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Originally Posted by vnabhi View Post
Thanks Huntrz and Avi. Yes, I will be there near YS Cafe (opp Shell bunk) on Raj Bhawan Road at 715 am. This is just where the turning to Fortune Katriya hotel is located.
I'll be waking up early tomorrow, as my wife does not want us to miss our morning walk that we've started today.
Ciao. Look forward to the FFA tomorrow (Free-flowing alcohol)
I might also land up there at the same time!!! I live at Banjara Hills! I am driving alone. Just got calls from the people who had confirmed that they are not joining tomorrow!!
We'll continue from there to Uppal. My no. - 9966577355
Around 20 cars and approx. 30+ people... Hyderabad Rocks!
Avi, Remember the PS3 games exchange.
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Why the sannata here? Pics, reports please.
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Wink TBHP Hyd drive and IDE (in-drive entertainment) Part 1

Originally Posted by devnull View Post
Why the sannata here? Pics, reports please.

LOL Dev, let us at least wake up and shake off the hangovers (from the 'post drive meet').

Ok Ok, let me start the ball rolling, if only to whet the appetites of those that could not make it to the drive.

After waking up at an unearthly hour (in spite of not getting paid for it) everyone made it to the designated spot on time. Immediately Suren's stripped down and tuned drag winning Zen was the cynosure of all eyes. The TBHPians showed tremendous will-power and stopped themselves from drooling all over the car.

For me it was wonderful to finally meet the 'people' behind the handles. I must say I was delighted to meet such a sensible, spirited and fun lot.

After the statutory warnings issued by the senior members of the group to the effect of 'no racing', 'no drinking' etc. and after saying bye to Raj who could join the drive but had come out at that unearthly hour just to meet up and click a few pics (Thanks Raj), we set off.

On the way we parked a vehicle or two, after all we are a conscientious lot and do our bit by car-pooling, perhaps more important we do our bit for the environment by letting those members suffering the Sunday morning willies (after the hectic Saturday nights) ride as passengers and thereby prevent them from mowing down poor unsuspecting trees.

After a short drive we were in Bhongir and it was time for a tea break. Refreshed and set for the serious drive ahead the 9 cars set off for Hanamkonda.

The members were driving at their own pace and I was the fourth one and reaching Ghanpur saw this huge horde of people on the road watching something. Curiousity got the better of me and I pulled over to be treated to a spectacle of unparalleled histrionics. Below was the drama:

Dramatis personnae:

Lead role: local autorickshaw driver.
This rustic talent did not disappoint and turned in an award winning performance.

Supporting lead: Mobike008
Our member was easily outclassed by the lead actor but he played his role perfectly and prevented the lead from walking away with the tropy!


Outside the town of Ghanpur mobike008 leads two other cars. The lead actor's autorickshaw coming in the opposite direction spies a buxom village belle on mobike's side of the road and red blooded son of the soil that he is, throws all caution to the wind and takes a quick U turn right in front of the three cars coming in a convoy.

Mobike's trusty steed is the 'chosen' one and its right fender nicks the autorickshaw's rear left. The temperamental auto keels over to the right and lies on its side doing its best impression of a dying devdas.


The auto driver waves feebly for help. Bystanders (who will play an important role later) pull him out from the capsized auto and put the auto right side up. He is carried to the side of the road, he sees his guided missile of an auto which had landed him a prize catch (mobike) in the middle of the road in the middle of the marauding hordes of buses and lorries. Quick as a flash he is up, rescues his auto and wheels it to the side of the road.

Having so expended the last of his energies, he flops down and feebly gestures to the anxious public that he is beyond medical help and that his only wish is to see his near and dear (bank manager?). He fishes out his cell phone and amid much moaning and groaning informs the called parties about the great calamity that struck him and how the grim reaper had come calling for him in mobike's red Viva CRDI.

In the absence of a priest, one of the bystanders (extra - nonspeaking, therefore nameless) offers him the 'gangajal' (manufactured, packaged and sold by Bisleri). Being so assured of his rightful place in the pantheon of Indian gods and demi-gods the Driver lies down muttering (presumably his last prayers but more likely the insensitvity of mobike who had missed his cues and had not opened his mouth so far) to meet his maker.

A wise man in the curious crowd that had gathered seeing the hopeless condition of auto driver and his imminent death and obviously being experinced in dealing with such hopeless cases tries a trick he learnt ages ago and mutters the "M" word and lo and behold!! for even the dead, not to mention the near-dead, will rise at the mention of that magical word.

