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We are waiting for more pictures! & especially, the best pic of the red beast clicked by me
Don't resize that one!
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Default Operation overnighter

In addition to being the on-board navigator cum gear reader, the lill chap also took on the mantle of photographer. Some of his snaps show a great perspective from 3' off the ground!

I finally got the pics from my camera onto the computer. The challenge now is to post them here.

The men:

Here are the pictures (never released before for operational reasons) of the men and boys who undertook the mission. Eager beavers all with tonnes of skill and skills. Each armed to the teeth with humour and wit.

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1667.jpg

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1666.jpg

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1668.jpg

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1671.jpg

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1669.jpg

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1672.jpg

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1569.jpg

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1652.jpg

not to be left out - self portrait of our official portrait artist.

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1680.jpg

Their machines:

Each one specially and lovingly prepared for missions like this - two Pete'd Diesels and one petrol which was not satisfied with normal performance modding, it would not settle for anything less than a 30% increse in displacement!

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1610.jpg

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1715.jpg

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1711.jpg

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1713.jpg

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1710.jpg

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1717.jpg

The destination:

The lovely beaches at Bapatla and Chirala were the destinations.

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1695.jpg

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1694.jpg

The base camp:

Spartan accomodations to provide vital shelter and safety to our heroes in chaddies.

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1551.jpg

The mission:

To make a mark on the beach and to forever leave the indelible imprint of the TBHPians

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1696.jpg

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1697.jpg

Their allies:

The men in blue (light blue in this case), seen here making a quick exit to the left of the picture.

Hyderabad-April Meets-100_1705.jpg

More of the fun & festivities during/after the mission later.

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Originally Posted by pulsar56 View Post
We are waiting for more pictures! & especially, the best pic of the red beast clicked by me Don't resize that one!
Well, i am going to post that as a standalone later on.

Here comes the next set of pictures that is again along the highway most of them are after we finished our lunch in Guntur and were on the way to Bapatla/Chirala.

Since we were in the Chilly district, how can we miss posting some pictures that can make you red HOT !!!
Attached Thumbnails
Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_69931.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_69961.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70041.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70151.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70191.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70221.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70231.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70251.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70301.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70531.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70471.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70311.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70331.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70351.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70541.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70561.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70601.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70621.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70661.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70671.jpg  

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Write up Ravvs !!!!! I'm dying to read yours and relive the weekend for the third time ( one for real , 2nd the brilliant one by Avi and now waiting for yours!!! )
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Originally Posted by absynthguzzler View Post
Write up Ravvs !!!!! I'm dying to read yours and relive the weekend for the third time ( one for real , 2nd the brilliant one by Avi and now waiting for yours!!! )
+1 to that!
I am also refreshing the thread like crazy since morning!

Avi, that pic is going to be your avatar right?

Rraavveennddrra!, No more pics of the close ups please! LOL! We look like characters from a horror movie!!!

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Originally Posted by pulsar56 View Post
Avi, that pic is going to be your avatar right?
That's correct my dear pulsar56. It will soon become my avataar,profile and will even take a print-out and paste it on my chest

Ok, here comes the much awaited kingfisher calender with models from TBHP HYD agency posing for the pleasure of voyuers

All these pictures were taken at the picturesque location of the private beach at ITC guest house in Chirala !!!!
Attached Thumbnails
Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70841.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70931.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71211.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71241.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71311.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71321.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71331.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71341.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71361.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71371.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71401.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71421.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71431.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71441.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71461.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71471.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71481.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71521.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71531.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71561.jpg  

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Here comes the final batch of KF poses !!!
Attached Thumbnails
Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71571.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71581.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71611.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71691.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71711.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71541.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71501.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71391.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71201.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71191.jpg  

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Default Operation overnighter - 2

The heading should be a warning, a sequel is never as good as the first one. You have been warned, you venture forward at your own risk.

