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Mahindra XUV500 150 49.18%
Toyota Fortuner 155 50.82%
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Old 24th September 2013, 13:04   #46
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Default re: Mahindra XUV500 vs Toyota Fortuner

Originally Posted by IshaanIan View Post
I know suggestions like these aren't very welcome once one has decided what's on his list, but:

The XUV500 has all it's issues and is still not a complete product, doesn't excel in much either. I would replace that option with the Safari Storme
For the doc, 7 seats are paramount. The Safari Storme has a joke in the name of rear seats. They are side facing tiny benches suitable for kids but would be quite unsafe in the event of a collision.

I would've bought a Fortuner too. I am more of a heart over head guy.

My 2 cents....Good luck with finding your beast doc!!!

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Default re: Mahindra XUV500 vs Toyota Fortuner

From what I've heard from friends and users, Fortuner's ride quality is very poor. For those who don't go for regular serious off-road adventures I'd suggest the XUV 500 any day.

And, if you think twice, the 10L price difference would be a small deal only when considering 50L + cars. Fortuner at 26L is more than 60% costlier than the XUV W8 FWD at around 16L. That's a serious difference which places them in different segments as such, to say.
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Default re: Mahindra XUV500 vs Toyota Fortuner

Voted for the XUV 500 strictly on the basis of your specific requirements. Personally i dont like either car. But given the requirement, the XUV is a better car for what it stands for...

Agree with some other forum members on Toyota's arrogance. Especially when it comes to the Fortuner.

Most people buy the Fortuner for the looks and the street presence. Very few buy if for its off-roading capabilities, which even you are not, since you are considering the 4x2. So IMO, you should buy the Fortuner only if that big gruff street presence is important for you...

If you are itching to spend the 25L, the new Hyundai Santa Fe is round the corner. Its a monocoque soft roader and hence will be more comfortable than the Fortuner. The two rear seats are not as uncomfortable as some others we know (ref: Autocar report) and has a more powerful engine than the Fortuner. Being a Hyundai, service will not be an issue and spare parts will be cheaper than those of a Fortuner's...
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Default re: Mahindra XUV500 vs Toyota Fortuner

I have been silently following this thread to find answer to a similar questions dangling in my mind. A similar bug of changing vehicle seems to be catching upon me. My existing sedan seems to be reaching half a lakh kms soon and I will start looking for such options in next 6 months. While reading through a lot of articles, I too had faced this question about XUV5OO vs Fortuner.

IMHO, these two are different class altogether - forget the manufacturer for a moment. But when you take two steps back and look at your basic requirements of a 7 seater, SUV with good tech and engine in it, both are very much comparable. When the price tag is added to comparison, that is when XUV5OO starts sinking into your head deeper - thats actually may be just me And so voted immediately for XUV5OO. As we read earlier in this thread, in the difference amount, i can just afford another C segment car or a lot of diesel to serve me for many years!
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Default re: Mahindra XUV500 vs Toyota Fortuner

I guess Mohit's heart is on the Fortuner but for me personally XUV 500 ticks all the right boxes and saves me 10 lakh upfront. I could use this money for another investment. This saved money could be invested in a hot hatch like the Punto or the new Polo or for that matter saved up for the next upgrade for the family.

Again totally your call. You're the one making the decision so you should not regret say a year from now.
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Default re: Mahindra XUV500 vs Toyota Fortuner

Go for the Fortuner since that is what your heart says. We are here on team-bhp because we love cars from our hearts.
If you buy an XUV you will still drool over Fortuners that you see on the road. Why not rather drool over the one that you have in your garage?
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Default re: Mahindra XUV500 vs Toyota Fortuner

Any mahindra vehicle that is manufactured in these times will have niggling issues after the sale is done , but with a toyota or a mitsubishi , the built is bulletproof , having to visit a service center every now and then is rarity after the sale. If you know of all the problems that the customers have faced after buying the xuv500, you wouldn't think of saving much . With a, toyota or mitsubishi , what you get is a "well engineered product" where as with the mahindra's what you get is a product manufactured with a philosophy of " chelta hai ". hope you buy the pajero sport or the fortuner and save yourself the headache .I personally prefer the pajero sport or the montero to the fortuners .peace
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Default re: Mahindra XUV500 vs Toyota Fortuner

If your requirement is not immediate, I would suggest to wait for a few months. There maybe a few more options like the new Santa FE to consider. From the international reviews, it looks like a good package.
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Default re: Mahindra XUV500 vs Toyota Fortuner

The fortuner is better by any stretch but i know it is very, very overpriced like the innova. But still, this is not exactly fair because the XUV 500's main competitors are the Force one (only seen one till date, justifies the name) and the Aria ( MPV looks)and because of the debugging program it is improved. So go by your heart and buy. And also, you can DC mod( interiors) the XUV with 10 spare lakhs or another car.
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Default re: Mahindra XUV500 vs Toyota Fortuner

Originally Posted by drmohitg View Post
No sir, the Pajero might be a good vehicle but putting so much money on a compnay whose future itself is not decided is not my cup of tea.
Doc, my manager just bought the Pajero Sport. I was his vehicle advisor.

