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26th March, Thursday 2 6.06%
27th March, Friday (Gudi Padwa) 3 9.09%
28th March, Saturday 22 66.67%
Any day is fine 6 18.18%
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Old 28th March 2009, 18:49   #391
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Originally Posted by leadf00t View Post
So the CEO of kalti.com has to say a lot.

But he hasn't clearly said if he is joining the kalti.com gang today

Dan - what say???
Yes boss. Coming yaar. CEO has to be there.
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Old 28th March 2009, 19:37   #392
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Im sorry guys im out of this! Today got a wildcard from Kalti.com
So sorry, i know im gonna miss a great meet! :(
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Old 28th March 2009, 21:04   #393
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just leaving for the venue,ahh drive + meet and then again drive but as a co-passenger
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Old 29th March 2009, 01:28   #394
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Just back from my first meet and what a meet it was. A good turnout, good food, a well organised meet to say the least. Kudos to Throttleking (Vasuli man) for oganising such a wonderful meet.

More details to follow tomorrow.
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Old 29th March 2009, 02:23   #395
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Default Fantastic meet

It was a great meet at Sunny's tonight/last night. It was an interesting meet in the sense that we did have our share of people giving kalti there were a lot of pleasnt surprises with people coming in who were not expected. The mood was gala and many a new friendship was made. Lots of highlights -don't know where to start, scooby's SLK or Jeetu's sexy ride, Amey the ICEman's subtly system or RamiAnna "rock the dancefloor" bling machine. People were laughing through the day, at each other, at memoies, at Vivek getting tagged by Vikram, at Vikram talking to Manson thinking he was Rami (), at 'someone' going to the ladies loo etc etc. Personally I enjoyed the new friends made and meeting with old ones. I am sure I am going to get names mixed up again tomorrow but in the meantime it was a pleasure meeting all. Missed tecnocrat and bhushan but they were caught up in stuff.

anyways all in all a great success wioth great food - thanks in a very large part to Throttle King's efforts. In addition to all the efforts he has put in before the event he was playing the perfect host. Well Done Sagar. You effort is much appreciated by all.

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Old 29th March 2009, 03:46   #396
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Sadly I missed this for many a reason, hope you guys had a blast please share pics.
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Old 29th March 2009, 04:12   #397
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What a bloody awesome meet. Great turnout, great fun. Surprise packages in the form of Scooby, Jitu, Adya and Priyank and also Ramie who turned up almost at midnight, but true to his word, he did show up. Awesome show guys!
Somebody post the pics on the double!
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Old 29th March 2009, 04:27   #398
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Aah just back,it was awesome meeting up our bhpian's as usual i arrived late but this time it was too late,hope i dont repeat this next time,pune boys good to meet you now its your turn to head to to mumbai and have a blast.

Food was really good at sunny da dhaba,after the meet Dan,Pdev,KSM-vtec,adman77,newbie Amit,Amar1200 and myself left for tiger point had alot of fun which even involved some DB Drag competition between the Inova,Optra and getz ....almost crashing now,please someone update the pics.Goodnight hope all bhpians reached home safely.
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Old 29th March 2009, 09:14   #399
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had a blast -- this was my first meet and i was looking forward to seeing all the folks in person, -- good big turnout and pure fun
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Old 29th March 2009, 09:35   #400
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Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. Btw, is Sunny dhaba the same one which was featured on one of the Highway travellers episode?

Look forward to the pictures
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Old 29th March 2009, 11:50   #401
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those 12 hours!! ya-e-ya-e-ya-e [speedzak style].

I started from baramati exactly at 3pm.
During drive, i felt that tyre pressure is low. stopped at roadside garage near jejuri and filled tyres with air. mechanic showed me 30 psi pressure with gauge. again started and felt something wrong with tyre. car was whobling. sensed the danger and drived slowly for almost 35 km. stopped at hp pump near phursungi. checked the tyre pressure with electronic gauge and its 45 psi for all tyres. corrected the tyre pressure.
From katraj onwards its 4 lane road. reached to dehuroad at 6pm. stopped for snacks. my car's puc was expired. one puc vendor car was parked across the highway. walked upto him and asked him for puc and got it for rs60 without checking the vehicle of mine. wrong procedure followed by him and me, cursed myself for state of affairs. started from there at @6:20pm. it was just 25 km drive upto sunny-da-dhaaba. reached at sunny at 6:45 pm.
Violla! i was again first to reach there after driving almost 160km. i tried my best to reach the meet on time. hope, others will also try their best. within 10 min, scooby and viper came. after that its arrival, welcome, introduction, hugging event for almost 2 hours.
food started rolling. i must thank throttleking for everything he has done to make this grand success. he bargained hard and it was good deal at sunny. food was really good.
sunny has good parking space. all cars were neatly lined up except one.!! car of the meet was scooby's convertible merc. i don't know the model name but its toooooo beautiful. thanks scooby for your kindness to allow the members to feel the car. jitu's 340 bhp ohc was real monster. thanks jeetu for detailed description of modification. amey's choice of ICE really something different and its one of the best setup. thanks amey for audition. though ramieanna came at almost midnight, he brought electric effect with him. nice lightings, ramieanna.
one sad thing about this meet, there are not much pics of this meet as everyone assumed that other guy may bring his camera and disaster happened. only one/two cameras were there.
@50 guys came. there were lot of newbies. i was the first to reach at 6:45pm and ramieanna was the last man reached at 11:45 pm. kudos to ramie for keeping his commitement. it was great fun.
nice to meet n-aditya, shabbir, kunal, throttle, kpbhatt, raja, swale[thanks for goodies], aditya, viper, scooby, brizwiz,1self, amey, vikram, nc,turboholic, nishant gandhi, ramie2400, leadfoot, ali g, shrivz, manson[ sorry, i mistook you as ramie], tez, and others[ i do not remember other names as usual].
though sunny has good dhaaba like ambience, the food is great and great location. staff was good and service also good.

