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Smile Re: Quick Meets at Bangalore

Had a very nice meet. An amazing group to hang out !!!
Kudos to Karthik, Waseem and Jayanth for the excellent planning. The breakfast and lunch were really awesome.
About Speedway: The ‘Speedway’ is a very nice facility, located not so far from Bangalore. I have tried my hands on ATV and loved the excellent off-road terrain they have. The most fun part was sitting the open/rear part of Mustysekhon’s gypsy and doing a fast lap on this track Great experience !!!!
Adding some photos from my humble/simple P&S cam:

Reached the first meeting point a little early at 6.45 AM.
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03425.jpg
Reached Breakfast point at 7.55 AM.

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03428.jpg
Our cars parked near the hotel
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03431.jpg
Thatte idli, it was too good !!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03433.jpg
Eye-Catcher. Had a nice and scary off-roading in the ATV track of Speedway later in this beauty !!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03435.jpg
Reached Speedway and parked our rides
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03448.jpg
Discussions started within no time
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03449.jpg
ATV – 150 cc
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03455.jpg
Gloss black alloys for abarth. Only one day old !!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03459.jpg
Punto’s !!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03460.jpg
ATV’s ready for action
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03466.jpg
Into the track
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03469.jpg
Some from Karting
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03470.jpg
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03474.jpg
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03475.jpg
Alstonlobo got a nice shade/position for clicking
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03476.jpg
Some more from karting
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03479.jpg
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03482.jpg
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03483.jpg
More cameras
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03493.jpg
And some discussions too
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03495.jpg
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03498.jpg

The track
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03500.jpg
Look at those tee’s
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03505.jpg
Team ready action
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03510.jpg
Mud racers in action
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03513.jpg
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03514.jpg
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03515.jpg
Spotted the “spotter” on NICE road in the return journey
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc03524.jpg

Hope to see you guys soon for the next meet
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Default Re: Quick Meets at Bangalore

What an awesome meet. Had a total blast. The idlis, The ATVs, the Karts and finally that awesome Lunch made it one of the best Sundays with the bhpians.

First lot of pictures from my Lens:
Attached Images
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Default Re: Quick Meets at Bangalore

What an awesome meet it was! Sadly could not reach meeting point A since we woke up late! Managed to reach the breakfast point just in time! All eyes were on us as we reached the Thatte Idli shop! Let the pics do the talking!

Following is the first batch of pics!

The delicious Thatte Idli
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc001.jpg

A big thanks and salute to Waseem sir who offered to take care of our little one as we relished our breakfast!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc002.jpg

On the way to Speedway, I spotted the spotter spotting me spotting him! That's lavish_n riding shotgun with IronH4WK.
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc003.jpg

First pic in Speedway premises from my end
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc004.jpg

My lovely ladies warming up
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc005.jpg

The ATVs being rolled out for us, one by one
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc006.jpg

Mean machines
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc007.jpg

Evil twins
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc008.jpg

Viju takes off without any delay
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc009.jpg

Meanwhile the scene at the go-karting track
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc010.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc011.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc012.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc013.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc014.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc015.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc016.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc017.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc018.jpg

The ATV track
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc019.jpg
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc020.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc021.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc022.jpg

IronH4WK's first time on a go-kart
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc023.jpg

But definitely not the last
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc024.jpg

Some action from karting. Sorry for not tagging everybody's handle here
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc025.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc026.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc027.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc028.jpg

This is how my daughter looked after the initial hour in Speedway! However, she's not complaining!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc029.jpg
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Default Re: Quick Meets at Bangalore

Here comes the second lot of pics

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc030.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc031.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc032.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc033.jpg

My wife's happiest moment, me signing the disclaimer form!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc034.jpg

More action
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc035.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc036.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc037.jpg

Head is scratching buddy?
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc038.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc039.jpg

Meanwhile Viju helping himself to another round
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc040.jpg

Fastest woman on the track!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc041.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc042.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc045.jpg

And the gentlemen speed up!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc043.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc044.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc046.jpg

The heat is building up
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc047.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc048.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc049.jpg

IronH4WK looking right
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc050.jpg

IronH4WK looking left
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc051.jpg

Oh me ATV!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc052.jpg

Here I go!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc053.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc054.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc055.jpg

Nearing the end
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc056.jpg

From the fastest woman to the bravest woman!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc057.jpg

Viju doing what he does best!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc058.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc059.jpg
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Default Re: Quick Meets at Bangalore

Great meeting everyone. Here are links to 2 360 degree photospheres that give you a nice feel of the track at speedway.
Be sure to view them in the rotating panorama mode!
More pics soon!

Attached Thumbnails
Quick Meets at Bangalore-15img_20130407_171204.jpg  

Quick Meets at Bangalore-1pano_20130407_090736.jpg  

Quick Meets at Bangalore-1pano_20130407_093134.jpg  

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Default Re: Quick Meets at Bangalore

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc060.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc061.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc062.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc063.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc067.jpg

Mrs Lobo!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc064.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc065.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc066.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc079.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc080.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc081.jpg

Meanwhile at go-karting
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc068.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc070.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc071.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc072.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc075.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc076.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc077.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc078.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc074.jpg

The local press turned up too!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc069.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc073.jpg

And the convoy of cars
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc082.jpg
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc083.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc084.jpg

Live to Drive!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc085.jpg

BMW style!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc086.jpg

ATVs cooling off!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc087.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc088.jpg

