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  • Sedans invariably have longer wheelbase (and hence better space) than their hatchback brothers
  • Sedans mostly have more powerful engine and better equipment levels

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The boot of a sedan will act as a buffer zone during rear impacts.
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The only major actual differentiator I can think of is the Boot Space.
Next one is the Status consciousness of people. Many people buy Sedans just bcos it gives them a richer appearance than hatchbacks.

Originally Posted by JLN View Post
2) Noise levels are better insulated (as in a hatchback the noise from the trunk filters into the cabin very easily).
What's there in the trunk which makes noise?
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Originally Posted by sanagg1 View Post
Why one should go for Sedan instead of Hatch ?

Now what other qualities does a sedan offer over hatch from utility/practicality point of view ? I am starting off with a few in my mind and expect mates to add value.
1. Better highway handling
2. Boot to carry your stuff

please add on

3) Safer in a rear end collision.
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Old 22nd July 2010, 14:36   #20
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Boot space was the primary deciding factor in my purchase. Moreover sedans look cool and complete.
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Lets face this fact- we are still maturing into a society where owning a car is still taken as a measure of a persons success in his career. The day a car lands up in a persons house, the image they hold in the eyes of their neighbors, friends and relatives takes a quantum jump. Be it the young man who has landed up with a job with a leading MNC, or the young couple who are starting a new life together or many other families in India who aspire for a 4-wheeler, having one lifts the families image amongst their peers for sure. I am not talking about a minority who maybe into their second or 3rd car and for who buying it is not as much an aspiration than a utility( read the urban commuter or the enthusiasts who visit blogs like this)
For the vast majority, the "size" of the car and the "image"that it holds equates directly to the success in life they have attained or the status they hold.
Looking at this, buying a sedan is clearly a direct reflection of one's economic status and hence those who wish to celebrate their success, and want more respect for their status, buy a sedan. There are many practical aspects to consider, but this debate of practicality vs buying for image has relevance ONLY in the urban settings. The Tier 2 and Tier 3 places have a simple equation, buy a hatch if you cannot afford a sedan! An exception to this are places like delhi, where a hatch,however great is still "a small car" which means, for those who cannot afford a "badee car".
Personally for me, i bought a hatch when i could not afford a sedan and bought a sedan as had driven hatches and wanted to experience a sedan( read that bigger engines, more space), even though for my practical purpose a hatch will suit perfectly well. I do not mind going back to a hatch, provided there is one that suits my requirement!( which is complicated to say the least)
Disclaimer: These are purely my own views, not aimed at passing judgments on anyone.

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IMO, its the just "BIG CAR" effect that one gets while driving a sedan. Other than that as mentioned by pearlyamaha, give u the "Complete Car" feel
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A lot has been said in the posts rgarding the differences between the two but all boils down to the mindset of the buyer.

Hatcbacks are normally preferred by the first timers who want to learn driving or may be as their first investment. For a Sedan buyer its like "been there, done that" thing. Having owned a hatch the next logical step would be to try the sedan until and unless Vit M plays a big role.

Besides before the super hatchbacks were introduced, sedans were the only way of enjoying luxury with the pleasure of driving. Now a days even hatches have almost the same if not greater luxuries added to the armour in addtion to the fuel efficient engines.

So its finally for the buyer to decide whether he wants to go for a sedan or a hatchback. Even some of the hatchbacks are more costly than a sedan these days and sedans being offered at an attractive pricing, why would someone want to go for hatchback still.

My views only.
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For me, it's just a sedan looks cooler. I think it's something to do with the fact that in hatches, there is only the engine bay, protruding from the 'cabin', but in hatches, there is a boot protruding in the opposite direction, giving the car a far more 'balanced' look.
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Apart from storage, I feel handling & rear seats comfort are much better than any hatchback in a sedan. If I've money & no parking constraints, I would definitely go for a sedan over a hatch back.
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Indian socity still has extended family as it's bedrock.

Well if you have a large family ( read 4 individuals above 12 years) with whom you want to go on family trips, or many relatives /visitors often whom you receive / send off till station/airport then sedan is the choice.

After all you don't wan't guests to hold the bags in their lap or be in-courteous enough to send them off in an auto/taxi which is still a great sin in Indian scenarios.

If you are a nuclear family whose relatives are with in 200 KM radius with no great need to travel outstations in your own vehicle hatch makes more sense.
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from your post it is seemingly getting obvious that other notwithstanding Practicality the "Image Quotient" plays the most important role in selecting the sedan.

So is this the only thing (Major Force) in favour of sedan ?
Offcourse other than rear end collision safety

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Pros of sedan:
1. More Safety
2. Big car so you get more respect.
3. Driving Comfort and handling.
4. More luggage space
5. Fitting extra fuel tank like CNG/LPG is not a problem with still luggage space left in boot.
6. Deep bass lovers can have large subs in big ported wood box in boot.

Cons of sedan:
1. Requires more parking space
2. Taking a U turn in narrow street means good exercise of both hands and neck.
3. Slightly less fuel efficient due to weight

So it all depends on our requirements, for some people hatch will make more sense and for others sedan.
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1) Boot space
2) Status/Big car image

Nothing else. Those of you who state that people buy a sedan cos it's much safer than a hatch in a rear end collision scenario, kindly rethink!
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No real reason except for the mindset. See Europe, the bulk of the market (until you hit the top prices) are hatches.
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