drive back---
i left sunny at midnight 12. it was fast drive upto katraj 60 km in hour.
by taking katraj -undri bypass, i reached fursungi at 1:15 am. took tea at roadside stall and started. i was fully awake and refreshed. roads were empty. 1/2 vehicles passing in 3/4 km dist. at saswad, collected friend and reached jejuri at 2 am, had driven almost 110km. jejuri to baramati is district road with wide road and signage.
near morgaon, @ 5 km road is under renovation and it was pain to cross it. crossed morgaon. part of the road of this section is near wildlife sanctuary. spotted two deers, rabbits, one fox/jackel. all were crossing the road. after sunset, i do not drive more than 60 km/hr on unknown road. as pune-baramati is very well known road to me, i was driving at 70 km/hr. at one curve near a village, i spotted one cat crossing the road at fast pace. it was at @ 100 feet. i slowed somewhat and then big noice came! thaaad!!! i suddenly realised that a dog was running after the cat at fast pace and came infront of car within fraction of second. dog car hit was at the numberplate. i reallised that dog was dead on the spot. i felt really sad about death of dog under my car. i did not stop as it was dark.
after 10 km , at some village, i stopped near street light and checked the damage. front bumper was fractured at fins near numberplate, numberplate was bent. i started again within no time and reached baramati at @3 am. dropped my friend at his place. smsed throttle about my reaching to baramati.

distance traveled---318km to and fro.

slept at 4am revealing the moments at meet.

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Old 29th March 2009, 13:55   #402
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What a meet !!
Truely awesome. Maja aa gaya !
First of all, hats off to Throttleking aka Wasuli-anna. That was a really well oraganised meet with a lot of good quality food at quite a bargain. ( I know people will disagree with me on this, but I have been to Sunny dhaba quite a few times earlier, and it has turned out a lot heavier on our pockets each time )

Meeting up a lot of newbies from Pune was fun. Hope to see you guys in the regular pune meetups more often. The regular pune gang was there as always, but dhavalee and another member expert in 'quick' things were really missed by two giants of Pune

@1Self - you do a pretty good job of keeping up Hyundai name :-D, but still trying to persuade Jitu to do up a Hyundai is too much !!! LOL..

From the mumbai guys, Scooby with his SL500 was a super-surprise ! For all others, its difficult to remember everybody's name, but you guys are fun ! Really nice meeting you all, and now I know what I missed in MM-1 and MM-2. Damn.

@F50, N_C, Addy - thanks for the moderator presence ! It was needed really bad since the time 1self reached the venue. LOL.

@adman77 - nice talking to you brother. Hope both of us find a good swap with turbo for our rides :-D

@Scooby sir - awesome is the only word !

@Raja - thanks for riding shotgun with me, man. I was pretty much bored with driving alone to the venue. Oh, and I realised on the way back -Dunhill are really good !

@AshishPallod - Hats off sir ! driving all the way from Baramati to meet a crazy bunch - it takes you to be crazier ! Oh, and awesome stuff that was ! Your Cat experience on the way back is scary. RIP the Dog hehehehe..

@Amey - See I finally made it before 10 and didnt leave till 12..

Note for the Mods - Can you please change 'Throttleking's nick name to 'Wasuli anna' ?? Please !!!!

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Old 29th March 2009, 13:58   #403
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Default Baamati woul be a great idea

Probably slightly OT:

I for one would surely like a drive to baramati, other commitements pendin. And after interacting with Ashish I should say that meeting him is more than enough initiative to drive there

Last edited by Technocrat : 30th March 2009 at 12:42. Reason: The quoted post has been deleted
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Old 29th March 2009, 14:12   #404
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wow TBHP meets are getting into my blood. It was wonderful meeting all of u.

Kudos to AshishPallod! he represents the true spirit of meets and TBHP. Count me in for any meet in Baramati.

In fact hats-off to every one who was there and it was so nice to see the ease with which each of us interacted. No attitudes No jerking. everyone was easy to interact.

Wasuli- a piece of advice- u should't worry about recession and stuff. U got an alternate career as an event manager or with collections in a Bank.
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Old 29th March 2009, 14:24   #405
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Hello everyone,

It was a great meet and very well organised, TK you should be the floor manager for all the meets, just kidding mate.

It was fun, great food, icing on the cake was to see so many people turned up, my habit is usually of reaching late, but first time I was before time with Jiggy bhai, Scooby, Laura boys (sorry dont rem your names). WE had a good knowledge sharing exercise before everyone else arrived and after that it was T-Bhpians all over the place as though we owned the place.

What a gang we've got, all enthus, no hang ups and for me it was like I knew all of them since childhood.

Always in for meets whenever and where ever.

Was home in an 1:15 min from SDD to Andheri West, was fun drive.

Please post the pics whoever has it.

Until then SEE YOU WHEN I SEE YOU....

One more suggestion, we should get Team-BHP T-shirts done for future meets with our T-BHP id's on the back, it will be more fun and people around will know who we are, nothing but machine freaks.

Until then SEE YOU WHEN I SEE YOU....
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