I had my reservations about the HM-Mitsu combine as well. The Fortuner was the initial shortlist. Trust me, you need to drive the Pajero Sport to experience what a brilliant vehicle it is.

Additionally, the last row of the Pajero Sport is superb! Way better than the Fortuner. Post the test drive, I changed my advice. Suggest that you TD the vehicle once before closing.

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Default re: Mahindra XUV500 vs Toyota Fortuner

In spite of how good a car the XUV is, and the million rupees you end up saving along with it, I'd say buy the Fortuner if this buy is for that family car which would occupy the pride of the place in the garage (which i feel is the case here).

Inspite of the niggles and some major issues reported, I maintain XUV is a tremendous vehicle. Not for nothing, a 15 lac car is churning around 3k samples every month. But, personally the vehicle just doesn't stands up to the the Fortuner if it were to be that most sought after car in your garage.

And yes, if I were you I won't miss on the 4X4 manual Fortuner. You may not need it, but Fortuner is the best vehicle to start your interest in offroading.

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Default re: Mahindra XUV500 vs Toyota Fortuner

Yep I know it is just between the two but I just cannot vote for either since: The XUV is not reliable enough for me nor sufficiently well engineered though a great value product no doubt, and yet on the other hand the Fortuner is definitely overpriced.

In my view the Rexton is a better deal the MT by far and the AT too compared to the Fortuner AT- gives more than the Fortuner and the XUV at much less though not as less as the XUV and yet would be more reliable compared to the XUV though not as much as the Fortuner. It is in my view a more refined product as well if one is not really going to go offroading.

Fortuner and XUV both are very good vehicles and the Fortuner more so, but the pricing is all wrong.
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Default re: Mahindra XUV500 vs Toyota Fortuner

Mohit, I voted for the Fortuner because of a simply held belief: you should always get the best car you can for a particular budget. In your case the buyer's remorse you are likely to experience if you get an XUV, knowing that the Fortuner was within reach, is possibly too foreseeably high. At least on our forums, whoever has bought a Fortuner swears by it! The fact that there are no decent specimens up for sale used also lends credence to this fact.

Having said that, moving from a Innova to a Fortuner will not feel like much of an upgrade. engine size and power will increase but the interiors are disappointingly similar, especially in a car at that price. Compare it (strictly for look and feel alone) with the interiors of a Skoda Superb, for example, which is in the same price range. This is not to say that you shouldn't pay for other things like Toyota reliability, size, image and the lot, but I'd think about it very carefully before proceeding.

Also, on a lighter note, from past experience, you may end up buying an Outlander petrol . So I hesitate to offer too much advice!
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Default re: Mahindra XUV500 vs Toyota Fortuner

If the search is not over may i confuse you even further??

The fortuner though a robust looking car with a brilliant badge - i really wouldn't have recommended it. But if you heart yearns for it - think no further and go for it.

Reasons why i wouldn't recommend it - after the innova i am sure your family is quiet spoilt for the ride comfort that innova offered. Inspite of spending another 10 lacs over and above new innova you get inferior ride comfort, robust looks vanish once you are in the car - it's only for others to see and admire. For the price point - it's definitely overly priced. Onroad mannerisms aren't something one writes about when it comes to the fortuner - and offroading capabilities are also a bit short on this car. Pajero is a far better car in both the departments. Heck a thar is better in offroading than a fortuner!!
And when you compare the interiors - well you wouldn't feel out of place here - they are almost identical to your innova. Not a scoring point in my books, coz if i am paying that much extra - least i expect is a better / different interiors

Xuv500 though a great looking car (over styled imho), has lot of bells and whistles and features - it still doesn't hit the right buttons when it comes to driving the car. No pleasure whatsoever, lot of roll (though substantially lesser than the fortuner) and innumerable problems crop up when you least expect them!!

So to add to your confusion - have a look at the ssang yong rexton by mahindra
To me it seems like a promising car

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Default re: Mahindra XUV500 vs Toyota Fortuner

Value is such a relative thing Mohit. You talk about the XUV being more VFM compared to the Fortuner, but you love the Fortuner quite clearly and you can't put a price tag to that. Feeling so strongly about one of the two choices would instantly sway me that way, no questions asked and no doubts harboured.

The other thing as you have pointed out is your concern about long-term reliability of the XUV. You've probably been spoilt silly by the Innova and Corolla when it comes to the ownership experience, and it will be much the same with the Fortuner. I don't think you'll find many saying a negative word about the Fortuner and the fact that you're bringing this up means that you'll only amplify your concerns several times over every time something happens with the XUV that is troublesome. That's assuming you go for the XUV.

Go for the Fortuner, you're in louv. It's a wonderful feeling, I'm sure you won't regret it.
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