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Default short crisp honk

a short crisp honk in a similar situation is what I do since I was a teenager. almost always got an immediate response, even from truck drivers. Feels good always. Try it.
Originally Posted by benzinblut View Post
One signature move i always follow is Danke Schon.

If someone gives me way or makes a cooperative action, i do one right blink immediately followed by a left blink.

This is a very common thing followed in Germany that i learnt while driving there. Its called a Danke Schon, meaning Thank you in German. I found this to make the driving light and cooperative.

The only pity is that i hardly get a chance to do it because of the jungle rule traffic behavior in Bombay
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In a city with no decent roads or drivers, i try my best not to get frustrated and have also learned many useful tips
  • Tune the car for Pickup so u can overtake in a whoosh in crowded towns!
    Be aware of the car at all times, u never know when a biker scratches it from the left!
    Always look in the Rear view for errant bikers,buses,Autos,Benzes and BMW's and give way.
    I try to have knowledge of all latest potholes and speedbumps!
    On narrow roads bigg cars have right of way others should make way!
    Lonely roads being prepared for tarring with loosely packed gravel are ideal for practising oversteer or throwing your back way off..
    Not all one ways are One Way Only, ppl do come from other side .be prepared!
    Have dark tinted windows to avoid glaring auto drivers whom u pissed off!
    Maintain distance on rainy days.lesson learned the hard way!
    if the guy in front of you drives decently safe and is quick at it ; become his tail.He will get you to your place fast and safe!
    i wear seatbelts and respect traffic rules.
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In general, I think, a good driving style is one which doesn't disturb the other driver's flow of driving.
Following are some ideas

1. While overtaking get ahead of the other vehicle completely and stay at a speed higher than his before getting on the same lane as him.

2. While crossing a road junction, try to cross without forcing a sharp brake by the right angled traffic.

3. Honk two very short beeps once, it is a polite way of asking "can you please make way". Avoid long honks. Long honks indicate "get out of my way" and If I'm in the vehicle ahead, the driver honking behind me gets exactly the opposite results!

4. Look at left and right mirrors and ORVM every now and then if you have your windows closed and are listening to music. Higher the volume greater the attention to visual senses.

5. Listening to light music makes the driving calmer. Put On ACDC or megadeth and the driving style changes instantaneously. Choose calm music in city stop and go traffic and hardrock or metal on highways.

6. Stop if you can to let pedestrians cross, it shall force other vehicles behind and beside you to stop too and let the pedestrians pass.

7. If you need to go fast, switch lanes judiciously and overtake traffic instead of honking madly and asking the rest of the world to make way for you. That style of driving is reserved for ambulances and VIP vehicles.
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Originally Posted by mallumowgli View Post
Milestone : I can vouch for your above signature style - following you on the highway, I've seen you religiuosly indicating every time you were overtaking a rickshaw to a lorry.
Thanks for that buddy . But then it just happens, immeterial of whether the vehicle is following too close or far.

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Originally Posted by sae90 View Post
While overtaking get ahead of the other vehicle completely and stay at a speed higher than his before getting on the same lane as him.
Very important. Sometimes we misjudge the gap available. I crossed a lorry from the left which was moving slowly on the right lane. (He didn't yield despite trying all the tricks.) There was a truck before me on the left lane which is also moving slowly. I became impatient and thinking that the gap is enough veered to the right lane. The result was the bumper of the lorry scraped my right side bumper. No major damages except the broken tail light. I shudder to think what would have happened if the gap was little lesser. I would have lost the whole bumper and the impact could have made me loose control of the vehicle.

I was new to SX4 then. Perhaps my 800 would have managed it. So never change lanes recklessly.

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Default Driving Etiquette

When was the last time someone actually stopped their vehicle to let you walk past?
Chances are never. Though you might have a faint memory of someone kind enough to have let you pass. In India these people are a rare breed. You can even label them driving angels(t-bhpians) if you like. Safe Driving has been talked about much, by any and everyone. But do we really follow the rules of safe driving? Probably not as much as we should. More importantly do we realize that Driving Etiquette is an integral part of safe driving? One too many accidents and mishaps could easily have been avoided had their respective motorists exercised some Driving Etiquette.

So what exactly is Driving Etiquette? Well here is an example.

I was driving home through rush hour one evening, Puneís streets crowded more than usual as folks from other cities drive up for a joyful weekend. Approaching a T Junction. I noticed the traffic lights were not working, nor was there a traffic cop on duty to man the mess up ahead. Everyone from small hatchbacks to large MPVís diving into the intersection with no calculation whatsoever. Realizing that if I stopped before entering the intersection, the situation could be eased. Doing just that allowed a few cars stuck in the entanglement to make their way out safely, easing up the traffic snarl greatly. The Vehicle behind me though was not too pleased with my actions, rudely Honking at me to move ahead. Promptly rolling down the window I signal to the driver to hang on a minute. So do good deeds go unappreciated? Absolutely not. From the line up of cars making their way out of the entanglement a satisfying wave gesture and big smile make their way towards me from the driver of a steel green Toyota Camry happily on itís way to itís destination. I return his gesture with a wave; call it driver bonding if you like. But more instances like this would definitely ease up our traffic chaos. Which I am sure will be more than welcome by all of us.

Many of us puff up our chests, because we have that oh so desirable car, more bhp than we can handle or simply because we think we are boy racers. Would you not rather puff up that chest because you are a responsible driver who practices Driving Etiquette, and is respected by his fellow motorists? Take a minute right there and just think about it.

