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Default Re: VW Polo - Maintenance and Service cost and dos/don'ts

Originally Posted by AppyS View Post
Folks my Polo is nearing 3 years and the extended warranty will be going off soon, just 9k kms on the odo. Does VW sell extended warranty beyond 3 years also if I want to purchase it now? Does it even make sense to go for extended warranty any further? Also which is the best insurance policy (bumper to bumper) for the polo at bangalore. I have had a real horrible experience with bajaj over the past 3 years and will surely want to change.
Volkswagen cars get at most 2 years extended warranty over and above 2 years standard warranty. I don't whether they sell only 4th year extended warranty.

You can go through the Extended Warranty matrix given below link.

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Default Re: VW Polo - Maintenance and Service cost and dos/don'ts

I recently noticed that my polo seems to be leaning towards the driver side when viewed from behind. Its an year old car with around 15k on the odo. 1st year service was done in August without any major repairs or anything. I'm not sure what could have caused this especially when all the driving has been in city under normal traffic conditions.

Should I be taking the car to the service station for a check up? I'm not sure if sedate city driving can take out the springs / shocks so soon.
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Default Re: VW Polo - Maintenance and Service cost and dos/don'ts

I had gone through the steering/vibration thread, but since there is a dedicated thread here related to VW service, thought I might as well share my experience here.

Polo 1.2P has clocked 30000kms and is nearing 3 years of age. Noticed a slight shuddering and a sound from the general direction of the steering wheel while braking. I was on a drive back home (60+kms remaining), so I carefully tried out different scenarios and concluded that this happened only when:
1. I braked hard but not completely, say around 80%, from speeds in the range of 80kph-90kph.
2. At lower speeds, it did not recur consistently enough to be noticeable and I could not find any pattern.
3. There were no other sounds at all while steering or anything else, this phenomenon only occurred during braking.

Since the car was nearing the 3rd service, I too thought that it might be a rotor gone bad or an issue with the braking system. Promptly booked an appointment with the VW service center here in Trivandrum.

After inspection, the SA claimed that the brakes were in good condition and there were no issues. He said that this was an issue with the 'steering column' and it was common. I had extended warranty and therefore this would be covered under warranty. However this 'steering column' was not in stock and I had to take the car back. They aligned and balanced my wheels and said they replaced a 'dampener/bush' of some variety in the 'steering colum' and that it was fine for now till the part arrived. Anyway, whatever magic they worked had resulted in a reduction in the shuddering sound but not the vibration.

Follow up calls over a month show no promising results of the arrival of the said 'steering column'. Meanwhile, whatever work they seemed to have done has made the condition even worse and now the juddering while braking is prominent and outright frightening. The steering shudders to both left and right slightly while braking. (No deviation in direction though)

I follow up with the showroom about the part and get another appointment after making a few curt remarks. However this time it seems that is suspension related and hence it will not be covered under warranty. Furthermore it seems they only 'cleaned' the 'steering column' last time.

I was informed that it would cost around 5k~ and they would get it done quickly. 4 working days later, after conversations with various people at the service center, I am skeptical. Nobody seems to know the exact problem or the exact part intended to be replaced. They seem to make up plans as they go. The parts I heard were replaced ranged from 'stud bearing' to 'shock bush' to 'ball joint'. Basically they seem to be listing anything that comes to mind in the general area. Countless hours of nagging later, I get the car back with a bill of 3.7k. The invoice mentions a 'ball bearing' replacement. Have attached pics of the said ball bearing.

VW Polo - Maintenance and Service cost and dos/don'ts-dsc_2800.jpg

VW Polo - Maintenance and Service cost and dos/don'ts-dsc_2801.jpg

A test drive immediately on delivery and I find out that while the disconcerting loud noises have gone away, there is till prominent shuddering. Another appointment for the next day and the Service engineer this time promtply tells me its a braking issue. They state that the rotors have to be replaced and that this will solve the problem. The same people who insisted that there was no need to even touch the brakes are now asking for them to be replaced. Meanwhile the sounds produced while braking have gone to the original level before I bothered with Volkswagen. A bother but not too worrisome.

They seemed to have replaced a part for no reason. Neither did it help in anyway nor did it make any noticeable difference. They were also very ambiguous as to where the exact part was located to deny my claims of extended warranty.
I have not replaced the rotors and now to plan to see an independant garage outside for further recommendation. I do not trust any work the dealer can/might perform. I have totally incurred around 6k (not to mention all the time wasted) over 3 services and have no results to show for it at all!

