2. Being rear ended by an extra-smart kid on a red light at night, he had a big police sticker on his white swift and a red light beaming on top. Did i mention he was 22??. Although i absolutely do NOT encourage road rage but with these foul mouthed creeps you can certainly get away with it saying that you acted in self defence.....

3. Looking at a completely overturned, wheels in the sky Pajero at shanti path in the middle of the night a few weeks ago which made me reduce my driving speed at night.

4. Educated people crossing the road from DIRECTLY under the overbridge made exclusively for crossing the road. (this one bugs me like anything, i see it every morning on my way to college.....bhpians living in east delhi will know what im talking about)

and yes, for those of you who need to find a way of immediately removing glare from an oncoming vehicle with the high beam on, especially when youre not really familiar with the road ahead. Try looking at the curb on the left side of the road and focus on the road ahead with your peripheral vision, it really helps. It will also save you from those afterglares that stay and bug you when you blink......
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It is obvious to see the road sense to all tbhpians... however we represent may be only 1% of whole city traffic.

i. I follow lanes as far as there is no break down/block on the lane I am driving. I have tested my patience upto 10 minutes stuck behind a L board driving in 1st gear
ii. I never use high beam in city limit
iii. apart from BMTC bus, auto and reckless bike I do not honk.
iv. follow traffic light any moment of day/night
v. Use indicators for turns or lane change
vi. always wear seat belt and i make sure front-passenger to wear too before I start.
vii. speed limit always in check within city limits

basically I try to follow all the road ethics as far as possible, but you know, the traffic is full with other 99% who make your life on road impossible.
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Originally Posted by shubhamAT View Post
10. I always come back to my car to check whether i have locked it. I do this 8 out of 10 times. Mild OCD.
I too suffer from the same OCD. Nowadays I talk to myself saying that Iam consciously locking the doors and I need not come back. Let me see if Iam cured of that soon

Originally Posted by Milestone View Post
3. Use turn indicators for turns/ lane change.
Milestone : I can vouch for your above signature style - following you on the highway, I've seen you religiuosly indicating every time you were overtaking a rickshaw to a lorry. I dont do that often unless there is a vehicle behind me following closely. I should learn from you!!
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Old 9th November 2010, 14:38   #74
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Driving Habits?
1. Before starting the car, look around the car - every time - at home / office / parking lot. General look at body and tyres.
2. Make sure gear lever is in neutral before cranking, though I have this habit of parking with Neutral.
3. Until car gets warmed up, go slow and try to be in 1st gear, to give the engine high revs.
4. Look to right, Give way before entering the road. I do this every time I enter any main road from side road, though ignorant irritants behind me blare their horns.
5. Slow down and let pedestrian pass. Though have created some situation, when I stopped and morons to my left or right, just didn't care and almost run over the pedestrian.
6. Use low beam always in city and as far as possible on highways too, except when there is no oncoming vehicles to light up the road.
7. Switch on turn indicators ahead - a minimum 50 meters for small roads and 100 meters for main roads and 500 meters for highways.
8. Switch on headlights even though it is just getting dark in the evening (twilight). - I have seen in India, people do not switch on their headlights until it is completely dark. Logic? Saving the light bulbs! And relying on their vision power. It helps others to 'see' your car in front as well as back during twilight and many don't understand.
9. Keep headlights on on single roads in suburbs. This is mainly to deter oncoming morons who cross the half to overtake.
10. Park the car always with Hand Brakes and gear in neutral. This is just a habit.
11. Drive always with windows up and A/C on. This too is is just my habit, saving the leather interiors from dust and smoke.
12. Move away and let the hurrying morons get near their death faster. Why to stand in their way to reach heavens soon?
13. Chase and block their way, deliberately slow down in front of them and give few pieces of my mind to those who dangerously noses in / mad-honk behind me.
14. Deliberately go in front of those who come on the other side of a single road, with my head lights flashing, to make them fall in line.
Now, last 2 things I do are not classified as 'good driving habits', but that's My signature.
And last yet not the least, never give my car to others to drive. (Maya Motors Mechanics excluded). Again just my habit folks!

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There are good driving habits--some of them already stated by people here-- that i follow , and bad driving habits that are inadvertingly practiced by me, and yet there is one worst practice that i sometimes commit!

Good Habits:

silversteed: 1. First thing I do after getting behind the wheel, adjust the seat for the perfect driving position, followed by adjusting the IRVM and both ORVMs and buckle up.
I do that exactly the way you told.

(2) Use of Hazard lights in a moving car , when there is an accident in front, or a car has broken down.

(3) Driving on the middle lane as much as possible on a Highway with atleast 3 lanes each sides.

(4) In a city like New Delhi, with abundance of vehicular traffic, i usually stay below 60km/hr unless i'm in hurry, and try to stay away from that lane near the central divider. Usually driving below speed limit in the middle

(5) To stay atleast 10 feet away from Lady car drivers or senior citizens.

Bad habits:

(1) Over-taking from the wrong side , especially on the highway, and sometimes in the city.

(2) Sometimes , keeping the left hand on the gear lever and right on the steering when both should be on the steering wheel.

(3) Threading the car through tight spaces when one should have applied brakes and should have waited to take a second look , only having a close shave!!

The Worst Habit or practice!!?
I commit sometimes, and it literally boils my blood when on a road with no divider and yellow line in the center clearly demarking two-way traffic and one driving along my lane away from yellow line. When you
find 100-200 meters away someone driving with High beam HID on over the yellow line from opposite direction. Can't help myself to suppress an urge to teach this wrong-doer a lesson he never forgets. The result is that i commit a dangerous maneuver called in Haryana Roadways driver's lingo 'Jhalki' or should say 'Distruptive maneuver' . The attempt is to bring about the accident of the wrong-doer by his own hands, while the one who originally instigated such a maneuver drives past the wrong-doer unscathed!. The maneuver only takes a few seconds and intends to force a mistake by wrong doer, the effect on the reciever of this so called 'Jhalki' is sudden skock and if he's not in his wits, he makes that mistake--like pumping brakes or turning steering -- and ends up bashing his car into someone behind or on the left of his side, while you speed past him. This so called 'Jhalki' maneuver was told to me some years ago when i was chatting with a half-drunk Haryana Roadways driver, who told me that drivers under stress usually commit such rash maneuver's! and many other reasons. Please dont try this, i did it twice, and saw its consequence once.!
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