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Unhappy Re: Accidentally downshifted to first gear.

Originally Posted by kaushik_s View Post
Would you please care to elaborate? AFAIK you don't need to shift gears in sequence (i.e. you can directly shift from 1 to 3 or any other gear to any other gear). Except obviously for Reverse gear which is always turning in reverse direction and hence you can't slot-in to reverse while moving forward.
Also Synchro means that you don't need to double clutch for shifting gears. Am I missing something here?
Sir as I said in my post I was not exactly sure of what synchromesh was regarding the compulsary sequential up and down shifting of gears . Sorry if I was wrong .
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Default Re: Accidentally downshifted to first gear.

Originally Posted by BoneCollector View Post
These things do happen and can happen to best of the drivers when preoccupied.
Same happened to me 5 years back when i was new to floor gears. It was in my WagonR, I was day dreaming and going at a speed of around 20kmph when I felt something along with my reverse horn, quickly realized that I have slotted the reverse gear, luckily I didn't remove my leg from the clutch and hence changed the gear immediately.
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Default Re: Accidentally downshifted to first gear.

Wow Anil, you really must love your car!

Don't get worked up about it, dude. I'm sure the gearbox didn't allow you to actually engage 1st gear while on the move. it must have wrestled with you a great deal. generally, it's very hard to engage first if you're moving at speed. Also, i'm guessing you were slowing down 9since you mentioned that you were looking to switch to 3rd gear. So you weren't accelerating (unless you were performing an overtaking maneuver) which I'm sure you weren't.

As long as the RPM was on it's way down, and you were scraping some speed off, you should be fine.

As KiloAlfa suggested, try and practice the correct ways of swapping cogs. There is a technique that teaches you to switch gears with your palms. your palms must face the direction of the change, as you change gears. It's a bit like coaxing and literally letting it fall in gear. If you practice this technique, you will err less.
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Default Re: Accidentally downshifted to first gear.

Originally Posted by DevilsCry
Are some guys suggesting here that I should shift from 5th to 3rd then to 2nd/1st if I came down from 90kph to 15kph?
Follow the below steps--
If you are at 90kph in 5th and you want to reduce the speed to 15 kph, lightly brake and simultaneously shift to 3rd. Remove your foot from Brake and Leave clutch slowly. Brake Firmly (Not Too Hard).
Actually the Braking Procedure will vary as per Site Conditions.

Originally Posted by BheemBoy
What happens if someone slots into Reverse while on the move?
Is it possible?
Its possible but the reverse gear will make grinding noise.
FYI, the Indigo has a preventive measure that Shifting to Reverse from 5th is not possible. But Shifting from Other Gears to Reverse is possible.

Originally Posted by KiloAlpha
I don't think so. There are mechanisms to prevent it, and they are standard on all manual gear boxes (I think).

Try it if you want - I did, on several different cars The gearbox simply refuses to let you shift into reverse. It will protest very loudly!
Exactly. It will protest very loudly but reverse gear can be engaged from all forward gears except from 5th at least in Indigo Diesel.
Also I always try to shift to reverse in such manner that very minimal noise comes. I Shift to Reverse from "Neutral" in around 3-4 secs. Most often, I don't hear any noise if I follow this Smoothly Shifting procedure.

Originally Posted by anilisanil
No, it is not possible. To change to reverse, the car should be at rest (0 kmph) completely.
Originally Posted by honeybee
I think it would damage the gearbox, besides it being near impossible. Synchromesh usually only happens with forward gears. So while shifting from fifth to third or second might be possible on the fly, shifting into reverse while going forward should be impossible.
Originally Posted by mayankjha1806
In case none of these exist, try slotting a reverse gear when your car is moving forward under speeds 5-10 in first gear, it just refuses to engage.
I have seen the A.S.S people shifting to reverse from 1st, 2nd without bringing the car to complete halt and the car rolling forward. Obviously Grinding Noise comes.
Also even if the car is at Complete Halt, many people shift to Reverse Gear in such a manner that Shifting (read Grinding) Noise comes.
Hence I take around 3-4 secs to Shift to Reverse from Neutral and the Shifts are very Smooth. I apply very light pressure while shifting to Reverse.
Why Only Reverse, In Fact I use minimal pressure while shifting to any gear.

I would suggest you to check the RPM at 40 kph while in 1st Gear to get idea whether the Engine was over-revving.
In my friend's Swift Dzire (Bought in May 2008) VDi Owner's Manual, I had read that there was some advice on downshifting at high speeds. I don't remember it correctly so cannot post the same here. Can any Swift/Dzire Owner here post the same for all others reference.

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