Experts please share your opinion.
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Default Re: VW Polo - Maintenance and Service cost and dos/don'ts

Does anyone know of any reliable flatbed service? Planning on driving down to Goa from Mumbai later this year, need to get my car transported back Goa from to Mumbai as I will be flying out to Delhi straight from Goa. TIA.
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Default Re: VW Polo - Maintenance and Service cost and dos/don'ts

Originally Posted by Aravind R View Post
I had gone through the steering/vibration thread, but since there is a dedicated thread here related to VW service, thought I might as well share my experience here.

Experts please share your opinion.
I have owned a POLO 1.2 since 2011 with odometer crossing 54,000kms. I have never faced any mechanical problem in my vehicle (touchwood)
Your case is frightening. I believe you should have approached another dealer or a knowledgeable workshop who would have guided you in totality. This was waste of time and money.
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Originally Posted by Aravind R View Post
I had gone through the steering/vibration thread, but since there is a dedicated thread here related to VW service, thought I might as well share my experience here.
The rotors on your car have developed 'grooves' over time and use. It's a common problem reported in the Vento and Rapid threads.
Just go to a reputed FNG and get the rotors skimmed. When it occurs next time around, get it replaced with high quality Brembo's etc

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Default Re: VW Polo - Maintenance and Service cost and dos/don'ts

I had several problems in my Polo 1.5 TDI in the last month.

1. About a month back, the door locks were automatically locked after I closed the door. The speedometer was dancing without me even starting the car. I then started the car and after running for some time, the car started jerking and the ABS warning light came on. Took it to the service center. They saw an ABS sensor failure in the OBD reading (right front wheel sensor). The part was not available and they told it will be in stock in a couple of days. But after several calls, I got it fixed only after 2 weeks. Until then, I was driving without ABS. No problem thereafter.

2. And then, around 4 days back, the 'engine management' and 'catalytic converter' warning lights came on. I was not worried as I knew it was not a major problem. It happened to my car once and was fixed after cleaning some dust. BUT this time, a few seconds after I started my car everytime that day, the rpm goes down to 200-400 (normal idle rpm is 800) with a stressful engine noise. It then comes back to normal idle rpm after around 30 seconds. Then when I start to drive, the rpm climbs very very slow after 1800 rpm. I pressed the accelerator hard but it showed little to no effect. There was no turbo kick at all. I was forced to upshift once the rpm reached 1800 to increase the speed. It was like driving a low-power petrol car like Hyundai eon. It happened only on that day. The next morning when I started the car, everything was normal. No warning lights, no rpm drops and turbo back in action.
I don't know why this happened. The reasons could be, I did a 1.5-hours high-speed high-rev driving that morning. I filled fuel at a new pump which I later came to know to be having several complaints, immediately after which I started experiencing these problems. What could be the reason?

3. Finally, today evening I went out with friends and when I tried starting the car to come back, it would not start. Not even a click. The panel lights and parking lights were working. Jerk-started the car and drove for a few kms. One-touch functionality of windows was not working at first but later started working. I then switched off the engine and started again to check. Again no click. Jerk-started again and came back home. Tried once again in my shed to start, but no luck. I'm taking to service center tomorrow.
What could be the reason? I never experienced any delay in starting the car like how we see in a bad or low battery. Sometimes, my 2-year old son goes inside the car (in my presence) and switches on headlamps and stereo but never for more than 5-10 minutes. Could this be anyhow related to the bad fuel I filled a couple days back? A mobile charger was always plugged into my 12V port but today I removed it. It was there for the past several months. Illogical to say, but could that be the problem?
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Default How to get rid of service indicator warning / 'Insp' light in Polo

Folks, I found this in another place on the net, think its worth sharing. If for some reason your service due 'Insp' light comes on in your MID, here is a way to reset the warning light. It has worked for me. I have decided to get my Polo serviced outside of the dealership for various reasons, and this helped me get rid of the pesky 'Insp' sign.

Please note that this only applies for Service due kind of scenario, I don't think it will work (and should not be used) for any other issues.

Here are the steps:
1. With the doors closed put the key in the ignition.
2. Hold down the trip odometer reset (right button, in front of the MID) button.
3. Turn the key to the ON position. You will see the service indicator warning (spanner symbol and "INSP").
4. Release the trip odometer reset button and press the minute adjustment button (left side button in front of MID) repeatedly (3-4 times). This should reset the service indicator. It will reset to 15000 or 7500 kms, as the case may be for your car.
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