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Default Re: Victim of Road Rage + Extortion!

Originally Posted by ghodlur View Post
I think you should have stood ground and waited for the police to arrive and take things from there.
I beg to differ. In India, you never know when Police will arrive. And the bigger vehicle is always at fault. It just needs one stupid by-stander to spark violence.

It's always advisible to push-off from the spot ASAP, unless someone needs a immediate medical attention or first aid. Later you can report to the Police station if you want to.
I am saying this considering this situation - angry 2wheeler moron, mob and twnety auto drivers against a lone car driver.

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Default Re: Victim of Road Rage + Extortion!

My sympathies with You Suhaas, am sure the nasty incident made You stronger than ever.
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Default Re: Victim of Road Rage + Extortion!

These things happen at Bangalore. I once rear-ended a Matiz with my bike, near the Kaveri theatre signal. The signal was amber, he accelerated to cross it and I followed. But he stopped at the last moment and I could not. His rear right tyre was blown in the impact, I fell down but fortunately no injuries for me. Still the fault was mine and I was offering to pay for the tyre, when a traffic constable sauntered up. The car was KA registered and my bike was TN.

I heard him telling the car guy in Kannada "settle it between yourselves. If he refuses, tell me and I will find a dozen ways to fix him, his bike is TN after all". I laughed out aloud as I could understand him clearly but the car owner could not - he was a Bengali!
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Default Re: Victim of Road Rage + Extortion!

Hey, just get over with it.
It happens....think that you have lost 450Rs in a pick pocket or donated 450Rs to a begger.

Don't get bother too much about it and learn from this incident. You will be more stronger and courage enough to face another incident like this.

Also learn to drive better by giving way to manics who comes straight without bothering about the other guy.
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Default Re: Victim of Road Rage + Extortion!

Being a bangaloeran, I'm ashamed of such road rage. I feel bad and sorry for Suhas.
Over the past several years, i have encountered such issues during multiple instances and learnt that best-defense is Self-Defense. As you rightly said, buy a baseball bat and keep it with you for safety.. Like the one I already have..

Victim of Road Rage + Extortion!-img00229201012221418.jpg

besides this I always carry a pepper spray in the car... Never know what i will encounter since i travel post 10PM back from office everyday and mostly i take NICE road.
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Default Re: Victim of Road Rage + Extortion!

Thank you all for your warm regards, kind words and sympathies!

I have come out if this, a better and a stronger human being. I shall learn how to drive even more carefully. There is no point getting into tussles with ignorant people who seem frustrated for their own reasons. I am not going to deny it, it was my fault too, and I even apologised because I know what riders go through on a daily basis. We in cars are protected and cocooned. I know, it's easy to say that, that shouldn't be considered as it has nothing to do with me. But in such situations, as much as I hate two wheelers, I rather give them way, as at the end of the day, people will point fingers at you just because I'm in a bigger four-wheeler.

I'm trying to let this go. Needless to say, I haven't really slept properly since the incident. I dream of the incident and keep thinking of what I could have done and shouldn't have done. In fact, I even dreamt of holding him at gun-point and simultaneously taking a whizz on his ragged two-wheeler! I would love to see the look on his face, knowing that he can't do anything about it.

I'm a human being after all, and everyone has a different view, different opinion and different way of tackling such situations. I just did what came to my mind at that time. It might have been wrong, or it might have been right. And frankly, there is not much I can do about it now.

And I hope such dreams just fizz away as I don't have time to ponder over such things. I have a family and I study well. I am happy that my parents have brought me up with the right kind of values and have taught me the right thing.

It's time to move on and get done with this.

Thank you all for your support. It really does mean a lot to me, to know that in Team-BHP, which is my second home, I have friends that do understand my plight.
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Red face Re: Victim of Road Rage + Extortion!

Whats next after baseball? A Gun for defence.

The moment you have something like a baseball bat in you car the first thing the cops would do is book you for any silly reason like carrying a weapon intended to harm people. My suggestion please dont bring such things into picture if you are in situation where in a crowd has gathered. The only way is to stay calm and get immediate help.
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Default Re: Victim of Road Rage + Extortion!

Even if you keep a baseball bat, do be careful not to brandish or use it first. As it is, car drivers have no sympathy and if you do that, it will be everyone against you. your case seems to be more of daylight robbery, you should have a filed a FIR for theft (not that its going to go anywhere with the cops' attitude).
My neighbours' Pulsar was stolen and when he filed a report, the cops told him he will have to pay if he wants it back. This guy ended up paying around 8K, and the next morning the bike was back in his parking lot.