The crowd was agog and was busy mentally calculating and spitting out figures like 20K, 25k etc. one entusiast of the mental calculation game even venturing as far afield as 35K. Miraculous, to say the least, was the speed of recovery of our lead actor.

Mobike quickly got into the heat of things and ably assisted by the remaining TBHPians who had arrived by then toted up the damage to his Viva at around 40K.

Cool! both sides seemed to be evenly matched and this is all set for a whopper of a nail biting finish. A tear jerker in the best traditions of our great movie moguls.

(This shall continue in the next part).
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Rajesh, that was a wonderful description almost covering every aspect of this memorable trip( at least for me..LOL). Well, this drive meet was as enjoyable as ever. I dont think i have anything else to add since Rajesh covered it so well.

Had a great time guys and can't wait for the next one at Runaway 9. Suren, can you please initiate this for first week Feb'09?

Suren, i tried calling you guys again last night, couldnt reach you. Hope you guys reached home safely after towing the zen. What were the damages apart from the radiator going bust?

Thanks to you, Prabhu, Sai, Brajesh and Raveendra for chipping to sort that little matter out

Brajesh, let's do the Nizam Club stuff sometime next week, will get in touch with you for that soon.

I reckon, it's time to decide ( not cross 150kmph on highways) or get a better set of tyres. I think i am going to stick with former as tyres change is an option to be exercised a little later in future.

It was wonderful meeting all the new folks and hope to see you all regularly for future meets too.

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Originally Posted by pulsar56 View Post
I might also land up there at the same time!!! I live at Banjara Hills! I am driving alone. Just got calls from the people who had confirmed that they are not joining tomorrow!!
We'll continue from there to Uppal. My no. - 9966577355
Around 20 cars and approx. 30+ people... Hyderabad Rocks!
Avi, Remember the PS3 games exchange.
Thanks buddy, but I got to see this only today. BTW, I'm confused with real names and those on this forum. Were you the guy on the Zen?

As regards the meet, it was indeed a great time, despite the minor incident. Only persons who intended to see Warangal might have a tough time explaining to their spouses what all they could get to see, apart from the watering hole in City Grand Hotel !!!

It was great to travel in Naveen's Palio 1.2---my first ever long trip on one, and I'd like to give full marks to him for his extra-careful driving skills.

It was also a unique privelege to travel back in Raveendra's Laura, and I now have fully realized the potential of that awesome car. The features and frills in offers are too good to be described. What I liked most were the individual temperature settings, the awesome pick-up and the rock-steady, ground-hugging nature of that car, not to mention the sweet sound that emanates when the turbo kicks in (what was that Raveendra--Pump Deuse or something, compared to CRDI?)

The most thrilling part on the personal front was that I could get to sneak out during lunch to see my 40-year old cousin who was operated for brain tumour in October, and the doc had said he had only 6-months left to survive, despite the surgery. He was fighting fit and 90% recovered, and planning to join duty after a couple of months. Now I know that God does cause miracles to happen.
Raveenrda, we are waiting for part 2 of your post.
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Sorry to hear the "Son of the soil" stuff Avinash, hope it did not cost you much. THP hyd seems to have grown really, I look forward to meet most some time in near future. Narration by RAvvendrra is pretty good.
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hi everyone,

I could not attend the meet, as I had to attend a meeting at 10:30AM which was decided only on saturday night.

Anyways, as I had plenty of time at hand, I went to meet all the folks at the meeting point. Rajesh bhai, thank you for all those good words else I know at least 4 bhpians(whom I dont want to name) would like to kick me for not attending the meet.

Here are some pics I took at the meeting point:

Arey deewano, muje pehchaano:

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-picture-001.jpg

mein hoon don

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-picture-002.jpg

thu aur don??? uthna scene hich nahin:

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-picture-004.jpg

the car of the meet:

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-picture-003.jpg

the engine mods, the painted cam-cover(modification!!!??)

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-picture-005.jpg

Sorry I could not get all the cars in the frame:

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-picture-006.jpg

a close-up shot:

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-picture-007.jpg

the kids playing around:

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-picture-008.jpg

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-picture-009.jpg

Whoever were the participants in the "to get married or not", please send me a PM, the detailed report on it and all the views and comments and the conclusion. Most of you guys know where I am and few Bhpians and their better halves who plotting my doom!!!
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Raj, thanks for being the first to post the pictures ( seems like the trend is reversing)

Raveendra, i must say your description of our drive meet was twisty,hilarious and lucid in the same breathe. Can't wait for the continuing part. Hope your aware, your post comes up quite a few hours later after you post it.

