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Default Re: My Red Baron – Harley Davidson Street 750

My solo 1200 kms 3 day scorching summer ride to Gokarn-Murudeshwar-Mangalore

When there’s an itch you have to scratch it and I had this terrible itch to ride and no amount of advising from my riding buddies or my better half would make me change my mind.

After my last overnighter in March to Chikamagalur with buddies from the forum I hadn’t ridden anywhere. The roads and my Baron were calling out to me asking why they were being ignored. This summer, the heat has been extreme but that didn’t change a thing and my ride plans started taking shape. A coastal ride was playing in my mind for a long time and Mangalore being the closest, that was the destination selected. My plan was to ride to Gokarn and then ride along the coast to Mangalore and then take the Shiradi ghat road to Bangalore.

Chatted with well travelled TBhpian Added_flavor and finalized on the route, best staying options and restaurants along the way and armed with this knowledge I started making route plans and room reservations at Gokarn (first night halt) and Mangalore (second night halt).

On Thursday morning I fueled up the Baron and filled up nitrogen in the tyres. I packed my clothes, shoes, extra bottles of water and a couple of bottles of energy drinks in my Viaterra claw tail bag and I packed along the puncture kit, air pump and camera in my Viaterra tank bag. I also filled up the Viaterra Marine with water and put the bladder in the freezer. Next morning I had a bladder rock solid with ice. I took a half day from work and returned by 9:30 PM thinking I could grab a couple of hours sleep and wake up by 2:30 AM and leave home by 3-3:30 in the morning.

I managed to sleep only by 11 PM and didn’t hear the alarm go off at 2:30. Woke up by 4 AM and after a quick bath did a small pooja seeking blessings from God to make this a good and incident free ride. Even though I was late by 1.5 hours, I was well rested for the long day of riding I had. I had an early breakfast and was all set to leave by 5 AM.

After reading Added_flavour’s trip log about the route he took to reach Gokarn (via Shimoga), I decided to take a less taxing route. When I say less taxing, I mean any route with minimal twisties and hair pin bends are the routes my Baraon and I prefer. So, the route I decided to take was Bangalore – Davangere – Haveri – Sirsi – Gokarn.

Breakfast was at Kamat Upachar at Ranebennur. After that I rode on to Haveri but overshot the turn to Sirsi by a couple of kilometers. I had to turn back and return to Haveri. At Haveri I was guided by the locals to the road to Sirsi. From Bangalore to Haveri it’s a national highway and clocking good speeds on that is easy. After you turn left to the Sirsi road, it’s a single lane road and after a couple of kilometers the road leads you to the Western Ghats. For the most part, the roads were pretty desolate until Sirsi. After Sirsi the traffic picked up but still not much though. I had to stop and ask for directions, because there were no signboards in most places.

Somewhere between Haveri and Sirsi.
Name:  DSC00539.JPG
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Size:  165.8 KB

Coconut water break just before Sirsi.
Name:  DSC00541.JPG
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Size:  209.7 KB

Reached Gokarna by 2:30 PM. I had made reservations for the night at Kudle Beach View Resort and got lost finding my way to the place. I parked the bike at a shop and kept my helmet on the seat and went to ask for directions to go to the resort. In a matter of a couple of seconds, some wise fellow decided that he wanted my helmet (with my Sena headset on it). He cooly picks up my helmet and goes to sit pillion on another waiting motorcycle.

Me: Hey Boss, that’s my helmet.
He: Is it? Oh Sorry! I thought this was my helmet.
Me: What do you mean? How can this be your helmet when it’s on my bike?

He gave me back my helmet mumbled something and sat pillion on his friend’s bike and sped away (with none of them wearing any helmet). After having got the directions to the resort (on the way to Om Beach), I managed to overshoot the right turn I was supposed to take by a couple of feet. The roads were narrow with deep ditches on either side. I wanted to take a u turn and tried doing that on the Baron. I first turned a bit, reversed and then turned a little more again. The second turn I took, led me to the end of the road and almost near the ditch and it was on a decline, I couldn’t get of the Baron, since I had no proper footing. I couldn’t reverse the bike as well since both my legs were not reaching the ground and there I was stuck in the middle of nowhere, not knowing what to do. I switched off the bike and tried putting it in gear. That wasn’t working as well. I couldn’t go front, couldn’t reverse and couldn’t get off the bike. I was in that place for close to 5-10 minutes and it seemed like eternity until a kind soul with his wife and kid on his bike passed by. I shouted for help and he parked his bike and helped me get off the Baron first. Then together, we pulled the Baron back to the road. Thanked him profusely and gave a silent prayer to God for getting me out of this mess.

Reached the resort all tired and drained. The resort has their cottages on a hill slope with a view of the Kudle Beach when you sit at their restaurant. They have well appointed rooms, but don’t serve liquor or allow you to smoke on their premises.