I had another incident when an auto braked right in the middle of the street as he wanted to go the right. I braked hard but still brushed the auto lightly. This hero hiralal got off an tried to open my door/ window. I had unlocked it to get out and see the damage, but as soon as he came to the door, I locked it and stayed in. My kid was very young at the time (maybe a year old), and got agitated with the shouting outside. In the meanwhile, everyone behind me started honking and I refused to talk to the guy who was feigning to punch at the glass. My wife opened the passenger side window and told the bike fellow next to us to check if there was any damage. Fortunately, that guy was sane and helpful enough to get off and tell the auto guy that there was not even a scratch and it was his fault to change direction midway. For good effect, he also added that 'you auto guys hardly indicate which direction you are going in before turning'. The other auto drivers dispersed as soon as they saw the rest ganging up against them and asking to clear the road. The passengers also threatened to leave the auto and take another one. A few minutes later, he had no choice but to drive off. Of course, it only worked because some fellow driver was kind enough to take a few minutes. Mooreover, I was not going to open the window once he became aggressive. Perhaps the lesson for us is to wait and give a few minutes to our fellow drivers who may be caught in such a situation (who knows, it may be a bhpian or someone you know - after all a stranger too is a friend who hasnt been introduced to you yet!). We should also keep in mind that the auto drivers are also a harrassed lot, especially as I dont think many of these own these vehicles and are going through the terrible road situation through the day. I have no sympathy for bystanders/ auto drivers who give their unwanted opinion or gang up against a car driver just because he is an "IT fellow".
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Default Re: Victim of Road Rage + Extortion!

It is very natural to have these feeling of helplessness. Don't worry, this bad time will pass away in no time. Keep yourself busy in something you enjoy. Consider yourself lucky that nothing worse than this happened. Next time onwards driven safely (for yourself and for the other idiots who are hell bent in hitting you)
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Default Re: Victim of Road Rage + Extortion!

I really feel bad for you. I don't think you could have done anything. Please don't try to fight out and please don't carry any weapons. It might never happen again and it helps to be cool headed.

You could have done something different if you were not alone. Just forget it. Things like this happen in our wonderful country.

I don't know if the idiot knew you were a IT guy. It happens to everyone. Lets not try to put IT guys at a higher pedestal. There are lot of ill mannered and behaved two and four wheel drivers among us and I have experienced it.
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Default Re: Victim of Road Rage + Extortion!

Suhas feel for you man. But you will get over. Just remember the guy is a third grade person. I mean he was happy with just Rs 450? What a beggar..

If you want to make a difference, if it permits help the person who is being victimized in a situation. What goes around comes around. I have on numerous occasions sided with people who are at the receiving end. Trust me, seeing one person taking up the honest side the others just move away.

Got this from BTIS site for the guy: There are 2 violation/s amounting to Rs.200 on vehicle number KA03EB9986. (Pay fines at any Traffic Police Station/BangaloreOne/Online @ bangaloreone.gov.in)

He is going to lose Rs 200 of the 450

Also the cops will impound his vehicle and try and extract some more from him as you have registered a case now. That should make you feel better.

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Default Re: Victim of Road Rage + Extortion!

Suhaas, good to read that you weren't physically hurt. Forget the Rs 450 and agonising 10 minutes, it is a small price for driving a car in this underdeveloped country. Also, please never use the baseball bat! It is far better to cough up Rs 450 once in a while than have to swing that bat!
I have been out of Bangalore for a couple of months, and I am now in no mood to drive to office everyday. I have decided to take Auto+BMTC Volvo everyday. Though there won't be any savings, my blood pressure will remain at respectable levels for sure!
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Default Re: Victim of Road Rage + Extortion!

Suhaas, make no mistake about it. He did a quick one on you. It has happened many a time, someone speaking in Kannada rams a bike to your car and then speaks fast & furious in native and makes away with your money or at worst robs you. Since people had collected, he couldn't rob you. But cases of robbery have been reported in isolated and remote areas and it starts in the same fashion. A bike which is 50 metres away suddenly zooms towards your rear and bangs into the car.
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Default Re: Victim of Road Rage + Extortion!

Originally Posted by suhaas307 View Post
That's true, I guess. I did not know about this. And it is my fault for moving into his lane. I shouldn't have done that. But this is India, and I know it's not an excuse, but this is the norm. It's a free-for-all.
I really feel sorry for this incident.

But we educated people should follow some simple disciplines inorder to make the future road users be aware of what self discipline means. I have seen in bangalore that most of the traffic is due to the fact that there is no discipline in driving. If a vehicle is going to cross everyone tries to sneak in through how much ever space available, that's what has happened in your case. The biker did'nt want to stop basically because he wanted to go first. This is started to happen in most of the cities now.

Unless and until we ourselves do not change and teach people of how to drive with discipline, this situation is not going to change. These things are bound to happen and would happen in future too. May be this is an eye opener for you and for others too..The ATTITUDE of ours is what can change this norm.

Its easier to change the mindset of how we drive and we can very well change the future of India. I did not intend to hurt you in any ways, i keep telling with whomever i go with and this forum has helped me carrying forward the same.

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Default Re: Victim of Road Rage + Extortion!

Its not just BANGALORE these things can happen anywhere in India.

For example, if you hit a guy in some village though its not your fault do you think you can getaway with it? No, they will make sure they will extract money from you.
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