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View Poll Results: Safari Dicor VX 4X4 or Endeavour XLT 4X4
Endeavour XLT 4X4 33 38.82%
Safari Dicor VX 4X4 52 61.18%
Voters: 85. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 8th September 2006, 02:52   #31
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If its 4x4 its got to be endeavour if I have that extra greens in my bank account. I dont see a comparo...Endeavour all the way!
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Old 8th September 2006, 10:04   #32
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Originally Posted by jyobeb
So how much are you getting steer? I got 7.8 in my last fill up inside the city and 11.5 on my trip to kottayam. Actually not so bad for the monster, and I constantly red line. (If u can call 3000 rpm a redline!!!)
Tankful to Tankful, consistently between 10-11 kmpl. You can ask v1p3r how I drive.
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Old 8th September 2006, 10:16   #33
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Apologies - that was me posting but Duboy had logged on earlier.
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Old 8th September 2006, 17:03   #34
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V1p3r, I like your style . Thanks to all who have voted & given their opinions so far. To be honest with you, I hadn't expected the Endeavour to get as many votes as it has, in fact late last evening, I saw it was RIGHT BEHIND the Dicor though now the votes are more towards the latter.

Good going guys, can we have some more opinions please? I notice that the moderators with the exception of TSK have stayed away from voicing opinions or voting! Come on guys, your opinions are VALUED so why the silence? Would appreciate your valuable inputs.......
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Old 8th September 2006, 23:29   #35
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my vote goes for safari. endeavour IMO is way too underpowered for its own weight.
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Old 9th September 2006, 19:19   #36
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Originally Posted by Sahil
While the Endeavour is fresher and a true rough and tough car which is in a segment above the Dicor.
Leaf-spring suspension isn't actually 'fresher' you know..lately I have seen some bullock carts using them!
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Old 10th September 2006, 13:08   #37
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I voted for Endeavour XLT 4X4.....
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Old 11th September 2006, 11:51   #38
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after drving and being driven around in an endeavour from the past few days, i would def say the endavour if u find the seating ok,imo i found the seating low as the only neg factor.

yes,it's underpowered,but i found it just enough for the city and almost perfect for the highways, far far better than the diet of tubropowered non dicor safaris that i have been from on years...
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Old 11th September 2006, 12:54   #39
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If you want a SUV for Off-The-Road fun then the Ford Endeavour XLT 4WD is a much better bet.

1) Better ground clearance
2) Better Handling & Stability
3) LSD in the rear


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Old 11th September 2006, 13:14   #40
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Hey Suman,

Firstly u got it all wrong about the Tucson's power capabilities. Its a great Offroading SUV, and if u are really keen on it, foregoing the price factor, then let me know and i will guide u to couple of great Tucson dedicated forums where u can see how rugged the tucons is being used world over.

I didnt vote for the poll coz both the cars u have selected, IMHO are the CRAPPIEST available around!

Out of the these two worst ones, i wud recommend u the TATA SAFARI DICOR anyday, compared to the FORD ENDEAVOUR!
1. 4 Lacks cheaper! wow! and also ur idea is good to sell it off after 3 years and then buy a nice suv,
2. Better in all ways except road presence, compared to the Endeavor!
3. Quality is bad in both Safari and Endeavour of hte interiors etc, but Safari is cheaper to maintain compared to Endeavour!!! so Safari it is!!!
4. Safari is with the new CRDI tech engine, so its way ahead than the ultra sluggish Endeavour. also it will be less thirsty compared to the Endeavour!!!

so all in all in every way the Safari Dicor wins hands down against the Ford Endeavour! Keep in mind that the Endeavour is being scrapped soon and new onez to come. The new one will take around 6months to 1 year to launch. not by diwali this year!

so yea, go for the safari, save 4 lks now, sell it off after 3 years and buy a nice great suv then, in the mean time in these 3 years, work ur a$$ off a bit more and earn up and save a bit more for ur next vehicle, and i wish u a nice Toureg/Q7/X5 for ur next machine!!

hope this helps!

Oops! forgot to add this lil thing : Point no.5 - the Seatings are also way too good in the Safari compared to the crappy seats in all the rows of Endeavour! the Safari makes the centre row seats a great comfort!

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Old 11th September 2006, 13:21   #41
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Hello Everyone,

My vote goes to the Dicor Safari 4X4 vs. the Ford biggie. My reasons have been the following:

a) Tata has constantly been improving up the SUV and current version ( even before the facelift and an engine upgrade) appears to be a VFM SUV. In the US which was the primary market for the Ford, SUV and VFM tags are generally not associated with the same vehicle unless its korean or Japanese.

b) I have not driven either but from what I have observed and being driven in both, it appears that Ford is unpowered for its size

c) Being a ford, Endeavour should have a higher maintenance costs in comparison to a Tata vehicles.

Btw, two additional comments.

a) Someone mentioned in the previous posts that the current Safari is being provided with around 70K discounts, is this information before the price revision ( 6.4 L for the Non Dicor engine and 6.98 for Dicor engine update).

b) I currently own a Fiesta and am considering getting a Safari and hence my natural interest in this thread. I have a usual running of about 700-800 Kilometres PER WEEK.

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Old 25th September 2006, 14:27   #42
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I thought I'll bump this thread up to get a few more opinions so here goes.....

The slime b***s (as in Ford) have just hiked prices again! By 14k....so swiftly & surely, its going further & further away! I see no signs of the TDCI coming before the middle of next year if at all......the dealer seems to think that only after the Ranger has been a year in service in Thailand will they bring it here - could be right, makes sense and the absolute lack of any discounts seems to point that way.

But really, IF ONLY THE FIT & FINISH levels were a LITTLE better in the Safari - the guy had brought a brand new VX for another round of test drives on Saturday (I wanted to check out the ABS) and I was amazed to see the PATHETIC plastics in the rear - can't find words to describe it! And that too in the top of the line model

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Old 25th September 2006, 20:22   #43
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If people remember, I was the first one to compare the Dicor and the Endy. On the forum, even before the mags did it. I preferred the Endy then, I prefer it now. Simply because; it's rugged, mechanically much more reliable (mostly due to the fact that it's an IDI), and has better build quality.

But, 4 lacs is a sizeable difference. The Vx is terrific value for money, and is loaded to the gill with all sorts of equipment. As a family SUV, the Dicor Vx gets my vote.

Just an afterthought. If one wants a rugged SUV better than the Endy in terms of comfort and capability, but don't mind paying a li'l extra, one should go for the Pajero 2.8. As reliable and capable as they come.

Out of the given two, the Dicor might be a better choice for you, Sumanji, since you require a Family SUV, and are planning to upgrade later on...

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Old 26th September 2006, 10:15   #44
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Thanks Atul for your objective opinion (as expected ), looks like Tata Motors are going to get another customer soon! Will keep you posted
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Old 26th September 2006, 11:42   #45
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Road presence of Ford Endy is not worth for 4L difference .Go for Dicor !.You won't disappoint.

and congrats for getting a Monster!
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