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I recently took an ertiga to bharatpur from Delhi and back. I loved the ride, the handling, the comfort. But I seriously could not get the point of the rear row.
Hear me out.
One child seat, and three adults,all adults under 5.75 ft. And we sat comfortably. And there was no room for anyone over 4 ft in the rear.
3 duffels, one suitcase, and an umbrella pram. And the rear seat and boot were filled up. I couldn't put anything else in the back without it being a danger under braking. And getting things in and out was an experience not unlike going to the gym.
Everything apart from this was wonderful, and I'm not cribbing by comparing it to an SUV. It seriously took less luggage with more difficulty than my fiesta.
Did I use this car wrong, or should the rear seats be removed completely and make this a full time 4 seater?
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Default Re: Is there a *true* 7-seater in the Indian MUV market? Xylo vs Innova vs Ertiga/Mobilio

Well, this indeed is an interesting question put up. But I'm afraid there is no real answer to it yet. And looking at the current scenario, neither do I think there will be any in the near future. Allow me to explain.

A seven seater is naturally any car that may seat seven. But I think a 'proper' seven seater is a slightly different concept. And I agree with our friend who said that it should offer comparable seating experience to all three rows, rather than somehow accomodating the last row. In other words, proper seven seaters should be made seven seaters, not engineered to fit in the last row later on. Hence, it is quite expectedly the big boxy MPV's and wagons that fit in three rows the best.

However, our Innovas and Ertigas are meant to be 'family cars', and not such 'people carriers'. There is a difference between a family car and a people carrier. According to me, the logic behind these family cars must be that, a typical family would contain four to five well-built adults, and maybe a couple of children or a small adult. Hence the small third row is justified. The third row can also make way for luggage, as it is a family car after all. Hence luggage space with all rows up is next to none.

It's another point however, that they are still extensively used as people carriers in our country. And yet another point that they still work, sometimes exceptionally so, for some people. Perhaps that is because most people may not even expect proper comfort in the last rows of these cars, and if they are able to sit without too much pain, they find themselves happy. But that it works for a few doesn't necessarily mean that the last row should be genuinely usable.
The best bet on a proper people carrier in our country would easily be the Nissan Evalia hands down. That car has a proper third row with a tall enough last seat and more than sufficient width at the back. Also the big glasshouse helps to give an airy feel. And the best part is that with all rows up, there's still good amount of luggage space, which can't be said of either of the Innova and Xylo, let alone the smaller Ertiga and Mobilio.
It's a shame that it is being discontinued from our market as it just did not work for our people.

And similarly, any of these proper people carriers, ie vans or wagons, will simply not work in India the way they work in other countries. In the West, there is a genuine market for these vans. There are even people who use vans as their daily drivers from what I've heard. The likes of the Merc Viano and Ford Transit and others are quite popular there. They sell due to their sheer practicality.
I have personally travelled in a Merc Viano Taxi in Singapore while I visited there, and I will confidently say, it's by far the most comfortable seven seater I have traveled in, a far cry from the tourist Innovas I have occasionally traveled in here.

However, here in India, an MPV, and a car in general, is expected to be more than just functional. There is just too much of prestige and joy associated with a car (not to be mistaken for love for cars) and driving around in a big van is just too un-cool for us. Further, there is an SUV factor associated with these MPV's, and there are a huge number of people who think of SUV's and people carriers in the same sense. In fact, some of them cannot even imagine a non-SUV people carrier.
Hence, these vans struggle to survive, let alone compete. Okay, it is understandable for private buyers, as they may not travel seven up all the time, and the size is not manageable for everyone, but even for the fleet operators, the hotel cars, company cars, Airport Taxis, etc. where the Evalia would have been almost the perfect solution, the Innovas and Xylos still find preference. The two above mentioned factors are majorly at play here.

Maybe the fact that Nissan tried to position the Evalia wrongly also resulted in its failure. They priced it at a premium, and tried to sell it as a private family car with beige interiors and car-like features, which was never going to work. They should have significantly undercut the price of the Innova to attract all types of commercial buyers and sold the Evalia in different configurations like panel van, chilled van, ambulance, etc. The AL Stile was there for the sake of it, but it was never seen of, neither was any availability or service related information heard of. The rural areas love their Boleros and Tempo Traxes far too much to let go of them any soon, so no sales can be expected out of there.

