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Default PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!

Lamborghini's 2nd showroom in India was inaugurated at Mumbai today.

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-1.jpg

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-2.jpg

Automobili Lamborghini, Mumbai is located at Prabhadevi, at the same place as the older Auto Hangar Mercedes showroom. (Click Here for Map)
  • This dealership will sell the full range of Lamborghini cars. On display were the Gallardo LP560-4 and an Aventador LP700-4.
  • Lamborghini now has 125 Dealerships in 45 countries.
  • Next dealer will be in South India. We guess that Bangalore's turn is coming up.
  • Lamborghini India expects to sell 20 - 30 cars this financial year, and around 40-50 cars by 2015.
  • Seems like the 4-door Lamborghini Estoque, which made headlines back in 2008, will not make it to production. On the other hand, the Urus SUV concept that was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show 2012 is very likely to enter series production.
    Link to the Urus thread
    Link to the Estoque thread (Mystery Bull - 4Dr Lamborghini Estoque revealed (post #33+))

The Cars:

Lamborghini currently has 2 models in its lineup : The Gallardo & the Aventador.

Lamborghini Gallardo:

The Gallardo is the company’s best-selling car ever, having sold more than 10,000 units globally since its launch 7 years ago. Powered by a 5.2L V10 engine, the output ranges from 550 BHP to 570 BHP.

The current variants are:
  1. LP 570-4 Superleggera
  2. LP 560-4
  3. LP 550-2
  4. LP 570-4 Spyder Performante
  5. LP 560-4 Spyder
  6. LP 550-2 Spyder

On display was the Gallardo Bicolore:
PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-3.jpg

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-4.jpg

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-5.jpg

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-6.jpg

Seems like the car is just waiting to get out of that showroom, and unleash all hell on the road:
PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-7.jpg

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-8.jpg

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-9.jpg

Gorgeous detailing:
PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-10.jpg

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-11.jpg

Purposeful exhaust tips:
PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-12.jpg

The Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4:

The Aventador was unveiled in 2011. It is powered by a 6.5L V12 engine producing 700 BHP. Currently, there is only 1 variant, but Lamborghini had displayed the Aventador J in March 2012. See this thread for details: Aventador J (Lamborghini Unica/Aventador J - Leaked ahead of Geneva Unveil?).

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-13.jpg

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-14.jpg

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-15.jpg

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-16.jpg

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-17.jpg

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-18.jpg

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-19.jpg

The V12 beast:
PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-20.jpg

Ohlins dampers:
PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-21.jpg

Centrally located exhaust has 4 separate pipes internally:
PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-22.jpg

Reversing camera, this is a must-have on a Lamborghini. Reason? The rear-view mirror is useful only for ogling at the engine :
PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-23.jpg

Accessories & Merchandise:

Lambo Steering wheel:
PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-24.jpg

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-25.jpg

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-26.jpg

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-27.jpg

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-28.jpg

Want to polish your shoes with a Lamborghini brush?!!
PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-29.jpg

If you ever need to write 'Lamborghini' in the Devanagari script, here's how you should go about it:
PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-lamborghini-mumbai-30.jpg

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Default Re: PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!

Thread moved from the Assembly Line (The "Assembly Line" Forum section) to the Supercars Section. Thanks for sharing!

Considering the pathetic after-sales service of most sports car brands in India, I'm glad that Auto Hangar got the Mumbai franchise. I personally vouch for Auto Hangar's high customer satisfaction rates, having gotten 3 cars serviced from them (including a Vtec at Linkway Honda). These guys are thorough professionals & bend over backward to keep clients happy.

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Default Re: PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!

Originally Posted by jalsa777 View Post
On display was the LP 560-4:
That is the limited/special edition LP 560-4 Bicolore.

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Default Re: PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!

Will be getting better pictures soon of this showroom. I'm glad they've placed their faith in a different franchise after Exclusive Motors has damn near bottled their reputation at the Delhi showroom.

Here's to seeing many more Raging Bulls hitting Mumbai's streets!!
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Default Re: PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!

So they are finally here & with Auto Hangar i could assume they are in good hands looking at some happy Mercedes and Linkway Honda customers !
Last time i passed by the showroom was ready but the shutters were up so nothing could be seen. I could just keep on looking at the aventador endlessly. Could expect a sea of Lambos in Mumbai now
Happy days
A visits indicated !

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Default Re: PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!

Whoa! An Aventador! Must visit, and soon.

Any idea if non-prospective buyers are allowed inside to take pictures or buy some of the hideously expensive merch?
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Default Re: PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!

Good to see the dealership in professional hands.
Can expect good service support from them for these beasts.

@ Jalsa777 that's a polish kit for interiors of the car also Ferr & Mas have such shoe polish type brushes along with the kits.

@superbee i doubt about the picture but for sure one can buy merchandising from any super car showrooms.
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Default Re: PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!

That was a nice treat to the eyes.
Going to visit this place next Tuesday!!
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Default Re: PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!

Ah finally, the day The fact that Lamborghini showroom came to the city before Ferrari, I'm sure we can expect the count of the raging bulls to increase and even beat the Ferrari numbers.

The merchandise looks delicious! I am sure I'll pick something up from there. Can't wait to visit the showroom! Hope you don't mind us enthusiasts visiting the showroom @doctorque
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Default Re: PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!

Finally Last night with a Grand Party the Dealership opened its Door to the City of Mumbai. Mr Stephan Winkleman ..Chairman Lamborghini and Andrea Baldi Asia Head graced the invitees with their presence. Due to late work schedule i could not be present for the opening but will be dropping in to pick up the Marchandise.... I wish Lamborghini Mumbai a great future in India and with the kind of service the Mumbai Dealership provides, i can safely say they have a very bright Future.

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Default Re: PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!

Do update the pricing of Merchandise available.

Would love to get a t-shirt and wallet.
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Default Re: PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!

Fantastic! Auto Hangar is synonymous with professionalism and customer satisfaction and I am sure they wont let Lamborghini down.

Now that the bad boy supercar brand has opened gates at the city of dreams, I am sure Mumbaikars will hear a heck lot more V10 and V12 bulls charging down the streets.

As of the South dealership, great move Lamborghini, I can't wait for it!
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Default Re: PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!

One day after the launch, I went to the showroom with two of my friends.

The staff are very courteous indeed as I spent around an hour in the showroom talking at length about the cars and clicking photographs.

It took five minutes to let me in, but that is understandable as I was carrying a D-SLR Camera. In the end, they did let me in. And I was all smiles for the next hour.

The two cars in the showroom and the following images are :

Lamborghini LP 560-4 BiColore.
Lamborghini LP 700-4 Aventador.

Here are the pictures :
Attached Thumbnails
PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8684.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8685.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8699.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8704.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8688.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8680.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8692.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8708.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8693.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8670.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8671.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8672.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8673.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8676.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8681.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8711.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8683.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8667.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8668.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-s.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8695.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8706.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8707.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8682.jpg  

PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!-img_8677.jpg  

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Default Re: PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!

Interestingly LAMBO opened their showroom in the very beginning of month of Zodiac sign TAURUS THE BULL. Talk about coincidence OR well thought out strategy.

But why ONLY white cars?? These beasts come in some real exotic colors, if we can define colors as exotics. Beats Me.

Love the Pics & love the pics & love the pics...

Raab rakha.
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Default Re: PICS & Report : Lamborghini Mumbai Showroom!

Maybe because the colour White is auspicious in our culture the second largest colour sold in India after silver !
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