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Old 20th December 2005, 13:49   #16
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yeah, I hate drunken driving when I'm not under the influence of alcohol. But I love to drive after having a few with a bold underlined " You're drunk" in the back of my mind.
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Old 20th December 2005, 13:53   #17
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I hope, soon there will be cars with breath sensors(analyzers) built-in that won't move an inch if the driver is drunk.
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Old 20th December 2005, 13:55   #18
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Completely agree with MR.Boom! Drunken driving should be punished with a strict punishment and a really steep fine!

Personally, I dont consume alcohol in any way!
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Old 20th December 2005, 14:00   #19
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Originally Posted by camry93
I feel this is the only logical and practical way out of the situation: Decide on a designated driver for the evening. The designated driver will abstain from drinking throughout the evening and later drop people off at their respective places. The next time there's a party, somebody else assumes the role of designated driver; so everyone can share in the fun.
Exactly what we did this Sunday when we Team-BHPians met. Great suggestion, Camry93.

Another thing... Have you all thought of the legal consequences when you have an accident while driving under the influence? Another major reason for all to stay away from the steering wheel when intoxicated... Now, I just hope someone doesn't make a post saying that they care two hoots about the legal consequences when they are trying hard to be "wannabe Salman Khans"
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Old 20th December 2005, 15:41   #20
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I'm a teetotaler and have always been the designated driver during parties. I still can't figure out why i wasn't called to a team-bhp meet. ???
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Originally Posted by MrBoombastic
Call me what you will, but I think people who drink and drive should be first beaten up good by a trained fighter and then shot dead at point blank range. When one uses the road, one has to consider that there are many lives at stake and not only his/ her own. Driving under the influence especially on Indian roads (where everyone uses the road like as if they were stoned even when they are sober) is proof that some people really have their heads stuck way up their rear ends. Cartoons who say I've had just a few drinks and it's okay for me to drive annoy me even more... Can one say oh I've just raped and murdered two females so it's no big deal? DUH!

Driving under the influence can make you kill someone's father, mother, sister, brother, child, friend etc. and in some cases the only bread winner in a family, but no, one evening of drinking and choosing to drive is so cool an option to so many rather than hiring a call taxi, asking a friend to drop you etc... That too in todays age where one can even hire a freakin helicopter to go places, yeah?

What about your family if you end up being the one killed and even worse, what if you lose a leg or something in an accident, but don't die? If you're alive with your legs or hands missing, rest assured, that in 7 out of 10 cases even your lover/ life partner will stray from you... Don't hate me because I said he or she might stray, hate yourself for having driven under the influence and this world for being the way it is... I'm just an observer.

Bottomline: First beat me up good and then shoot me if I drink and drive too.
Agree 100% with what has been said & the subsequent Comments. I am guilty !!

Having said that, having accepted the crime which I commit...& not wanting to digress from the Issue...A higher crime IMO..is the RTO Officers & All of us who bribe ( give & take) for Licenses..
Tell me how many of us BHPians have actually taken a License according to Law ?? I certainly have by having a Learner's License, & then going to the RTO Office for the Test..( not that I am trying to boast )..

That places almost 90% of the Vehicle Driving Population of India..on the Same Pedestal as drunken drivers..

Thanks..& let the volleys come !!
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Thumbs down

Originally Posted by camry93
It is incomprehensible how so many induhviduals have such a callous attitude towards life. Drink driving is a bane in civilized society and there should be serious punishment in store for people indulging in it.
Completely agree :-(

Originally Posted by camry93
In the West, people are generally advised to follow the designated driver concept.
I think that is one possible way out. The other is to rely on taxis/ Autos. I have had parties at home where people left at 3am in citi taxis. but most occassions people drive back, and we think its alright, when really its not.

why is it that otherwise responsible drivers take drunken driving so lightly??? its not that they are not unaware of its risks, but choose to overlook it.

the worst is when people brag about having driven home drunk/ stoned. All that drinking doesnt affect me/ i drive better drunk/ etc.
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Guess this came up at the right time..