It was finally on! A chain of events which commenced with a misguided revival of a Hyd-Bng mid-way meet at Hampi which died a natural death in the summer heat. (Perhaps to be revived in the monsoon or post-monsoon.) The dates for that meet were 25th and 26th April. Once the seed was planted in the heads of the crazy Hydeez that we are it grew and flourished. Once set for an overnight trip the thought process went - why inland? Let us do something that everyone does in the summer, i.e. hit the beach! Only difference is that most (sane) people do it so that they travel for about 25% of the time and frolic on the beach for 75% of the time. Aah well, we Hydeez have long given up our claim to any semblance of sanity.

So it was set, after drop outs and non-starters the list of participants was: Mobike, HRH-RR, Vnabhi, KRR2KR, Absynth, Pulsar, NK and yours truly accompanied by a 7 year old who designated himself the co-driver cum speed breaker spotter cum gear reader (when he was not busy on the PSP or sleeping). When outside the car he promptly appropriated the camera and took candid snaps.

Without much discussion the list of cars that we were going to use was decided as the Viva, the Laura and the NHC. A last minute change was effected as Pulsar needed to break in his rocket on the highways. Poor NK's plans to take along his i10 were demolished by his well-meaning old man and the evil, manipulative TBHPians who ganged up with his dad to have him safely park his i10 in Arun's house.

The morning started early, with the eager junta waking up somewhere close to mid-night and posting on this thread, their progress to the meeting point. I too woke up 'aadhi raat' i.e. 5.00 a.m. and was startled to hear a little voice saying "I am awake, you better not leave be behind, I want to go to the beach too." A quick cuddle and reassurance that he would be taken to the beach (which incidentally was some 7 hours away) and he goes back to sleep to let me brush, shower and get b'fast ready. Half-way through, I wake him up around 5.45 and give him a shower. Unfortunately he dawdles over b'fast so we are able to leave the flat only around 6.15. We stop at my office to set the aquarium for my 2 day absence and to fill in the ice-box that is stationed there. As we are about to leave Venu saab gives a call and I re-assure him that we are on our way. I reach Arun's place to find the junta wating impatiently at the gate. We quickly put some luggage into the dickie of the Laura and spot NK land up with his dad. We are hoping that his dad would join us, but he begs off (lucky for NK though).

HRH-RR suggests that we nominate one person as a 'bank' and deposit money with him so that he can pay all bills as we go along. Venu saab was the natural choice and he graciously accepted this onerous task. As the wise ppl. had all tanked up the night before (the cars!), we hit the NH9 quickly before traffic can pick up. We keep a decent pace and hit a dhabha at Gundrampally (approx. 68 Km) which is simply knows as Sansar Singh's dhabha to me. Post a leisurely b'fast we hit the road again only to find that the road is now packed with traffic. We reach the State Bank Yellareddyguda Branch and take the right to Nalgonda. After the NH9, this road is a pleasure to drive on. Since we were pre-warned, we kept a sharp eye out for speed-breakers but each of us were still caught by the odd one and managed short flights. One speed breaker in a little place just outside Guntur though delighted us. The red beast which was being piloted by HRH-RR suddenly slowed down and almost came to a halt, before moving on again at a more sedate pace. A close examination of the road surface revealed nothing, looking up, the reason for the sudden change of pace and direction hit us, Billa's headlights were directly in line with the eye and aligned to blind the on coming driver.

For once, the Hydeez did not stop every 10 to 20 Km, but kept going for a relatively non-stop run, stopping for short breaks only once every few hours. Arun led us to a lovely deep and dark place in Guntur for lunch. It felt lovely to be there after being out in the scorching sun all morning. We allowed ourselves a leisurely lunch and reluctantly left the dark and cool environs only around 2.15. Once we hit the road to Chirala with it's wonderfully grippy surface we made good time and reached Chirala by around 4.30. A drive through town and out to a sea-front property (which unfortunately was full) and a return trip through the unbelievably crowded streets in town meant that we were able to drop our luggage and head for the beach only at dusk. Not to be put off, the junta promptly dived into the water in the dark and had a rollicking time for well over an hour. The sea though extracted a small price in the form of Arun's spectacles and T-Shirt. Just standing in the water and feeling the sea-breeze on the face made us feel that the day's drive was well worth it.