Mustyshekon - The calm before the storm! The attendees would know what I mean!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc089.jpg
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Default Re: Quick Meets at Bangalore

H4WK in action!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc090.jpg

The boys wanna race
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc091.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc092.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc093.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc094.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc095.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc096.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc097.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc098.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc099.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc100.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc101.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc102.jpg

And the winner is!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc103.jpg

Our very own Narain 'Karthik'eyan
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc104.jpg

The best lap
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc105.jpg

My daughter's tbhp christening!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc106.jpg

The moment we have all waited for. The main highlight of the meet! Mustyshekon's show stopping Gypsy!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc107.jpg
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc108.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc109.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc110.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc111.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc112.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc113.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc114.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc115.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc116.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc117.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc118.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc119.jpg
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Default Re: Quick Meets at Bangalore

More pics from my cam.
Attached Thumbnails
Quick Meets at Bangalore-1img_8322.jpg  

Quick Meets at Bangalore-02img_8324.jpg  

Quick Meets at Bangalore-03img_8326.jpg  

Quick Meets at Bangalore-04img_8335.jpg  

Quick Meets at Bangalore-05img_8345.jpg  

Quick Meets at Bangalore-06img_8352.jpg  

Quick Meets at Bangalore-08img_8356.jpg  

Quick Meets at Bangalore-09img_8358.jpg  

Quick Meets at Bangalore-10img_8361.jpg  

Quick Meets at Bangalore-11img_8362.jpg  

Quick Meets at Bangalore-12img_8364.jpg  

Quick Meets at Bangalore-13img_8380.jpg  

Quick Meets at Bangalore-14img_20130407_103239.jpg  

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Default Re: Quick Meets at Bangalore

The Gypsy in action!

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc120.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc121.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc122.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc123.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc124.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc125.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc126.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc127.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc128.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc129.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc130.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc131.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc132.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc133.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc134.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc135.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc136.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc137.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc138.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc139.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc140.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc141.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc142.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc143.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc144.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc145.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc146.jpg

What a ride eh?

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc147.jpg
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Default Re: Quick Meets at Bangalore

Unseen pics of IronH4WK hacking into Bangalore Traffic Police's CCTV for spotting stickered cars!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc149.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc150.jpg

After a long day, me relaxing with my little one
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc151.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc152.jpgQuick Meets at Bangalore-dsc153.jpg

Last but never the least, The customary group pic!
Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc148.jpg

Once we left Speedway on the way to the restaurant, my daughter was crying hysterically. Cancelled lunch plan and headed off straight home. All in all it was a fun event! Thanks to all who put in efforts for making the event a successful one. Let's do another one soon! Cheers!
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Default Re: Quick Meets at Bangalore

Hi all,

What an amazing sunday! Especially when you consider you are meeting these folks for the first time ever- and you have never spoke, not even a pm!

I missed the meeting spot, and i had breakfast alone at bidadi barely half a km before where the rest of bhpians were having breakfast

But yes since then it was an awesome fun event thanks to karthikk who made sure everyone was comfortable.

ATV was weird- for every biker there you just cant lean into the corners, you need to turn!

Karting was awesome and yes the karts were fairly fast, well maintained and the track was interesting( uphill,downhill,tight turns, blind turns). Recommended!

thanks to silverwood there was a sumptuous lunch at taj. Recommended again!

Headed back having met some really fun folks who share your same passion and thoughts. Looking forward to another mini meet soon!

Special thanks to astonlobo for so many pics mate! thanks for some really nice fb cover/profile pic grade pics!


PS:for the group pic i hope i have got the members right,

Standing L-R, -keyank, Mrs.Astonlobo, nkrishnap, Mrs.nkrishnap, sidhu, diesel_convert, denver, vidyanand, ironh4wk, lavish_n, astonlobo, mustysekhon, ( ), crazy driver, silverwood

Sitting L-R, -sai_ace, aajohn, d3mon, asdon,viju, pc77, ikoner, ( ), aviorp, karthikk, rohittunga, mashmash, ( )

Apologies for those whose names i dont recall or if i have messed up someones name..
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Default Re: Quick Meets at Bangalore

Originally Posted by KarthikK View Post
As I was saying in the sms, I was planning to take both Abarth Puntos onto the karting track for a small photoshoot. The 2 Abarths (white+red and red+black) with the tyre walls and chicanes on the racetrack would have looked electrifying - perfect racetrack-ish photo background for the race-bred Abarth brand, hehe.
I'm you have some photos of your hooter that with such a background would make me repent further about not attending the meet?

I definitely expected those panning shots from alstonlobo
Very nice pictures buddy

Mods: I feel that this meet needs a separate thread. please do the needful if you feel its justified
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Originally Posted by hemanth.anand View Post
Mods: I feel that this meet needs a separate thread. please do the needful if you feel its justified
They've already put it on the Facebook page
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Default Re: Quick Meets at Bangalore

OMG!! What all I've missed

I knew I wouldn't be able to attend due to some prior commitments. Was quietly following the thread to see the meet planning in progress.
Consoled myself thinking that it would be OK to miss it considering the summer heat is too much now-a-days.
But now after seeing all the fun, I am like:

Moral of the Story: Never miss a Team-BHP Meet !!
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Default Re: Quick Meets at Bangalore

Some few pics from this side. I took few pics , was busy sliding the kart around . .The heat was too much .

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc_1160.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc_1161.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc_1166.jpg

Quick Meets at Bangalore-dsc_1167.jpg
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