Checked into the room and freshened up. Since it was way past 3PM, lunch wasn’t available so I had to make do with a chicken sandwich. After my meal, went to sleep and woke up only by 7:30 in the evening. All my plans of going to Om Beach to see the setting sun went down the drain. Went to the restaurant and ordered dinner of fish rava fry and rice. The rava fried fish was salt free and masala less. It was bland. I thought this being a coastal area they would do a good job at their sea food, but I was wrong and disappointed. The food overall was bad. The only plus point was that the rooms were good and comfy. After diner I retired for the night and set the alarm for 5:00 AM next morning since I wanted to leave early and reach Mangalore before the heat got to me.

Pics of and from the resort.
Name:  DSC00545.JPG
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Size:  129.7 KBName:  DSC00547.JPG
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Size:  184.6 KBName:  DSC00549.JPG
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Size:  104.3 KBName:  DSC00552.JPG
Views: 866
Size:  98.4 KBMy Red Baron – Harley Davidson Street 750-dsc00557.jpgMy Red Baron – Harley Davidson Street 750-dsc00558.jpg

Salt pans in Gokarna
My Red Baron – Harley Davidson Street 750-dsc00562.jpgMy Red Baron – Harley Davidson Street 750-dsc00560.jpg

Day I: 29th April, 2016

Route Taken: Bangalore – Chitradurga – Davangere – Haveri – Sirsi – Gokarn
Time Taken: 9hrs 30 mins (including one food, 3 fuel and several butt brakes)
Total Distance Covered: 550 Kms
Fuel Filled: 18.03ltrs
Cost of Room: Rs.4,119.00 (after a Rs.300.00 Cleartrip discount)

The next day the alarm rang at 5:00 AM, but I switched it off and went back to sleep. The bed was too comfortable to get out off. Got up at 6:30 and rushed myself ready. Settled my food bill at the resort and was ready to leave by 8 AM. The road from Gokarn to Kundapur is being readied to a proper 4 lane highway, so there is a lot of road work all along the way. The entire stretch is a 2 way road now, with no road dividers. It is very time consuming riding on this stretch and the slow moving lorries blocking the way make it even worse. Stopped at Murudeshwar for a quick breakfast at RNS Hotel and then rode up to the beach to take a couple of snaps.

RNS Hotel.
My Red Baron – Harley Davidson Street 750-dsc00563.jpg

The thing about doing a solo ride for me is I can’t park my Baron un-attended especially when I have my luggage tied to the Baraon. All my stops are considered with one thing in mind, does the place have a safe and guarded parking? Getting off the Baron and going to the beach was a big no –no since there was no safe parking. So all I could manage to do was, sit on the saddle and take a photo of the big gopuram (tower). I desperately wanted to take snaps of the big Shiva statue, but that was being hidden by the gopuram.

Temple at Murudeshwar.
My Red Baron – Harley Davidson Street 750-dsc00567.jpg

After Kundapur the road work until Mangalore is complete and it’s a proper 4 lane highway except for a few small stretches where the road work is still going on. My average speeds increased and was able to reach Mangalore by 2:30 PM (again with several butt breaks).

My reservation in Mangalore was at Ginger hotel, so I checked in there and had a quick lunch at their restaurant (Red Salt). Lunch consisted of Fish Meals and a fish masala. The fish was good and done well. I wanted to go to one of their famous eateries (Narayana’s , Shetty’s or Maharaja Restaurant) but was too tired to venture in the scorching sun again searching for these places. Went to the room, freshened up and then went to this bike rental place near Bendoorwell Circle (in the parking lot of the building that has a Dominos Pizza outlet) called Royal Brothers (made prior reservation in Bangalore for a Honda Activa). I needed a non geared, city friendly vehicle for my travel in Mangalore, something I could park anywhere without people staring or fiddling around with. I got my Activa and rode to Panambur Beach and then made my way to Mangalore’s famous ice-cream parlor.

Panambur Beach.
My Red Baron – Harley Davidson Street 750-dsc00569.jpg

Everyone in my riding group had been giving rave reviews of this place. So, off I went to Pabbas. Pabbas has this great system of allotting seats to customers. You go to the fellow standing at the door and let him know how many people are there in your group. He then gives you a token and you wait patiently for your token number to be called once they have sufficient place for your group to sit down.

At Pabbas, I gorged on two ice-cream sundaes. One was the Tiramisu and the other was the Pabbas Special. All said, I still feel there our very own Corner-House serves better ice-creams desserts. Again this is just my opinion and no harm intended to Pabbas lovers.

