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Default Re: Innova or SX4 Diesel?

Originally Posted by vartakavi View Post
Going by your feedback, I think I should upgrade the built-in Music system that comes with the VX version. Question: Do dealers give some cash value for the system and speakers that come with the car, or does the upgrade mean junking the stock system and putting in a new one? Can anyone who has done this upgrade let me know which system is good and how much it will cost me? Thanks.
As I mentioned already, stock music system works good for normal listeners. I would suggest you to listen to some music in your next test drive and decide whether you need a upgrade. I had a Corolla which comes with similar system and it was pretty good. Dealer would take the music system and speakers at a throw away price, he should offer you some 5K (my guess).

If you plan to put a new system then you need to go for double din and it should start from 10k.
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Default Re: Innova or SX4 Diesel?

Hello there vartakavi, you wouldn't get one buck if you chose to exchange the existent system for another from the dealer. Ofcourse that one buck phrase means almost nothing in comparo. When I asked the system to be swapped, the dealer in Chennai said "Sir, we don't have an option like that!". Not to blame him, I think its Toyota policy everwhere. The same happened when I tried to swap audio system which was pre-installed in my Landcruiser here in Dubai. They said they would gladly upgrade the system but will not buy back the original, which meant I should have shelled out extra in huge sums. I didn't. And surprisingly fellas, the Landcruiser GX-R (in Dubai) comes with the same system as does the Innova VX (in India) with the exception of the additional CD changers. Thats odd right. Some Toyota policy and I bought it all the same, reason - LANDCRUISER it is!

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Default Re: Innova or SX4 Diesel?

I bit late on this, but just my 2 cents of being both a Maruti (the Baleno) and Toyota (Innova) customer. I believe that Toyota has the edge in terms of service.

Originally Posted by vartakavi View Post
Thanks for all your valuable suggestions. I will go in for a 7 seater Innova VX.
I own a 8 seater VX. Reason that I did not go for "Captain Seats" - I am buying this vehicle because it can seat more in comfort.

In case of 6 persons and a lot of luggage, you are pretty much stuck in the 7 seater as you cannot lift up one of the rearmost seats to liberate space for luggage. Also, the middle bench is long enough to be used for taking a nap, something that I dont find easy in the push back seats.

The rear captain seats have a smaller under-thigh support compared to the front, minor detail but a bit more fatigue in the long run.

Even if you have 5 persons with a lot of luggage, a 7 seater Innova will be more cramped than the 5 seater Etios, with its 595 liter boot, as you can no longer lift up the rear seats.

Ingress and exit is person specific. The captain seats only slide and dont fold up. In the 8 seater both the benches in the middle seat can be folded. This means if you havethree persons in the rearmost seat, the exit is Faster than the 7 seater (Fold up the entire middle bench and exit from both doors) where a person at a time has to hobble his way out from the middle of the two captain seats.

Comfort for 2 - the captain seats are defn more comfortable but the bench is defn not excruciating.

So pls use this to decide. If only 4 persons plus luggage at max, why an Innova at all? The SX4 petrol will pretty much do the job and will be lighter to drive. At 10-15k per year, you will never ever recover the diesel premium anyway).

You can use the INR 6 lakhs or you save (Put them in a FD) for replacing the car sooner after 4 years.

I will call up the Toyota dealers here tomorrow and speak to the sales persons handling the Used Cars. I will feel far more comfortable if there is a warranty and Company assurance. That was a very good suggestion!
It is more probable that you find a good used SX4 as the Innovas are normally used for high mileage tasks.

About the accessories, would definitely go for Sunfilm. I think reverse parking sensors come with the VX model - but if not, that's a definite yes.
Please dont go in for sunfilm. The AC is powerful enough and the minor sunlight creeping in provides you much needed Vitamin D. So essential for bones and joints health as we age.

I have not used sunfilm in my past three cars (Innova, Baleno and Santro) and have been pretty happy with cooling.

If you still need, please wait for a few days before you put in. The difference in clarity, esp in night driving is literally "night and day".

I do not do much of night driving, but sometimes (like in Summer), driving up to 9 pm or so becomes necessary. How do I go about upgrading the Head lamps? Put in more powerful bulbs or go for a different type of bulbs?
Headlamps and fog lamps in the Innova doa reasonable job, better than my Santro and Baleno. Pls test first before you upgrade.

ICE upgrade....does this mean junking the system that comes with the car? Is there a way to improve the Music System without spending too much?
First step is to listen in to the system. Second to replace the front speakers with JBL or other good brand. Use component speakers only. The third step is to junk the system. I have done that and replaced the rear speakers too.

see http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/long-t...innova-vx.html (One year and 16k in my Innova VX)

Does the Innova have a good horn? Or does that also need an Upgrade? A loud horn will be of great help on ghat roads -- I've had a number of 'close encounters' on the ghat road to Kodaikanal with taxi drivers driving down at high speeds around blind corners...

Horn is reasonable.

Thanks - I stretched my budget from 10 lakhs for the SX4 Diesel to 15 lakhs for the Innova VX. Can't stetch any more for the Fortuner!
Fortuner offers not much more that you would miss. Unless you do serious offroading and visit places with no roads.

Going by your feedback, I think I should upgrade the built-in Music system that comes with the VX version. Question: Do dealers give some cash value for the system and speakers that come with the car, or does the upgrade mean junking the stock system and putting in a new one? Can anyone who has done this upgrade let me know which system is good and how much it will cost me? Thanks.
Dealers will offer you more but will sell new system at a higher price. The Hyderabad Harsha toyota will offer INR 3500 or so. Nearly 2k more compared to the market that might offer INR 1500 or so. But the dealers prices for other systems will mean that you dont win much. Dont hurry, listen to the system and then decide. If you upgrade, buy something that can also take a reverse camera. In my review above, you will find details of the system I upgraded to.

I live in hyderabad and you can PM for contact details and sharing notes on the Innova.

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Default Re: Innova or SX4 Diesel?

Thanks very much for your time. If I'm going to get a pittance for the stock Stereo system, I might as well use it for some time and then go for the upgrade if I feel the need for it.

Hmmm.... I thought I almost reached a decision. I was thinking the 8 seater is more like a Sedan (with a three seater bench in the middle) if I fold up the rear seats and liberate the space for luggage. But most of the members here seem to feel that the 7 seater is much more comfortable if two people are going to seated at the rear. I guess the best thing is for me to check out both the 7 seater and the 8 seater and see which I find more suitable. As I said, I expect to drive this vehicle myself for the next five years or so...no intention of hiring a driver!

From the feedback I got from the members in this forum, it looks like yes, the Innova will feel heavier (clutch, gear box and steering, all three are said to be heavier) than say and SX4, but it is a lot more comfortable for long distance driving, and most people seem to think its safer too. That is why I was leaning towards the Innova. If I buy a new one, I might keep it for a long long time (10 years?) and Innovas are supposed to age well.
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Default Re: Innova or SX4 Diesel?

As you mentioned that you're going to keep the car only for 3-5 years, my suggestion is, consider the resale value more than any other factor. And as far as I know, Innova has THE BEST resale value of all the cars on the market.
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