A cab at my workplace had a drunken driver.. and the guys who ever in the cab had to take over the wheel. How dangerous it could have been.
Esp after the Blr BPO incident.

@ nitrous. I msged u the reason why we went. Didnt u get it ?
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Old 20th December 2005, 22:15   #24
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In India if you want be safe on the road and don't want to get into an accident, you HAVE to drink and drive!
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Old 21st December 2005, 11:27   #25
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I too suffered from the same bad habit; of bragging and believing that alcohol doesn't affect my driving. But an incident which happened yesternight broke the bubble.
I had some drinks with a friend, whose home is abt 500 meters from my place, we live in the same locality. Parking space in my locality isn't reserved, it's on first come first get basis. There is a rather narrow place (a concrete structure about 1.5 feet high on one side and a street light on another) where nobody dares to park. I used to take pride in the fact that I can park there without needing to reverse the car even once.
Yesternight when I reached my home that was the only vacant place; I turned towards that place my car at abt 25-30 KMPH and heard a screeching sound; reversed the car andparked it on road; got down and inspected teh damage - there was major scratches on both doors (passenger side) and the frame below the doors, about 1 foot in length and 9 inches in width. I was crestfallen and felt like crying (I love my car too much, don't we all).
But I guess it served me right, from now onwards I am never going to drive after drinking, never, never, never.

P.S. The scratches are looking really bad on my six months old Getz GLS. Shoul I go for repairs or let it be as it is. And will the insurance company pay for this, since it was my mistake?

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Old 23rd December 2005, 01:05   #26
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In my opinion one can be considered drunk if the person is feeling lightheaded. Therefore, if I have to drive I am very careful how much I drink, never more than 1 bottle of beer. This is because I know it takes 2 bottle of beer for me to start feeling lightheaded. What about hard drinks, I rarely drink hard liquor (once in a year event) and never drive in such case.

And of course, I can't drink in the car, I think v1p3r bore witness to that.

Also I rarely get really drunk, almost never, I am too much of a control freak for that. I hate losing control over my mind and body. And yeah, never done bar hopping or hit the pubs(can't stand the hard music) either. I guess I am a really old boy scout.

I remember this old surgeon in New york, he is a family friend. This guy drank J&B neat, no ice/water/soda and he could finish half bottle in one sitting. Since he was a loner, he usually visited family/community parties with other family friends, many times with us. When we start back, he always insisted that he would drive. I used to be just horrified at his offer, he would be 10 times over legal drinking limits and the guy wants to drive. I never let him drive, but many others did yield to offer with their cars. BTW, in New York the cops will just confiscate the car and auction it if they find the driver to be drunk. It doesn't matter who owns the car.
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Old 31st December 2005, 10:29   #27
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All you guys please be careful this New year's eve. Let someone sober do the driving, take a cab, sleep over at the party - whatever, just do not risk taking the wheel with more than one beer in you.
Have a blast - and all the very best to you buddies for 2006.
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Old 31st December 2005, 11:49   #28
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Originally Posted by Samurai
I guess I am a really old boy scout.
Or just an old Samurai who can only stand sake?

Or maybe just an old man.........with apologies to the original venerable old man of TBHP.
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Old 31st December 2005, 13:20   #29
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Default i Agree!!

see i agree....
drunken driving...
is badder than anythin u can think abt...
but at times i disagree...
u know on some nights when perhaps...
come 1 else whos the designated driver for the night...
is higher than any1 else....
i rather take the keys and drive myself..
than give the keys to him to drive????
so i guess in a way thats bad...
but i cant justify myself driving that night but then again....
rather than spendin the night in cops station....
so u'll can hold it against me but im sorry....
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Old 31st December 2005, 22:54   #30
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Well,hope all team bhpians don't drive and drink tonight..

I'm home,take me drunk !

Ok,now some serious stuff,guys,not only tonight,but even later on,DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE..affects your reaction time,and causes all sorts of problems to self+others.
So,wishing you all happy driving throughout the new year and future.

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