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viper where is your set of pics/vids?

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Originally Posted by manson
viper where is your set of pics/vids?



Sorry Guys Totally forgot. Too caught up in work. Will give the CD to Rehaan to upload today.

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Originally Posted by elf

...................(stararmour), not the photoshopper, so we're cool on that. But give him a doink on the head from me, cause the images were completely bent outta shape, coloured funny & had the aforementioned semi-humanoid forms (forgotten mods included) in them. As regards the semi-humanoid forms, youre efforts are appreciated, especially considering that they have a tendency to run around foraging for food & make great gas emission sounds (flatulence, maybe?)...

Ciao Cows!
hey ! doink on the head acknowledged sorry !!!!
i was in such a hurry to take the pictures cos everyone was running away !!
but thats no excuse , will strive to better myself , i swear!(cross my heart and hope to die!)
oh and by the way me's a she !
awesome picture though thanks for finishing my shots so awesomely !!!
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Ok a bit late for this but kya karen, i'm still in Pune and been busy visiting relatives. Hehe

As all of the others have already mentioned, the trip was an amazing experience.

I was put up in Church Gate so, Rehaan being the closest resident offered to pick me up. The drive to Alibaug was amazing. 11 cars creaming their way through traffic, scaring the living daylights out of the bystanders.

Once we reached the twisties, it got even better. Nitroxx and Manson, on a mission to take out each other, with Jitu............effortlessly cruising behind them in his B16 City.

Shrivz was doing a good job keeping up with them. Viper thinks he's a good driver and i agree. The lines were smooth and the slides were controlled. Time for a track day visit mate!!

Rehaan tried pushing his car but wasn't happy with the way it handled. So, he decided to play it safe.

The Land Rover kinda got left out but hey, it's not supposed to be doing that kind of stuff in the first place.

Once there, we had some really nice grub (loved those prawns).

From there, we moved to a nearby beach. As we approached the place, i saw a cloud a dust in the sky and thought......whirlwind? Anyone who's seen the trip video will know what or who i'm talking about. Hehe

But the best part of the trip was yet to come for me. Getting my hands on that B16 monster. Jitu was kind enuf to hand me over the keys and boy what a machine it turned out to be.

Sure enuf, being a Honda........it does have that trademark lag below 3000rpm but once you're there, you're in for a big surprise. Suddenly, everything becomes a blur and you see the tacho shooting to over 8000rpm quicker than a stock Vtec would take to hit 6000.

1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd, i see no drop in acc. I remember almost redlining 3rd on those narrow alibaug roads, the speedo wasn't working but i'm sure i must have hit around 150kmph (since 7100 on the vtec sees 150kmph and here i was...........doing 8000).

But, it's not just the way it goes thats impressive, tap the brakes and she sheds speed in an instance. The 205 G3s do a pretty good job of keeping her on the road. I remember gunning her down the road upto a small bridge where the road suddenly turns left. Had the brakes not been upto it, we'd have flown off the road for sure but, nothing of that sort happened.

The car felt under control, at all times.

The only prob driving that car is getting it going. The clutch has no feel at all and there are only 2 things you'd do while launching her. Spin it's wheels or stall it. This got me thinking if I shud be taking her on the beach (for the photoshoot). Luckily, i managed to make it without getting her stuck in the sand.

On the way back, i tagged along with Shrivz, Stararmour and Edmund in Shrivz's baleno (as i had to goto Pune from there).

Shrivz was doing some serious speeds on the way back. Hitting 195 with 4 in the car is no walk in the park. Atleast i wouldn't do that on my car but, i do know another crazy Vtecr' who has done those speeds with 5 in his car. Rudra might be able to elaborate that story for you. Hehe

Overall, i think this was one of the best (one day meet) i've ever been to. Hoping to make it for another one, sometime soon.


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Default Apologies...

Originally Posted by stararmour
oh and by the way me's a she!
awesome picture though thanks for finishing my shots so awesomely !!!
Apologies, m'lady, for the misconception. Methinks a doink on the head is due to yours truly, for jumping to conclusions... I should've guessed - only the female of the species could've managed to get the aforementioned semi-humanoid forms to pause their foraging & assemble their chariots for a photo-op!

Still wish I was there, though... :(
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Time to close this thread. Viper, if/when you decide to post the pics from your camera, PM one of the mods and we will re-open it.
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Hi Guys,

Finally managed to upload the pics and one small video for Manson of the trip. Here are the links. Will keep adding more in a few minutess.






Here come the main pics. Got disconnected 5 times whilst uploading. One more big file coming up file being uploaded.




Her is the last file.



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