Pabbas Ice-cream parlor.
My Red Baron – Harley Davidson Street 750-dsc00571.jpg

Dropped off the Activa at Royal Brothers and caught an auto to Ginger Hotel. Since I was stuffed with those ice-creams, I wasn’t feeling hungry and so I skipped dinner. Set the alarm for 6 AM and hit the sack by 11 PM.

Day 2: 30th April, 2016
Route Taken: Gokarn – Murudeshwar – Kundapur-Malpe-Mangalore
Time Taken: 6hrs 30min (including one food, 2 fuel and several butt brakes)
Total Distance Covered:
Fuel Filled: 12.68ltrs
Cost of Room: Rs.2,527.20
Activa Rental: Rs399.00/day (excluding fuel)

The final day of my ride saw me waking up by 6 sharp since I was now desperate to head back home. Got ready and was all set to ride by 7 AM. On my last leg, I took the Shiradi ghat – Shakleshpur-Hassan-Nelmangala route. I was so excited to head back home early that I didn’t even stop for breakfast until 12:00. The roads until Shakleshpur are all twisties and my speeds were just average. At times I felt absolutely frustrated that these twisties and curves were not coming to an end. My prayers were answered once I crossed Shakleshpur, open straight roads.

Between Shakleshpur and Hassan.
My Red Baron – Harley Davidson Street 750-dsc00573.jpgMy Red Baron – Harley Davidson Street 750-dsc00574.jpgMy Red Baron – Harley Davidson Street 750-dsc00575.jpg

My joy knew no bounds and I made good progress. I stopped at the Coffee Day outlet at Channarayapatna for a fuel break for both the Baron and myself. From there on riding to Bangalore was a breeze to ride as the traffic was minimal and I reached Bangalore and home by 2:00 PM.

Day 3: 1st May, 2016
Route Taken: Shiradi Ghat road – Shakleshpur – Hassan – Nelmanagala – Bangalore.
Time Taken: 7hrs (including one food, 1 fuel and several butt brakes)
Total Distance Covered:
Fuel Filled:6.44ltrs

All in all, the ride was well worth it except for the weather. I’m sure I wouldn’t have felt this tired if I had planned the ride sometime in December, but as I said earlier when there is an itch that needs to be scratched then nothing else will do. It has to be scratched. Period!

Total Trip Distance: 1,192.00
Total Trip Fuel Filled:37.15ltrs
Best Fuel Economy (full tank to full tank): 28 kms per ltr on some stretches.

Now the Red Baron needs some TLC and will have to get him serviced sometime this month. Until later, have fun and ride strong all.
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Default Re: My Red Baron – Harley Davidson Street 750

Very well written. Praise the lord that you are finally shooting good photos!

The road, terrain and most of all your bike makes me very nostalgic. Good choice of hotels too! I find South India to have better motorcycle friendly roads than up here North. I'm glad that you had a trouble free ride.

The helmet incident was amusing, to say the least. You handled it well. I would have probably speared the person through his bike if he walked off with my helmet.

Hope to see you and the Baron on the road soon. Godspeed!
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Excellent travelogue Snehal. Got me to ride the Bonnie to work today so the horrible sweat patches on my shirt were thanks to you. 😀
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Default Re: My Red Baron – Harley Davidson Street 750

Originally Posted by barcalad View Post
Very well written. Praise the lord that you are finally shooting good photos!
Hey Barca! My photography skill is similar to my riding skills. I'm not good at it, but I won't give up. Anyway, my long overdue coastal trip is done with. Now to plan for something longer and more exciting, something like a Bangalore - Leh - Bangalore. I'm sure it won't happen this year or even the next but when ever it does I surely would want to make it the ride to remember.

Originally Posted by djpeesh View Post
Excellent travelogue Snehal. Got me to ride the Bonnie to work today so the horrible sweat patches on my shirt were thanks to you. ��
Thank you!
I'm sure you must have been cursing me after your ride in Mumbai's swealtring summer heat.

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Default Re: My Red Baron – Harley Davidson Street 750

Got the Baron its much needed service last week. The odo was at 11 thousand kms and after my last ride to Mangalore the Baron needed a good wash and an engine oil change. Fixed an appointment with Tusker Harley (Indiranagar branch) for Saturday last week. Asked the SA to check the brake pads as well, which he said were as good as new after checking on them. The benefits of no-city riding I guess!!

The total cost of the service came up-to Rs.6029.00 and this is the break-up:

Synthetic Engine Oil - Rs.1925.70
Drain Plug - Rs.36.68
Oil Filter - Rs.390.83
Service Cost - Rs.1920.00
Consumable charge - Rs.500.00
Vehicle Wash- Rs.480.00
VAT - Rs.341.22
S.Tax - Rs.435.00

I haven't been riding the Baron as much as I would have liked to for the past couple of months. So this weekend, to make up for all these weeks of lethargy, may see me and the Baron going on a day long solo ride to some new place, hopefully.
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