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Default Which second Car/SUV in budget of Rs. 9-10 Lakhs

I need advice on buying a second car/SUV. Few stats about us might help in getting advice are as follows:

We are family of 4. Monthly running is about 1500 kms with 75 % driving in city on bad roads in Ludhiana and 25 % on good quality highways like NH 1. The vehicle will be chauffer driven mostly. Usually we take one trip to hills. Presently we own a Swift Vxi Petrol. We intend to keep this also.

The maximum budget is Rs. 9-10 Lakhs. Most of this amount will be financed. The second vehicle may be new or used.

We are looking for qualities in the order as given below:

1. Ride quality (I suffer from cervical pain in upper neck area)
2. Driving pleasure and performance (swift has spoilt me and is self driven in evenings and on weekends)
3. Looks and presence.
4. Fuel costs and maintenance

I have shortlisted the following cars/SUVs. I have preference for SUVs.

New SUVs:

1.Tata Safari 2. Innova 3. Scorpio

New Cars:

1.Honda City 2. Indigo Manza 3. Sx 4
(Verna and Fiesta out of list )

Used Cars:

1.Skoda Laura Diesel 2. Honda Accord 3. Sonata Embera Diesel.
(Civic out of list)

Used SUVs:

1. Ford Endeavour 2. Pajero 3. CRV 4.

Please advice on which car/SUV I should go for. You may add cars/SUVs, which are not already mentioned in above list. I am also prepared to wait for 3-6 months if a new vehicle is on cards. I am not averse to idea of buying a used car.
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Firstly, Suv and sedans are two different categories which cater to different needs. Decide whether you need a sedan or a Suv. Also when you prefer Suv over a sedan, get a Suv only as you already have a car.

And with an affordable budget, why think second hand?
New car=peace of mind.
Unless you have been a fan of a particular vehicle and always dreamt of owning it but can't afford, don't think 2nd hand.
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I'd advice including the Corolla ( old/new) in the list of choices
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If you are not so keen on SUV's, my choice would be a spanking new Honda City.

If its going to be an SUV, it should be the Innova. The E and G versions fit the bill.
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Originally Posted by DRIV3R View Post
If its going to be an SUV, it should be the Innova. The E and G versions fit the bill.
The Innova is hardly an SUV, but in this case I guess it'll serve the purpose. Could also consider a Scorp. The new one is pretty damn good.
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Considering that you mostly will be driving on bad roads, Tata Safari and Fiat Linea would be good choices. Both have a terrific ride and are built for taking abuse. If not them, then Innova would be a great choice too. You just cant go wrong with that one. However, you will get more kit on the Linea at the same price.
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New cars : Wait for the Fiat Linea T-Jet. Seems to fit your requirements to the T. Excellent ride & handling, great for when you are in the drivers seat, not bad on the backseat. Since you have the Swift, I presume the second car's running will be primarily highway and a li'l bit of the city.

Used cars : Camry. Super ride quality, mega space and Toyota reliability. I would have recommended the Accord, but the stiff urban ride quality can tingle that cervical pain you have.

Amongst SUVs, you might want to screen the market for Pajeros. Lots of them available. With its indestructible build quality, a Paj will probably outlast you.
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Most people have pretty much answered this question but I would prefer a strong diesel sedan like the Linea or the Manza to a certain extent if bought new. If you are buying a used car, and there is absolutely nothing wrong in going for one, pick up a Jap like the Corolla or the Camry. You should be able to get the older gen Accord as well which apart from being value for money, is also quite comfy and should last the mile with guaranteed driving pleasure.
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i dont think any sedan in the 9-10 lac range would suit your purpose. if you do want a sedan then look at used ones, either the camry or the sonata embera. both offer incredible ride quality the camry being a little better.

for suv/muv i think you should leave out the safari and the scorpio since IMO they are both near the end of their life cycle. look at the innova. or wait for the tata aria, it should be launched in the next few months, and if the safaris ride is anything to go by, it will be good. the only thing is you probably wont get the top end version in your budget.
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Im told there are some good used Pajeros around for about 12-13lac - approx two years old and may have done around 20-30000kms odd. wonder how far this is true.
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Since you've got a cervical pain problem, its best to stay away from 2nd hand cars just in case you get a bad deal with a messed up suspension.

A new car would be best. Given the roads in Ludhiana its best you look at a car with a good amount of ground clearance.

Given that 9-10 is your upper budget the Innova high ends won't fit the bill and its a people carrier not a SUV. I presume the SUV is for your self. Then within your budget you have 2 options the Safari and the Scorpio, the Safari has been face lifted and the Scorpio well just looks better since the beginning. Give these two a test drive.

I agree with GTO on the Pajero, also you could look at a 2nd hand Captiva, or an Fortuner but then again the whole second hand concept explained earlier.

If SUV is not happening then in the Sedans, the Manze, Linea T jet, Honda City, Corolla are all options.

Give your SUV side a test drive, if you like it then who's to argue. Also since your doing roughly above 15K Kms a year a diesel will be better on the financial side as well. But since the NH1 can be tricky at times make sure you pic something with Airbags.
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Default Test Drives Continue

Thanks everybody for chipping in with posts.
I am in process of test driving various vehicles shortlisted/adviced.
I hope to finish the process soon and will update status.
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hi folks
Could not update earlier due to mishap in family.
Used car plans dropped after TD various vehicles.
To wait till Oct 2010 for new models.
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