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Default Your Opinion, please


Quick one here - am currently in India and have sold my Accent GLS, currently looking out for a replacement.

I have been looking for a diesel vehicle than can also be sent out on private trips when I am not in the country - earns its keep and keeps the engine running. As some of you are aware, I had put down a deposit for the Tucson which I have got back from my dealer since its priced way too high for my liking.

That doesnt leave me with much choice - its either the Innova, the Scorpio or a 2nd hand diesel Lancer.

The last one is not a choice since I enjoy long fast drives when I am in the country and the diesel lancer simply cannot seem to go fast.

The Scorpio is one vehicle that I have had a lot of misgivings about, having driven my friends brand new Scorpio around the time it was launched - there were too many squeaks and rattles for a brand new car. The handling was also suspect.

However, just to clear my head I hired a Scorpio taxi and took a drive from Cochin to Trivandrum and back. The vehicle seemed pretty okay, though I still am not sure about high-speed dynamics or braking.

One incident on the road made me forget all of these, however. One the return leg of the journey there was some minor roadwork on the highway and traffic had slowed down to a crawl when we felt a jolt from behind. Looked back to see an Esteem with most of its bonnet crumpled and all sorts of fluids spewing out - the guy had hit us from behind. Got out of the scorpio to survey the damage on our side and found nothing except a slightly loose bumper with a minor dent on it that could be pushed back into shape...ABSOLUTELY no damage on the car!!! I couldnt believe it - the Esteem was not recongisable from the front and we just had to smile at him and drive away after wiping some of his brake/powersteering fluid off the back of the Scorpio...

Finally the Innova - I've seen them in the flesh and dont like what I see. Am going in for a test drive today, so will update you.

Could you guys send in your suggestions? I would also appreciate some feedback on the handling and braking of the newer Scorpios, what can be done to improve these (tyres? Gas filled shocks?). My son is sold on the Scorpio...

PLUS: How much of a discount can one expect from a dealer. The Mahindra dealer is also the Fiat dealer - TVS, so that hardly inspires ANY confidence...
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Whats your budget...if you can spend around 11 lakhs....close your eyes and go for the octavia tdi. Otherwise from the choices given, i'd pick a scorpio...innova doesnt look good imo and lancer the less said the better.

I would have also suggested the accent crdi..but since you already had an accent...i doubt you would want the same car again. But either ways do test drive it...the performance can be quite a revelation.


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ABSOLUTELY no damage on the car!!! I couldnt believe it - the Esteem was not recongisable from the front and we just had to smile at him and drive away
Welcome to the world of Mahindras - Have countless similar experiences in my Jeep.

From what you indicate, the need is for utility since the vehicle will be used as a tourist taxi (private or otherwise) when you are out of town.

The only thing debatable about the Innova is the way it looks. And looks are subjective (I dont have any problem with them). But in terms of utility, space, comfort and long-term reliability - nothing comes close to it.

Go for the Innova. It will still only be a virgin by the time it covers the number of kilometers where a Scorpio would be approaching its grave.

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Innova all the way. Its FAST (as fast if not faster than Scorpio), reliable, strong, built to last and has the all important Toyota label...
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I did a lot of travelling in the Innova in Jodhpur sometime back ...
I think its a great car for you, seats 7 plus driver comfortably..nice plush interiors ..ride is amazing...the Taj driver said the car gave an average of 14 give or take...and engine felt nice and perky..ride quality was good...i think its a great buy ...
and like GTO said the motor will never let you down..
i think toyota has done a great job in replacing the 20 year old qualis..
loooks...dont mind it one bit...

anyways lets see how you find the test drive..
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what about an elantra diesel - I think the hyundai dealer might sell his shirt to give you one
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Scorpio sturggles a bit at high speeds
As everyone said Innova is nice but I also don't like its looks

But why aren't you looking at Tavera?
If you haven't thought about it I would suggest you to have a look/ test ride the car
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hey steeriod i tell u go for a scorpio diesel it is the best option now a new model of scorpio is been launched i think its the scorpio crdi and i myself have sat in the scorpio many times the scorpio goes 160 with ac it has a nice fuel economy also and it is a very spacious car
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Of the three you have listed - the Innova seems the best though its priced a bit high but you get reliabilty, great interiors though i wouldnt give out my car with that kind of interiors on taxi duty to ANYONE i repeat ANYONE.

But yes like some one pointed out - The tavera can be a very good bet too. its got good FE, better riding dynamics than the scorpio and is priced cheaper than the Innova.and yeah if i was in your place wouldnt mind giving it out for a taxi service when im not here.

Also , if you are considering a second hand car - why not the Qualis itself ? it did everything that the Innova is doing now except for it looks. i would give that a serious thought !

your call now - let us know the test drive result of the Innova and what you finally pick.


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as NC has said,the tavera is a better bet.its been in the market since a long time.so obviously its parts will be cheaper than the newer Innova.
if it is for personal use,then i woild go for the innova.but since you have said that you it would be used as a tourist vehicle as well,the tavera will be the one to go for.

do let us know of the innova test drive.,
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i suggest you go for an Innova.
I agree with you on its looks but it is a better car as it scores almost full marks on other stuff like refinement, power, space, comfort, FE.
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Steeriod i guess a TDI will be perfect for you that is if you can strech. Even a 2nd hand TDi will come around 7.5lacs,, 2 years old.
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tavera is more of a qualis category man ...
if you want a part time personal driver and part time people mover Innova is the best buy ... and why isnt it good looking ???
its a fresh design ... arent we sick of the Qualis ,Tavera, Forester lines? they all look so similar ..
Inovva will look better in your driveway than any of the above ... !!!!
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What about an indigo. With the intercooler performance is good and it will serv as a good taxi too. Cost is below 5lakhs and spares are cheap. If you want to go expensive then i guess its crdi/Innova/Scorpio for you.
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man that's going to definitely be a difficult one .
i'll juts try and give you an idea about the scorpio as i own one since almost an year now .
mine is a dx model which comes wit the cladding , power windows , central locking and stuff .
the suspension and brakes need some improvement especially the brakes .
the engine is a beauty (mine is the 2nd generation one ) the one that i think came in 2003 ,
mahindra even claimed slightly better handling for the new model back then , which i think is true .
the bumpy netuire of the ride can be reduced by putting wider tyres .
there have been slight quality niggles with the car and even the fort point after slaes service is outright pathetic but things got better once the manager got a firing and a mail was sent to mahindra .
about the engine , it s got a hell ot of torque , driving in the city is not difficult at all (assuming that you can manouvre a car of it s size without a problem) .
fuel effiecieny s about 8-8.5 in city and around 11 on the highway with ac on all the time ( i don't think this sounds good as you plan to put it to commercial use and the innova will be much better in this case ) .
no problems with the engine and stuff , the only main problem i've had is the brake booster needing replacement (which was just 10 days bk ) .
i m not too sure if i ve been able to give you all theinfo you might need . inacse you need any more help juts let me know .
and yeah i am satisfied with the car , and i think it s a great package at that price .

manson .
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