We headed back to our lodgings and after showers, settled in for a nice long chat on the terrace outside our rooms. The A/c. in my room was acting up, coming on for about 20 seconds before going off for well over 10 minutes! I cleaned the air-filter and then removed it altogether, as this did not work, I tried stringing the thermostat probe out into the warmer room and cleaning the condenser fins. This too did not work so I finally started playing with the thermostat (the helpful inn-keeper had of course removed the knob that would sit on the shaft). After fiddling around a few minutes, I hit pay dirt and found a particular place where the thermostat would not cut off the compressor. Finally I was set for a good night's sleep.

Once back at our inn, we quickly placed our order for dinner and settled down on the terrace where we could savour the sea-breeze. We waded through some chips and stuff and litres of water and other fluids that our de-hydrated bodies craved for. The dinner arrived, each portion packed neatly in a cardboard box. Dinner consisted of prawns fry (dry) and biryani. The prawns were fresh, a nice change from the frozen variety that is normally served. The biryani was the 'andhra' variety and was a wee bit spicy but yummy. For dessert we polished off a few chocolate brownies that survived the road-trip from Secunderabad.

Junta who were not there, we did miss you guys. As usual the convo was free flowing and ranged from movies, reality shows, stunts, magic, economies, elections, cars, red-beast's brake pads, the Tank's wheel spin, the rocket's need for upsized tyres to handle that big heart it has, beaches, hill stations, a Hydeez drive to parts unknown, (do I see a Hyd TBHP meet in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands?) We finally wound down around 2.30 a.m.

The next morning, NK in all innocence woke us up at 6.30 . The promise of a few quality hours on the Bapatla beach got us out of bed in double quick time. A few rounds of tea helped us wake up and get ready and packed. Some fluffy idlies served on the terrace set us up for the morning's activities. We quickly headed off to Suryalanka and it's fabulous beach which was a bit crowded courtesy it being a Sunday. Some quick negotiations with the staff and occupants of the APTDC resort there ensured that we could shower and change there.

Raj looking for a mermaid, HRH-RR looking for Anushka in a bikini, Arun waiting for Ursula Andress to emerge out of the water, Nazim and NK being inspired by the KF calender led the pack, leaving us oldies no choice but to follow them into the pleasant water. A few hours later we emerged, some of us darkies being tanned further and the not so dark ones showed the begginings of a sun-burn. A quick shower to wash the salt and sand off us and we were set to begin the long drive home.

The tired but happy lot set off towards Guntur where we were to refill our stomachs and cars' tanks. This time we headed out onto the top floor of a hotel for some lovely Chapaties with chicken curry and prawn curry as well as some biryani and Ice cream. I had a feeling that the food was better in this place than the place we had lunch on Saturday. A petrol bunk nearby (just off the flyover) led us up the garden path - the pump showed that 46 litres was put into the Tank's 1/4 full tank - a physical impossibility, that pump was off by about 10 litres!! The rocket was already refuelled but we moved the red-beast to another bunk for re-fuelling. If Vnabhi can post the name and address of the bunk it would warn others against using that particular bunk.

When setting off on the return journey, Mobike with a very serious and stern expression on his face said "We will drive in a convoy, sticking to speeds of 80 to 100 Kmph (max speeds)". The rest of us nodded very sagely trying to keep a straight face. Avi perhaps mis-heard Mobike for he soon shot off into the horizon maintaining more like 80 to 100 Mph!

