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Default BHPians showing the way to future tech & concepts?

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The whole world especially India is at cross roads when it comes to moving people and goods. New tech is changing the game (look at what the vtecs, VVTs, CRDis are doing to the industry).

India is bad when it comes to generating the source that powers our automobiles. We just rely on other (some friendly and some hostile) nations for fuel. There is a lot of research going on in alternative fuels, but that is not the point of discussion.

While back in the US some months ago I noticed how self starting and how self reliant people. I felt personally on a man-to-man basics were as good (even better) when it comes to thinking. What is lacking is the impetus which moves from the brain to the hands. We give up on dreams easily, or have the guts to let people call us crazy until the dream becomes a reality.

What I am trying to get at is the following. Look at the following premise.

1. We have a lot of knowledge on cars (not just cars but all sorts of automobiles)
2. We have passion of automobiles like no one else
3. We have the patience and perseverance to get something right rather than settle for something easy
4. We have hands on experience tinkering below the hood to know what goes in making a car a car!

Why don't we get together (the interested ones) and show the way out for automobiles of the future. Lets build a car to showcase what cars in the future should look and feel like. Can we put our collective thoughts, hands, time, $$ to build a revolutionary prototype?

I am willing to invest all that I mentioned above. any takers?

Some points to what the world is doing.

The global provider of electric vehicle services | Better Place

Electric car - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I am not suggesting only e-cars but this is just as a pointer to show what I mean.

(Mods: Not sure if this thread is inline with Team-Bhp's philosophy. Feel free to handle this thread request as you deem suitable!

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Default Re: Team BHPians can build show the way to the future?

Thank you for raising a wonderful question here! I would be happy to be help in any way I could if we were to ever start a project like this.

However, I've had this question inside me for a long time I couldn't find an answer to. Why on earth did we ever manufacture the automobile? Put in other ways, why did every man(or family or whatever) had to have a 'private' vehicle of his own? Had our ridiculous multilaned roads been replaced with highly dense rail network, trams and local rail services for cities and higher speed trains for inter-city travels, people could just walk/cycle to their nearest station and drop off at their desired destination with their cycle. There would be barely any oil import bill, none of the jams, no roads to put holes in and no sense of traffic to curse. Yes, I'm talking about a roadless society. Just walkways and cycle paths!

How about on-demand pods for highly dense cities (Personal rapid transit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) that run on rails, like the one in Dubai?

Why is it that we chose such a horribly inefficient mode of transport at all - the personal vehicle? I understand oil was cheap for the USA for a very long time (and still is), but what happened to India?

Back to the topic, yes, I would want to be involved in helping build an efficient mode of transport, I don't know how I could help, but I would.

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Default Re: Team BHPians can build show the way to the future?

they key problem is that automobile design has too much economics involved. the designers and engineers have to live with that, and hence the products are what they are.
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Default Re: Team BHPians can build show the way to the future?

Firstofal personal vehicles are not only means of transport,they are much above that,that is why you wash it,clean it,pamper it with wax polish,check engline oil every day despite visiting serivice centre on schedule.load it with host of gadgets and what not.(do you even think of doing something like that to a public transport vehicle,as yourself why not)

Before we discuss a revoluationary prototype vehicle(personal veh),
We should decide on the brightest candidate for future powerplant/powersource.
Todays problem isnt making an automobile,its making power.
EV have been under research for over 2 decades,but until we find some super conductors/super capacitors/super batteries, EV wil only relocate the polution to diesel powered/coal fired power houses.(although ev claim to be green) Remember hydro elec is still a very very small % of total elec.
These diesel/coal powered generating plants are actually little less efficient than todays/future's automotive diesel engines.
If mankind does not come up with new ways to store energy (5-10 times more energy density),in near future then SVO and PPO is going to be our main stream fuel in as little as 7-10 years.
As a concept I have this new idea in my head for quite some time.
Ic engines is only an explosion chamber,as long as explosion is under your control is gud.
So why not use plastic explosives in the first place.
Todays plastic explosives have energy density few hundred times more than petrol,c4 being almost 1200 times as powerful.
They can be synthetically made,make them into small ball bearing shaped pallets,introduce them into combustion chamber in a controlled timely manner,and kboom!
In theory almost 900gm of plastic explosive like c4 will last aslong as 1000ltr of petrol.
Today they are expensive to make,but not 1000times as expensive as petrol,with enormous mass production they can be made quite cheap aswell.
Wind energy is another alternative, so is geo-thermal and solar. But they all are waiting for some really cool energy storage device.

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