So i recommend you reach the No.50 in a haste. Benefits? you get your own garage and your posts come up instantaneously

Sreenivas, thanks for the concern, i guess the region of the damage is around 20K at the most. I need to replace my front bumper and front right headlight assembly.

Anyone can throw light how much they would cost? Also, does insurance cover the entire stuff?

Are the other folks still continuing the party that ended at 5:30pm on sunday? Wake up guys and post up your thoughts !!
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Default TBHP Hyd, drive and IDE (in-drive entertainment) Part 2

Time for episode 2 of this tale (don't worry, I am not stretching it out to 104 episodes like our TV producers).

So here we have the two contestants one with a claim of 25K for loss of earnings etc. etc. and on the other we have a claim for 40K for broken sealed beam, bent fender, and crumpled bonnet. Each vociferously arguing and freverently appealing to the audience that his claim was better.

Some of the bystanders were getting a little restless (perhaps anxious to get their cut of the pay-out) and things were likely to escalate, which sent shivers down my spine as Ghanpur is a sensitive area being naxalite infested (the Ghanpur Police station was blasted a few years ago).

Fortunately, the petty bourgeiosie (shopkeepers etc.) from among the bystanders quickly formed a fact finding mission of self professed experts.
The forensic experts who examined the tyre marks, location and extent of damage on each vehicle in detail and talked to the eye-witnesses, quickly declared that mobike's Hyndai was not at fault and that it was fortunate that the auto driver had not died. A few of the 'select committee' of locals also berated the auto driver for driving so recklessly.

At this our lead actor clutched his right leg and started moaning and wailing loudly (not his fault, it was the asst. director's job to remind him that he had been clutching his left leg in the previous leg clutching scene). The members of the lead actor's fan club immediately changed tack and argued that since the Viva was a bigger vehicle, the owner of the Viva had to pay the lead actor .

Mobike's fan club immediately shot back - "Try that argument with a lorry driver!" - LOL ......

In stepped the friendly auto mechanic (bedecked in a gold chain) and promptly gives an 'estimate' of Rs.5,000/, for a bent auto rear corner, broken tail-light and a ruptured diesel tank and another (thicker) gold chain for himself.

Seeing that things were not progressing, mobike shifts gears and ups the ante and asks that a police case be registered so that he could palm off the whole thing to his insurer. This is a great tactical move, at the mention of 'police' half the crowd along with a major portion of the auto driver's fan club disappear! The remaining lot try to reason "Saab - garib aadmi hai, nuksan nahin hona, repair aur khana peene ka kharcha de do". Brilliant - now mobike is faced with a claim for 5K as against 25K. Great statesman that mobike is, he reciprocates by reducing his claim to 20K from 40K.

We quickly move to the Ghanpur police station (new one, totally fortified, complete with concrete pill boxes and a watchtower on it's roof).

Finally the main negotiator on behalf of the lead actor (sarpanch of his village) arrives on the scene, and the real haggling starts in earnest. The goras who crib about the haggling by the Chinese have never seen this dude at work!

mobike's team wrests the tactical advantage by getting the sarpanch to agree that the repair to the auto will not cost more than 3K. It then weighs in with offering to pay half of that merely as a goodwill gesture. For the next 30 mins the movie drags on with a lot of stilted dialogue filled with hyperbole mouthed by each side. (hence edit edit edit ) A figure is suggested by one of mobike's team in a tone of utter contempt and disgust and a look that said "take it or leave it". (A brilliant portrayal!!)

The best actor award went to the lead role (who true to charecter decided to take it in cash). The money changed hands, the good men behind the fortified walls were given a "Republic Day gift" and the credits rolled a good one and half hours after the opening score.

Having had our fill of 'sight-seeing' and drama for the day, it was quickly decided to cut out the sight-seeing in Warangal and stick to cooling our heels with coolant of choice and lunch. So we headed off in search of the Hotel City Grand in Hanamkonda.

Reaching the venue, the tired bedraggled folk from Hyderabad were greeted at the entrance by nagvasireddy and getsurya who looked natty and fresh, they quickly ushered in the excited lot of us into a lovely cool restaurant with some great coolant and starters. Thank you nag and getsurya for such fabulous and elaborate arrangements.