Nazim started out from Hyderabad being an overcautious (and therefore dangerous) and indecisive driver. A quick phone call to Arun who was his co-pilot at that time soon saw him learning to drop a gear or two for overtaking and firmly on his way to becoming a competent if not potent driver on the highways. A quick tip over breakfast to change gears in anticipation of an opportunity and a short demo by Arun seemed to have done the trick. During the run from Guntur to Hyderabad, he was stuck to the Tank as if by an invisible thread. He followed at a safe distance and, did not budge from there. He maintained a reserve of power and on one occasion overtook the Tank in order to make a halt and check his luggage. All of us who were in the Tank loved the way he drove - focussed, safe, fast, cautious, quick to grab an opportunity but never taking unnecessary chances. As Arun said and I quote "His driving ethics were always good".

A quick cup of tea after Miryalguda and we braced ourselves for the dreaded NH9. As expected progress on that apology for a highway was painfully slow till our next re-group just before the L.B. Nagar junction. We changed cars and shifted luggage to the appropriate car here. We also settled accounts with our Banker (leaving a surplus of Rs.150 with him for our next meet). The contribution per head for all expenses fuel, food, accomodation etc. was surprisingly low - about Rs.2500/- IIRC.

A wonderful drive meet came to an end with us quickly breaking off so we could rest before the week ahead. I just wish that Brajesh, Suren, Chetan, Anurag and others could have joined us. It was a lovely drive, with people one likes and respects, a looooong evening spent chatting and joking. A learning experience and quality time for self.

We learnt one very important lesson about overnight trips: Plan early (6 to 8 weeks in advance), get the confirmations in place and book accomodation at least 4 weeks in advance. There is no other way of doing it properly.


P.S.: There will be a debriefing session for all concerned / interested on Wednesday at the same venue as our 'election day' meet. If someone is passing Bawarchi please bring the biryani from there. 2nd preference = Garden.

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These pictures are of next day i.e on the sunday when we visited Suryalanka beach.

The resort ( Harita Beach Resorts) which is bang on the beach is fabulous and must visit. However, plans need to be made well in advance else getting a room is next to impossible. Some lessons learnt, next time to be more cautious.
Attached Thumbnails
Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71901.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72001.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72071.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72081.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72091.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72101.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72151.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72191.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72231.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72241.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72271.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72311.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72321.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72371.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72381.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72391.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72471.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72541.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72561.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72591.jpg  

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This is the final set of pictures of one of the best Hyd TBHP meets ever. Most of the pictures here are random and just posting for your viewing pleasure. Phew !!!!!

Later comers, please scroll back a couple of pages to view all the pictures. I assume there should be a good hundred+ if not more

Signing off with these pictures-Phir Milenge HUM LOG agli meet mein
Attached Thumbnails
Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72611.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72631.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72641.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72651.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72661.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72671.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72401.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70711.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70731.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70831.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72461.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72481.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_72531.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71991.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_71831.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_69871.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_69631.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_70021.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_69361.jpg  

Hyderabad-April Meets-dsc_69351.jpg  

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I feel bad that I missed this meet..
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Nice Pics guys and u has good fun.
Ursula Andress coming out of the waves lol..she must be in her seventies now.Rather substitute Halle Berry with Mrs.Andress.
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All I can say is that I feel PATHETIC for having missed out on this amazing meet!!!!! I hope the next one will be organised when I am in town.

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The pics are great..ravendra kudos for the write-up. I am feeling miserable for missing out on the meet. I hope I will not miss the next overnight meet.

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each picture made me re-live the moment folks!

ravs we guys have to watch 'billa' now yaar .hehehee

we can do a 'telegu movie meet' for sure.

some of my pics are like the urmila matondkar of rangeela movie(she was also running around in 'lux cozy baniyaan' on the beach.hehehe

like himanshu bhai said folks who coudnt make it missed the total dhamaal for sure( need i say more after seeing the pics)

my tattoo looks great yaar!

p.s: some of the pics which cannot be posted on this forum is a must watch .lol ( hint: avinash doing the john abraham pose of dostana)

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