Every motorist would appreciate it, but its learnerís who would appreciate it the most. They need your support. Nervous as they already are, a little etiquette experience would definitely go a long way into making them realize that all is not lost in the big bad world of motor travel. Who knows maybe led by your example they too make driving etiquette a core part of their driving DNA.
Together we can help cultivate a new breed of safe drivers, which India desperately needs.

Pedestrians shouldnít be left out of the part either. So the next time you see someone trying to cross the road, ease off that gas pedal. Apply those brakes gently, and allow them to cross safely. I guarantee you, they will appreciate it.

And lastly, do remember to encourage others who practice Driving Etiquette by responding to them.
Let them know that you appreciate it by giving them a gesture in return. It could be anything from a wave, a thumbs up to a big smile. I know it can make my day. So together letís start a revolution, a breed of new motorists. Who will not only make Indian roads safer, but our journeyís more calm and enjoyable.

Thatís you Dear Reader.

Good Luck and Patient Driving!
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Default Re: Driving Etiquette

The driving gestures are not understood in this country, sir. I've tried, i've lost patience, sometimes I still try, and the years go by.

The traffic gets more unruly and thinks everybody else is a nuisance to them, especially the yellow board idiots!!

A basic "right of way" at a roundabout / intersection is not understood by most .. words fail me.
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Default Re: Driving Etiquette

I always do this, have been doing this for donkey's years and still do. Very very rarely I get some appreciation, most times it is the wrath of the vehicles behind me. Yes, more people should do this, but like headers said no one even notices that you actually stopped to let them go, but if you don't, they notice you and curse you. They do think that all other vehicles on the road are a nuisance.
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Default Re: Driving Etiquette

I try to follow them most times.
One remark about pedestrians though;

Many of them nowadays do not have a sense of urgency crossing the road. They keep happily talking on their cell, without a care if they are crossing a busy road or walking in a park. To such folks, I some how don't feel like providing this gesture.

For the case, where its needed, I do act that way and I have been rewarded by many a happy smiles (from the pedestrians). But from a fellow driver, appreciation is very-very rare as most folks are in a hurry to reach their destination.

Height of impatience:
The instant signal turns green, you would listen immediate honking as if, folks are asleep and that is a wakeup call to get up and drive.
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Default Re: Driving Etiquette

@ ampere, I totally agree with what you said.
I'm never in a hurry to reach my destination as I always start early and keep ample buffer time.

You are talking about green signal, here people behind you start honking while signal sill has 10secs to turn green!
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Default Re: Driving Etiquette

well, i've encountered driving etiquette on roads. a acknowledging nod, a smile, a mouthed 'thank you'. just need to look for the signs. but first, you gotta be a good person on the road. respect other road users, give pedestrians the right of way, let someone cross the road before you proceed and so on and so forth. when i've the time, i smile as i pass the L-boards.

trust me, you'll feel good about yourself.
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Default Re: Driving Etiquette

Please please please do not stop trying. I know this is India, things take a long time here. But we need to make the difference so that others can follow. We need to have perseverance, one day in India driving etiquette will be the norm. Good luck and patient driving.
Originally Posted by headers View Post
The driving gestures are not understood in this country, sir. I've tried, i've lost patience, sometimes I still try, and the years go by.

The traffic gets more unruly and thinks everybody else is a nuisance to them, especially the yellow board idiots!!

A basic "right of way" at a roundabout / intersection is not understood by most .. words fail me.
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Default Re: Driving Etiquette

mdsaab- I absolutely agree and may our tribe increase! In fact sometimes I stop for a pedestrian and they give me a curious and suspicious look as they cross! But some are appreciative- and when someone acknowledges it with a smile or wave, it really makes my day!
I am a fairly patient driver, in fact I hardly honk at all which annoys others in the car with me who point out, with some exasperation, that the horn is there to be used and I should leave my newfangled ideas for more civilised places! Not without merit, you'll agree but one has to start somewhere.
One positive fallout of the global economy is that so many drivers today have experienced the pleasure of driving in the US and other mature countries. So we at least see *some* folks who appreciate good driving etiquette. The rest will catch up sooner or later. Let' hope sooner!
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Default Re: Driving Etiquette

Some things that my Dad told me when he taught me driving and hence its become a part of my driving style:

1. Whenever possible avoid cutting a bicycle or rickshaw while taking a turn or something. The poor guy has to use his own strength to ride his cycle again from a complete stop. Whereas a motorist has to just press the accelerator.

2. Give way to pedestrians crossing the road specially old people, Women and children, anyone carrying some luggage. I know these people do tend to cross the road at wrong places and not at the zebra crossings. But that is how they have always been taught. Its not there fault. And honking at them and forcing your way through is not going to achieve anything. Infact just try standing out in the sun, surrounded by dust and pollution and all te noise pollution. Its not exactly a paradise out there! Be patient.

3. Some of you might not agree to this but women on the road are always dangerous (most of them anyways). And that includes both pedestrians and the ones behind the wheel. So do not honk at a lady driver even if she is at a fault. It just makes them more nervous and leads to more delays.

Last but not the least please please control that habit of honking at anything and everything on the road. Its free, doesnt mean you should abuse it . People honk at every possible instance these days. For example just when the signal turns green. Even the driver in the front knows its time to move. He is not exactly standing there on the signal for a picnic. So why cant we be a little patient and allow him/her atleast 3-4 seconds before honking.

There is so much more that we need to learn. Some really irritating things I encounter daily are:
1. The side view mirrors are not there to add to the list of accessories to your car. Use them before changing lanes.
2. High beam is not meant for driving within the city atleast.
3. Dark black films should be banned. 99% of vehicles in Delhi which have them drive like crazy (I am amused to note that most of them are swifts).

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