Hence, the Evalia did not work out unfortunately, and now seeing the failure of the Evalia, other manufacturers would be reluctant to launch their own vans here. So till the demand increases and the tastes of the commercial market mainly change in favour of these vans, and someone makes a brave effort to launch another Evalia here, we aren't seeing the vans anymore.

Speaking of which, I had another question. Looking at the Ertiga and Mobilio, and the fact that our market has matured to the fact that non-SUV seven seaters are legit, could the long forgotten form factor, estates, be reintroduced with such part-time third rows here?? They have the car-like handling and performance factors covered. Can our market warm up to such an idea?
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Default Re: Is there a *true* 7-seater in the Indian MUV market? Xylo vs Innova vs Ertiga/Mobilio

Having a seven seater family car is more of a utility vehicle than a matter of prestige is what I feel.We have seen mostly Innova's are bought by politicians or taxi operators. Whenever the family thinks of a picnic or long distance drive the only thing that comes to mind is an Innova ( name has become a synonym like Jeep ). All we needed was a comfortable family car which can seat about 5 to 6 adults and one or two kids and affordable too. For such kind of stuff we have good choices now starting with Lodgy, Mobilo and Ertiga. In these three cars Mobilio comes very close to an estate type of a car and Ertiga is more for 5 people and 2 kids in the back.

I can tell for sure that having owned Renault Lodgy for about close to two months is good bet for prospective buyers in this segment. Have done close 2K kms in the same with most of the drive in the higways with close to 6 adults and 2 kids.Never felt better as there were no complaints from the family. I feel Renault has hit the right spot. Our citizens should be open to test drive the same and make a "lodycal" decision as the value it offers is the best in the class for the money paid.
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Default Re: Is there a *true* 7-seater in the Indian MUV market? Xylo vs Innova vs Ertiga/Mobilio

Originally Posted by DCEite View Post
Somehow these "neither here nor there" kind of mini MUVs like Ertiga/Enjoyment/Mobilio doesn't make sense to me.
They actually do.
From the official review:
Maruti may not be looking at targeting the Innova or Xylo as much as it is positioning the Ertiga as a sedan-alternative. Those who need the larger 7-seater MUVs will buy those only; the Ertiga isn't a substitute to a spacious UV that can easily accommodate 7 adults. Instead, the target customer is the middle aged 35 - 45 year old buyer who usually opts for a B+ hatch or a C segment sedan. This, despite living in a family of 6 - 7 members. Such a customer isn't going to use the 3rd row of seats everyday; at best, it's once or twice a week...the type that needs a 7 seater mostly for weekends and outstation trips. Maruti even refers to the Ertiga as a "5+2" seater, and not a pure 7 seater.
The last row of seats are for kids only/short adults. It'll do for the late night movie trip. Or for the city trip. It'll do for the nuclear family who has occasional visitors.

At best, it'll be used occasionally.

And one huge advantage of these mini MPVs is their high ground clearance compared to Sedans.

On the other hand, sedans have lot of advantages, but there'll be a set of people who'll buy these mini MPVs only.
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Default Re: Is there a *true* 7-seater in the Indian MUV market? Xylo vs Innova vs Ertiga/Mobilio

My car is a Maruti Ritz and I am looking for a bigger car or MUV. My son is 5 months old and when we go on a long drive, we always need to carry his stroller (folded and kept in the boot). Next month I am contemplating to buy a rear-facing infant seat too. With these 2 child 'accessories' in the car, the boot and rear seat are taken. Its nearly impossible to carry any more luggage or accommodate my parents or friends. I thought of starting the test drive phase of car-purchasing-cycle by taking test drive of the Sumo BS4 85 PS version. I called up Concorde Motors Kadubisenahalli, (Marathalli - Bangalore branch) today afternoon and inquired about the Sumo. To my surprise, the person who recieved my call was not aware whether any Sumo is available for TD or not; hopelessly, he was not even aware whether they were selling Sumo through this outlet. This is their sales-exclusive (no servicing or workshop) outlet in the Bangalore I.T. district. When will Tata Motor dealers ever get serious about having a good & pro-active sales team?
Next Saturday, I'll try out the new Bolero power+ . I hope I'll get a positive response from a M&M dealer. Maybe I'll TD Xylo & Mobilio too to check seating & luggage space.

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