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never EVER make any holes in your fuel system. It is designed as closed loop system for environmental and fuel efficiency reasons. Very simply There is a vent on your tank which leads to a charcoal cannister which stores the vapour. If you over fill the charcoal in the cannister gets affected. Which is why you always fill ONLY till the first auto cut off and pay by CC / debit card.

Your problem will get solved by having the vent pipe in your fuel tank checked by a GOOD service centre. That could be kinked / blocked . The fac that you are getting the air rushing sound when you open the filler cap further substantiates this.

I am trying to solve a related problem in my Accent hence have read up on the net and got to know all this. Try it .

So I would v v strongly recommend no over filling guys.

Originally Posted by Modifiedsachin View Post
Hi there,

My zen gets a Full tank (I think the tank is of 35L) every week (60km everyday) so app I get an fuel efficiency of 10.2, but since last few months, I am observing a strange problem.

I ask the pump guy to make tank full (ULP) & pay by CC, but after my first ridr to office (say 30 kilometers) the car starts to take load, with only 2 persons (me & my friend) the accelerator needs to be pressed hard to get to even speeds of 40.

After few checks one day someone told me not to tighten the tank lead & I loosened it and then started the car & to best of my surprice the car started running smooth again.

Now every time I ask the guy to keep it lose but the problem persists, after first run I have to open the lead (when a air pressure is clearly seen, the air releases as if I am openinga cold drink bottel) and then re fit it (loose) to get the car in normal operation.

My friend who owns a guarage suggested that I can get a hole drilled (very fine one) so that air gets the way. But some how affraid of that.

Is my pump guy filling my overflow tank as well? or the lead is problemetic?
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What is your Car:
Chevrolet Optra (Out of town)
Maruti Esteem (In town)

Which of the above practises you follow to refill the car:
Fill it to FULL (Out of town)
Fill the tank moderately. So it will last for 3-4 days or a even a week. (In town)

How much of fuel you generally fill in each time (on average):
40-60Ltrs Full. (Out of town)
At evening, For Rs500/- whenever tank reaches 1/4 of fuel. (In town)

Why do you feel your practise is good for your car
Full tank is useful for long drives. Lesser stops. (Out of town)
Lesser weight for the drag, better the mobility. (In town)

I never let my cars reach below 1/4 under any circumstances due to impurities that may travel into fuel line(Maybe a myth).
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I fill my car every alternate Sat/sun regardless of distance (used to be every week when my workplace was Gurgaon). People say filling in the morning gives more fuel, but my friends at an oil company say the difference is marginal, if at all. If you need to fill and are near a fuel station, fill it up. I also get my car filled at an IOC company owned fuel station near my home, and have done so for >95% of my fuel consumption since 2006.
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Originally Posted by vasudeva View Post
People say filling in the morning gives more fuel, but my friends at an oil company say the difference is marginal, if at all.
Yeah, your friend is true. They anyway `heat` the petrol and no matter what time of the day/night you fill in.

I had mentioned this on some other thread, I could feel it is hot when I filled petrol to a plastic bottle, when it was close to midnight.
I kept the bottle at home for a day and I could see it had shrunk a bit because content was cool and reduced in volume. I opened the cap and it was a feeling of - keep warm half filled water bottle in refri and open it after 2 hours when it is cool. Hope you got my point.

Full tank, first autocut and credit card is the way mostly i fill petrol. Check air if it is not done for a week or so.
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I had a very bad experience when fuel is not filled in time , which means the car was running on a very low fuel on the end "E" mark.
The car stopped at about 8 pm night,on the high way.
This was a hired Ambassador car, and the driver did not listen to my advise at all.

Another time the car stopped at the dead of the night right in the middle of a social forest on the highway and this time it was a Maruthi car belonging to my relative.
My relative fellow was driving it on a very low fuel indicator. The car had to be abondoned on the road side, and a news paper jeep fellow brought us all back to Hyderabad.
Now I am driving Indica v2 DLG.
I would never do these mistake with my own car. I would always fill the fuel ,full tank the moment fuel indicator is half-way down towards "E" mark.

