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Default Ownership review : BMW S1000RR

Posting this thread on behalf of a friend :

" BMW S1000RR
Well the name says it all, 2 months ago i didn't think i would be owning the fastest 1000. It didn't even cross my mind , being from Bangalore, famous for its massive amount of R1's and Hayabusa's, BMW superbikes aren't actually well known in this city

Anyways cutting to the chase, time for the review. I'm sorry, everytime I try to join Team-BHP I get rejected -.-

At first, I was gonna buy the 2012 R1. I love the cross plane crank motor and I booked it, then sadly cancelled because of this beast. The Yamaha people hate me now.

Well yeah it was a hard decision, but Navnit motors in electronic city...I have to say their service is excellent, even though I wasn't taken seriously at first. I was approached by Mr Raju (the technician) and the Motarrad manager Mr Shashank who kindly showed me the bike, switched it on as there was a test bike at the time. It took me only 5 mins to decide "hell yeah screw the R1", I want this. Came back the next day to book the bike for an amount of Rs 5,00,000 and choose the racing colors as they were brilliant. To my surprise, the test bike came over to my residence for me to test and the power blew me away (coming from a Ninja 250 R). I test rode it in rain mode. That's about 150 HP, the minimum power and it was so easy to ride. But then came the sad part, the 2 month waiting period and it literally killed me. The delivery even got delayed and I couldn't get it on Diwali. When it came, I rushed and just destroyed the box it arrived in. The lower fairings had to be put on and stuff, and it was an anxious few days wait after that as the technician wasn't in town for the PDI.

The day I got it, BMW did the kind honours of the pooja and handed me the key with a full tank of 97 octane. I was off with a hefty price tag of 28 lakhs, including the VIP number.

The bike has 4 modes - Rain, Sport, Race and Slick which is the last mode and is activated after first service. The bike was also locked at 8K RPM till the first service.

The bike is extremely intimidating, it just wants to go fast. The exhaust note in race mode is just wow and is extremely nimble. In fact, so easy and light with an extremely comfortable seat. It heats up quite a bit though. The engine is flexible with no lag at all. It picks up extremely well. The bike goes mad past 10k rpm; that's where all the power is. It just makes everything else look slow. The menu is something you'll have to get used to...lot of buttons to play with as well as settings.

The ABS and traction control are very effective, but the anti-wheelie isn't. Its very interruptive and makes the bike bounce a lot. I love popping power wheelies :P who doesn't? Luckily, there is an option to switch off all the systems for the brave heart riders. For track riders, the bike is extremely nimble. You can corner like crazy. Its perfect almost! A lot of people mistake the headlights for some random design, but I honestly love it. The Brembo brakes are really good and help the bike stop quick. There is one massive issue though. It only runs on minimum octane 95-97 petrol and I have to carry fuel everywhere. I get 12 in the city and 20 on the highway. Its been 2 months since I've got the bike and its been awesome. Already 2k kilometers up. Got my first service and I've been riding on RACE Mode a lot. It brings out the best in the bike and handles our roads really well due to good clearance from the ground

Here are a few pictures of my bike "
Attached Thumbnails
Ownership review : BMW S1000RR-img_2516.jpg  

Ownership review : BMW S1000RR-img_2518.jpg  

Ownership review : BMW S1000RR-img_2519.jpg  

Ownership review : BMW S1000RR-img_2520.jpg  

Ownership review : BMW S1000RR-img_2525.jpg  

Ownership review : BMW S1000RR-img_2526.jpg  

Ownership review : BMW S1000RR-img_2527.jpg  

Ownership review : BMW S1000RR-img_2531.jpg  

Ownership review : BMW S1000RR-img_2534.jpg  

Ownership review : BMW S1000RR-13053_10151509051476412_1358535937_n.jpeg  

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Default Re: Ownership review : BMW S1000RR

Well Lights are funny looking.
Got to be honest about that.
How does you friend carry around fuel? Has he attached something somewhere?
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Default Re: Ownership review : BMW S1000RR

Wow, I've never seen anything like it. Could we also get a pic of the right side of the bike? Many congratulations to your friend Manish.
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Default Re: Ownership review : BMW S1000RR

Man oh man.....