Rajesh has given a great description of the food & drink and, the convo. (the printable parts i.e.)

See the other posts from rajesh, mobike and kr2k2 for more details and some great pics at the starting point. Thanks again kr2k2.

I hope that the other members who took snaps in the watering hole in Hanamkonda (Warangal) and en-route will post them here soon.

Thank you sreenivass, Vnabhi and mobike008 for your kind words.

mobike008 - man, you definitely need to change your tyres (your car's i.e.) before the monsoon, in the meanwhile do not drive in the TBHP events but ride with one of us until you change the rubber on your car. Incidentally your next F&B bill is on me, for having (unwittingly and for no fault of yours) provided us with some great diversion at Ghanpur. If your insurance guys act funny about paying up - let us hold our next meeting at their office and your team will negotiate with them (hopefully with more effect than in Ghanpur).

I thank the TBHPians for having welcomed me into their fold so warmly and easily. I really loved and enjoyed my first event with TBHP and look forward to many more.

Cheers and happy driving.
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OK junta, I propose making Ravveendrra TBHP-Hyd's official report writer. Man, what a great narration of the events. I could imagine every second of the whole plot reading your description. Great writing dude .

Avi, sorry to hear about this incident and the damage to your car. Let us know how you are getting it repaired and how much it costs.

Suren - what a kick<beep> Zen you have there, huh! Even Rajesh accepting defeat to it(!)...that must be one beast.

Looking forward to the group pic as I see quite few new names.
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Nice write up. enjoyed reading through!!

I am glad that you all enjoyed your 'special lunch' and the starters.

Lets ROCK!!
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Default More snaps

Here goes more snaps
Attached Thumbnails
Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01964.jpg  

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01965.jpg  

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01966.jpg  

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01967.jpg  

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01968.jpg  

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01969.jpg  

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01970.jpg  

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01971.jpg  

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01972.jpg  

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01973.jpg  

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01974.jpg  

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01975.jpg  

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01976.jpg  

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01979.jpg  

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01980.jpg  

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01989.jpg  

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01988.jpg  

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01990.jpg  

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01991.jpg  

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-dsc01992.jpg  

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Ravveendrra, great narration of the entire episode at Ghanpur. It was like recollecting the time we spent there, frame by frame.

Time well spent on another good meet that we had at Warangal. The enery levels were again very high on reaching the City Grand Hotel.

Its always been a lot of pleasure being with like minded people, even though if it happens to be one's wedding anniversary.
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Originally Posted by devnull View Post
OK junta, I propose making Ravveendrra TBHP-Hyd's official report writer. Man, what a great narration of the events. I could imagine every second of the whole plot reading your description. Great writing dude .
Totally agree with you rahul.. ravveendrra's write up is amazing ,everything was like going rewind after reading those words.

finally the hyderabad chapter have found their very own sam kapasi if i may say so (his yeti blogs are as detailed and funny as ravveendrra's)
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Ravveendrra, great narration. I hope you can attend every future meet and be first off the blocks in posting a review. BTW, what's your real name? Unless, of course, you believe in numerology and "Ravindra" was officially changed to "Ravveendrra"

Dudes, must say TBHP-Hyd is THE most spirited lot among all the groups I was ever part of. I did not like the drive between Bhongir and Ghatkesar, so I was keen that I pass that stretch before it's dark. Hence I started way too early (at 4.15 PM) from the hotel, and I am sure I missed a lot of fun conversations.

Kudos to Getsurya for arranging the things so meticulously. He has even arranged for a good discount from the hotel for our stay the previous night

I had reached Warangal with family the previous day, spent the evening visiting my alma mater (REC-Warangal) that's celebrating its annual cultural festival and reliving the memories. Next morning, I and Getsurya (with respective families) visited Bhadrakali temple and 1000-pillars temple before we came back to hotel and waited for the TBHP crowd. Some photos from my side:
Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-p1010156.jpg
View near Bhadrakali Temple

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-p1010158.jpg
Lake next to Bhadrakali Temple

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-p1010171.jpg
1000-pillars temple

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-p1010178.jpg

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-p1010174.jpg

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-p1010184.jpg
driving back to Hyd

Hyderabad's First Drive/Meet in January'2009-p1010189.jpg
sunset near Bhongir
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