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Default Re: Emergency braking - Share your experiences

During my recent return trip from Nagpur to Hyderabad, On NH-7, early afternoon I was nearing Armoor Town. I was in the right lane close to the divider and doing speeds of 100+

Well ahead of me, I saw a truck in the left lane and a Zen was closely following the truck. The right lane ahead of me was straight and devoid of any vehicles. When I started nearing the zen, i sounded horn to warn him of my presence in the next lane and moved ahead maintainng my speed.

Just as i was about to reach in line with Zens' tail end, for reasons best to known to him, he decided to overtake the truck and started straying into my lane.

In a moment, he was sure to be sandwhiched between the truck on the left and my scorp on the right. My heart missed few beats, but with a lightning speed i slammed the brakes with my full strength. ABS kicked in with its shudder and grind.

Thanks to the ABS, i could brake really hard and steer as close as possible to the median to avoid any inpact with Zen. I had expected to hit the median but thanks again to ABS I could maintain control and steer clear of the median. My Scorpio came to a screeching halt and luckily no vehicle was behind me.

The truck driver was possibly observing all this in his ORVM; he accelrated very fast and gave space to the Zen to move back to the left lane. The Zen guy slowed down and pulled up to the shoulder probably in a state of shock and avoided any eye contact.

It was my lucky day and I was plain lucky in narrowly avoiding the accident that would have happened for sure. I waved at the truck driver In appreciation and moved on.
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Default Re: Emergency braking - Share your experiences

New Car with ABS and a heavy front, No experience on the braking on wet roads.

Yesterday the rains hit the city and i was driving. Had abs kick in a few times. The look in the rvm of the car ahead said a lot of things. Earlier I had seen it cut in on loose dry mud on vacant road only on purposeful trying. Quickly started maintain some distance even in city traffic. It needs getting used to. LOL

ABS may prevent lockup and skid but i felt that increases braking distance. That's what i thought after yesterday's instance. What do you guys think?

OT: a request in the signature

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Default Re: Emergency braking - Share your experiences

This happened to me while I was TDing Manza 2 months back. I found a empty stretch of road without traffic. I thought of speeding the car. 130 kmph. Suddenly a cow (or bull) decided to cross the road. And I had to brake real hard. EBD came into action. Amazingly car was in full control, remained in line. And stopped without skid. My first experience with EBD, in action.
I booked it the same day.

I remember one more incident. I was travelling with family from Hazaribagh to Ranchi on our Wagon R. We had crossed Ramgarh, and about to reach the ghats. I was at about 110 and a cow who was crossing the road, suddenly stopped in my way. I braked, gradually increasing pressure. I stopped right infront of the cow, who was ruminating, looking at me without any expression..

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Default Re: Emergency braking - Share your experiences

Happened a couple of times with me. The scariest was when I was traveling from Pune to Bangalore on NH4. This was in the stretch between Dharwad - Tumkur. I had crossed all the under construction areas and though it was drizzling I was driving at around 100 since the traffic was very light. I see a line of 4-5 trucks in the left lane. I had passed quite a few such convoys earlier so didnt think anything about it. I was around 10 feet from the last truck when he suddenly veers to right lane just in front of me. I had no option but to press the brakes ... HARD. I could feel the ABS kick in and luckily did not skid or lose control even though the road was wet. Whew!! I had slowed down enough so that my speed became less than the trucks just a few inches before his metal bar thingie behind the tyres.
It did take a few minutes for my heart to come back to normal speed!!

I am pretty sure that If I did not have ABS, I would have crashed into the divider or spun off the shoulder.

Nowadays, I make sure I honk when overtaking trucks on the highway since I realized that I cannot depend on them to look into their ORVM before swing out to the right lane.

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