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Congratulations murali innova is surely a great buy
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Have been following this thread intently but somehow couldn't post earlier.

Congrats on the GREAT BUY!!!

P.s.: I hope you have finished your running in. Its a great sprinter between the signals
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rear spoiler Rs.8000
sun film Rs.9000
are these gold / patinum coated? Too exhorbitant.
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#30 cuttingcrew,
The ones I bought are seat covers made of real leather. It's original Toyota ones. It's half (only body touch parts are leather). Stanley's replaces the cloth fabric with leather by restitching. Their prices vary as given in one of my previous posts.

I agree. The free rear spoiler they gave me was of very substandard quality and already had a small crack, I guess while installing it. I am going to pass the Sunfilm for now and see if it's really needed.

I got 5 piece good transparent plastic mats (that goes into the trunk/dicky also) for Rs. 2000/- at Fast Tracks, Minister Road, Hyderabad. They are not available in any other shop.

BTW, Some stupid guy already rubbed my Innova bruising the front bumper . I guess he tried to squeeze past my parked Innova and he must have got pretty bad scratches on his side.
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Old 8th June 2009, 16:52   #35
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Originally Posted by gmmurali View Post
#30 cuttingcrew,
The ones I bought are seat covers made of real leather. It's original Toyota ones. It's half (only body touch parts are leather). Stanley's replaces the cloth fabric with leather by restitching. Their prices vary as given in one of my previous posts.
As I can see, your leather covers are in beige which with Innova/Corolla general beige look, look neat. The positive aspect is that dirt is visible and not hidden (unlike in a dark colour). The bad news: because dirt is visible, it is required to be cleaned vigorously once every 2-3 mths with wet cloth cleaning every 3-4 days. That is if you do not like to see black dirt over beige. Do this (as I do) and they will keep on looking good for a long time (for a proof of that, see my Corolla's leather covers even after 27 months).

I usually do it myself after every 6-8 weeks, and go to a professional cleaner about 2 times a year.
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Old 10th June 2009, 09:43   #36
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# (My Toyota Innova story)35 Adding to Vasudeva's tips, buy a good leather cleaning and conditioning solution. I used have these as wipes which are very convenient to use in US but not available here. I bought a spray type big container for INR 300. I wouldn't suggest using water wet cloth on leather.

Continuing with my scratches story - the bumper on the right side had a slight mis-alignment as a plastic clamp was broken. Took it to showroom and they advised not to replace the bumper for this minor one. As it's plastic/fiber part only 50% of it would be covered by insurance and my out of pocket would come to around INR 3000. They made some adjustments and bumper is aligned properly now. Need to get some touchup for scratches at 1000 KM servicing.

BTW, my salesperson has been very helpful. Following BHPians advice, I gifted him a Black Label gift pack and he's overwhelmingly surprised as it's first time he received something from a customer in his 3 years of service there. Looks like it's already paying back as they fixed my bumper problem in 15 minutes at the showroom free of cost.

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Hey Murali!!

Great buy indeed. I happened upon your story and started reading from the first thread. I was hoping you did'nt buy the petrol version and would have physically stopped you from doing so if I got to you in time!!

I have been riding one since about a year. It has been like a dream. My specs and reqs were similar to yours and am glad you tried looking for the petrol when it was not available.

Happy riding!!
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Old 30th July 2009, 22:22   #38
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Am new to this site,great discussion,just to add on to this conversation, am planning to buy a Innova too, a petrol version the 2.0 G . test drove the SX-4 as a alternative it was good but the moment i drove the Innova all thoughts of SX-4 vanished, a Safari was on the cards too , but all the horror stories dissuaded me 4WD none the less!!! Any body upgraded to 16'wheels ? any feedback?
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I know I am out on a limb here. I am not in favour of seat covers in a new car. Wear out the ones it comes with before looking for seat covers. Once you put a cover you tend to rub the original cover and abrade it. It will become unusable in any case.

Unless you have young kids and/or pets seats last a long time. I have had cars for as long as 7-8 years with seats still in excellent condition.

Covers came into vogue in the days of the Amby & FIAT which came with vinyl seats. These were bad and got very hot in the sun.
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Old 2nd September 2009, 23:03   #40
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I fully agree with you. Both my cars do not have seat covers (seat covers change the natural countours of the seats and hence I hate them). 4+ years in the Baleno and 3+ years in the santro..not a single spot on the seats despite two small kids....all it requires is periodic interior cleaning by the company or any person who has a carpet cleaning type of m/c
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Congrtas Murali on the buy.Pls add a spoiler to it,it looks good.
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Old 3rd September 2009, 10:08   #42
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Congrats Murli.
Its hell of a veichel.
I suggest apart from cleaning it your self you should take it to some "Car Spa" for detailing job every 3-4 months depending on your usage.

What I have experienced , car feels really fresh after a Car Spa treatment. It cost about 1600-2000 INR here uin Mumbai for both external and internal detailing.
Since your car is brand new I guys you should opt for interior detailing only , which should be about 800 INR.

Keep your seat belts on , drive same mate !

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@Murali: Congrats on your purchase of the Innova. My uncle has just booked an Innova today. I need some feedback from you on the following:

1. What is the fuel average you are currently getting ? (Both city and highway)
2. We have gone in for the top end (VX M) and I am surprised that there is no security system that comes with the car (not even as an accessory). All we get is remote locking and thats it. This is what the sales guy told me. What have you done to take care of your car's security ?

Thanks for all the help.
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Default Roof rack

I am currently looking for a roof rack with a basket which goes well with my black Innova. The ones offered by Toyota dealers are not black are they are quoting 10000.

I've seen these Carryboy ones which come in all black.

Carryboy Philippines - World class auto accessories, fiberglass canopies and more

Hot Tracks which claims to be the only official dealer in Bangalore is charging 10500 including labor for the roof rack and basket all black color. He started with 11400. Size is 100x120cm. The silver one is cheaper by 1000rs.

Is this a good deal?

I saw other ones like classic etc, which don't look so good and spoil the look of the car.
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