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Default Re: Most refined vehicle

Aren't fords engines known to be more noisy and agricultural? (not arguing their abilities.)
I would still stick to recommending a Honda Civic with some extra dampening for good measure and if your friend is stuck on having only a diesel, then try the Elantra BUT do go and test every car out there cause that's all it ends with: your decision.
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Default Re: Most refined vehicle

Am not sure why people are only recommending D segment and above options. For a 15L budget, most of these will be out of the window anyway.

Instead, ask your friend to look at petrol sedans in the C/C+ segment. I can vouch for the Vento and Scala, since I own the former and have done the official TBHP review for the latter . Both are extremely refined engines with minimum noise percolating into the cabin. They will easily fit the budget. You can even consider the cheaper rebadged versions: the Rapid MPI and Nissan Sunny petrol respectively.

I haven't driven a Verna petrol but the diesel variant is amazingly refined and you may want to include that too in the shortlist. Stay clear of the Vento TDI since it has a pronounced growl; same goes for most of the diesels in the market.
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Default Re: Most refined vehicle

I would suggest a brand new Innova for your friend.

Although few cars can fulfill all the requirements listed by you cent percent I feel the Innova would come closest

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Default Re: Most refined vehicle

Originally Posted by MetalBuff View Post
Since the budget has not been defined here, how about the i20 CRDI? AFAIK, there are no noticeable squeaks in this car and it's a pretty good one.

The same would also apply to the Swift/ Dzire sisters (however, the new models come with an even thinner glass, which let out outside noise but, this can be changed (?))

And as mentioned by most, get a good damping and we set sail. All the best to your friend.
I, for some reason wish to better my own suggestion after re-reading the original post-
  1. 5-6 people
  2. Diesel
  3. Silent
  4. Rattle Free
  5. Economical
  6. Within the budget

Innova. Period!

Or a Honda/ Toyota (Corolla) vehicle and converting the same to CNG/ LPG. Will not equal the savings of a diesel car however, will prove light on the pocket. Additionally, these 2 brands are synonymous with building rattle-free and economical cars.

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Default Re: Most refined vehicle

Originally Posted by VW2010 View Post
The new age diesel engines are very refined. Some even question these cars if they are run on diesel. The 5 series for example is a fine example of refined engine.
Refined? Yes. As refined as a petrol? No. Even in the mighty 530d, at idle & low rpms, you know it's a diesel. Sit in the 6-cylinder petrols and you won't even know if the engine is running.

Originally Posted by A M View Post
Dude!! Show him the video of the Avantador that Racetech uploaded in another thread. Would be awesome to see his expressions.

Rolls Royce make the most silent cabins.
This is the ad that built the reputation:

Most refined vehicle-rr.jpg

Picture Source & Credit

Originally Posted by noopster View Post
Am not sure why people are only recommending D segment and above options
Same reason you are recommending sedans when the OP created this thread in the SUVs & MUVs section

@ JediKnight : Get the Innova, Dampmat and a bluetooth Jabra headset. You're all set. Too bad there is no CNG in Bangalore, else the Innova Petrol + factory CNG kit would have been perfect.

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Default Re: Most refined vehicle


Agreed and i did mention that petrol and diesel can never be compared.

Whats the point in driving a torque monster without feeling the growl. A simple TDI growl is sweet sound to some including me. I hardly use music just to love the sound of the engine.

What he actually needs is those limo where the engine is a mile ahead of the rear seat and you are basically sitting in a moving bedroom.
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Default Re: Most refined vehicle

Our pal is reading the thread with great interest and is now returned to mama earth from his lofty pedestal.
Thanks to the erudite opinions of bhpians he realizes that he will not have the kind of refinement he is looking at in his budget/fuel choice.

He may have to compromise a little bit and use passive/active sound reduction techniques. He will test ride all the vehicles suggested and see what satisfies him.

While we are at it I was wondering why not create a refinement raking of diesel MUV/SUVs in the approximate 15 L region:
I might be useful to people with similar requirement.

My ranking would be:

1. Toyota Innova.
2. Tata Aria
3. Renault Duster.
4. Mahindra XUV.
5. Mahindra Xylo (E9 )
6. Mahindra Scorpio.
7. Tata Safari 2.2.
8. Bolero m2dicr
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Default Re: Most refined vehicle

alright i have read enough of this discussion between petrol, diesel, cabin noise, D-segment cars and Woha~the majestic Phantom. Now let me try my hand at answering his question and who knows may be it will help.

well since your friend needs a car at a budget of around 15lacs and needs a super silent one, the two cars i can think of [that are going to be economical to run and keep are - "Strictly Conditions Apply"] are
#1 Fiat Linea. (if he buys this one ~ top end he will have 3 lacs to play with and down side it can seat only 5)
#2 Renault Duster. (if he buys this one say the 110bhp middle model he will have around 2.5lacs to play with)

and now the conditions. mind you these are practical options i would consider if i were your friend in this case and according to me the best the money(given the budget~15Lacs) can buy.

1. get the car's suspension changed to one similar to the red rooster's top of the line tien set up with adjustable set up. this suspension would help reduce the thud sounds from pot holes.

2. get the car completely damped for noise.

your friend can contact one of those "noise killer/damper material maker companies" and order the materials to absorb low, mid and high frequency noises that come from a car and have it installed and to top it off, if he buys the linea top - end diesel model he will still be left with cash to install sound proof (may be even bullet proof ) windshields, window glasses and rear glass.

voila he can have a car with least possible noisy cabin in his budget and still have a steal in the maintenance/running costs as well.

here are a couple of threads from our own forum that show a person's commitment to hearing pure music and in the process created one of the quietest possible cabins out of his cars by dampening the hell out of them.



if your friend has such commitment and if he is willing to go a little beyond what was done in the above threads, then what he wants can be achieved 95% and this should be enough and is say this because of two reasons:-

1. a 100 percent silent cabin is especially dangerous for our driving conditions given the roads/traffic rules followers and the likes.
2.the roads in our country are blessed with so many pot holes that i fear even in phantom one would hear a noise louder than a clock as advertised.

P.S. i am sincerely hoping that person willing to own such a car is real and that this question/thread was not started just to know if such a car at that price point exists!
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Default Re: Most refined vehicle

Originally Posted by JediKnight View Post
He may have to compromise a little bit and use passive/active sound reduction techniques. He will test ride all the vehicles suggested and see what satisfies him.
Maybe the Toyota Prius will fullfill his needs. The car was so quiet, that Toyota had to fit an extra noise genertaing equipment to warn pedestrians. But it costs around 25L here in India. Maybe a used one will come for 15L, but finding one will be more difficult than locating an RR Phantom.

IMO a car that is completly insulated, will be boring to drive with no driver involvement.

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