I remember seeing one of these back in LA two years ago. It looks much smaller in real life.

From pictures, the key looks low rent for a BMW. You must explore this motorcycle on track.
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Default Re: Ownership review : BMW S1000RR

Heartiest Congrats to your friend! This is a dream machine for a lot of bikers around over the world. Sadly it comes at an obnoxious price in India.
It was an instant love affair the first time I rode the test bike in Mumbai. I have ridden almost all bikes available in India but no bike connects with its rider like this one. Its so nimble; almost 600-like. The mass centralization is too good, second only to the Fireblade.
The legendary asymmetric headlight design adds to the character of the bike. Just for information sake - MCN shootout suggests that this is the fastest (0-100) bike in comparison with RSV4, Panigale, Blade, R1, Kwacker and Busa. Phew!
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Default Re: Ownership review : BMW S1000RR

Thanks for sharing! I love this monster as well as the Ducati 1098s much much more than the Hayabusa. Given the choice and the money I would definitely choose between these two hands down! It is my dream bike to say the least

Once when I was returning home, I came across this beast parked outside a pub. I parked my bike,got down, got the helmet off and I literally oggled at the beauty for 5-7 mins. Its looks are just out-of-this world.
There is beauty in the asymmetry of the fairing(BMW claims its for better aerodynamics and heat management) and the headlights.

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Default Re: Ownership review : BMW S1000RR

Post deleted by the Team-BHP Support : Please do NOT post one-liners that add little or no informational value to the thread. We need your co-operation to maintain the overall quality of this forum.

Please read our rules before proceeding any further.

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Default Re: Ownership review : BMW S1000RR

Oh man...the way you posted pics of the unwrapping..it was no less exciting that a strip club Super hot!!
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Default Re: Ownership review : BMW S1000RR

WOW, thats one awesome looking bike .
When i saw the headlamps , i first could not quite understand it for a while, but yes its different and i think it looks kool.
Hope he rides safely with this beast .

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Default Re: Ownership review : BMW S1000RR

This is THE bike to buy if you have the $$$ and skills. Congratulations on buying & owning one of THE greatest Motorcycles made available to mankind.

Has been ruling every track & award session since launch.
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Default Re: Ownership review : BMW S1000RR

Great engineering masterpiece and the most brutal litre class there is but that asymmetrical design is the worst I ve seen on any bike in recent times.. Good thing its soo fast that most of the time its the rear thats gonna be visible.
Comes with almost all the goodies as stock from the quick shifter , TC , race ABS hell even a slipper clutch.This is the bike you want if you want to go fast on straights or twisties. Ride Hard , ride safe.
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Default Re: Ownership review : BMW S1000RR

Congratulations buddy! I am sure most of us who have read this thread are expecting your mate to not hop off his bike ever and quickly write a long-time review with some serious numbers on the dash
Happy and safe riding!
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Default Re: Ownership review : BMW S1000RR

Congrats on the new toy. Wow 28 lacs for a fully loaded bike!
Good to see BMW owner reviews which are rare here.

Wishing your friend many many enjoyable miles of riding & owning this beast
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Default Re: Ownership review : BMW S1000RR

The first time I saw the S1000RR in-person, was at a car-sale-event at work (Cisco CARnival 2012). In my eyes, this was the machine to drool despite there being an RS5 and a C63AMG a few feet away :P

Do congratulate your buddy on the acquisition and ask him to keep taking a crack at Tbhp's selection process. Tis worth it right ?

Cheers !

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Default Re: Ownership review : BMW S1000RR

congrats buddy, the bike is drool worthy. I saw it at the IBW and it stands out from the crowd. Ride safe.
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