I always advise my family members to do the same.
When you run the car on low fuel the chances are that , very thick sedimentation of the fuel may go in to the engine and cause it to stop.
In that above mentioned Maruthi case, the mechanic later told us that some iron rust went in to the nosil of the engine.

In any case, always fill the tank full and drive, that is my advise.
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Car: Swift VDI
Refill: Mostly full, till autostop
Ho much: Around 28-32 ltrs, approx after each 500 - 600 KM
Why: Visit Bunk less no of times.
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I always operate on full-to-near empty. Sometimes I take it too far, for example yesterday I ended up filling 41.41 litres of petrol (my Swift Vxi capacity is 42 litres)! The only exception is when I am maing Pune-Mumbai runs in which case I top up on the Pune side or the e-way depending on how much fuel is in.
Frankly I think it's a matter of convenience only and doesn't make an ounce of difference to the FE or smoothness of the car!
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I normally fill any amount of petrol which my wallet permits at that time. Usually 1000 bucks. Once I had some 120 bucks in wallet and the attendant had already opened the fuel cap....so I asked him to fill up for 120....I guess he looked at me with weird face....I pretended looking elsewhere....a moment to remember indeed. ;-)
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Rs.1000/- for every week if not sooner,
but tank full for long drive/trip on highway.

Recently one of my close friend came to hometown, while we were heading for a coffee I went for fuel, went to my usual petrol pump and pulled the fuel lid, rolled down the window to handover the card to attendant and guess what
He said " bhaiya 1000 ka na, Wow aaj to new new credit card"
(as card was on its first use that very day.)

my friend was shocked and laughing all the way back that your petrol pump guy also recognizes your required fuel and the card has changed.
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Dzire VDI
when needle is at half mark and 20-22 litres gets in.
Normally top up full tank till the fuel is visible.
Why? to get proper FE figures. as low FE gives an indication if something is wrong. like brake dragging etc.
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My car : Swift VDI
Refill : Normally 500 bucks (Inside city)
: Full tank(On long trips)
When : The needle touches almost empty
F.E calc : Trip meter B. reset to zero.(Just approximate calculation)
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Ford Fiesta

Refill: Full Tank (usually 38-39 ltrs)
When: When the DTE reads 80 and the low fuel indicator is on.
Frequency: Normally once in 15 days.
Fuel filled: Normal Petrol combined with System G
FE Calculation: Reset trip meter and check the reading during the next refill. Divide the Km by ltrs and voila!!!!
Mode of payment: Normally credit card.
Others: Get the air filled in tyres after refuelling.
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Default Tips on filling fuel

I read this article on musclecars zone and found it very helpful. The article has tips, which helps you get maximum fuel everytime you go to a fuel station.

Link to the article:http://www.musclecarszone.com/stop-d...#ixzz4TUOtRDXU

1.The tip number one is related to the return mechanism that the majority of us didn`t know it exists in the petrol-kiosk pump. And here how it works – whenever there is an excess of oil, the return pipe mechanism returns back that amount to the underground tank, although you have paid for it! Lesson – do not fuel your car`s tank to the brim.
2. From now on, you should start refueling your vehicle in the mornings. Why? Temperature has one of the greatest impacts on the fuel and higher temperatures mean less fuel for you. With each degree higher temperature the petrol expands more and more, which means you will pay for a liter, but you will not receive one!
3. Do not select the fast mode when you are refueling on your own! The idea is to lower the amount of vapours and stop converting some of the fuel into this irrelevant substance that can occur thanks to the vapour-return system these smart pumps have.
4. Refuel your tank only when it is half full, so you can minimize the amount of fuel that evaporates! Reason? The empty space in your tank is filled with some air which causes evaporation. So, more fuel means less air and less evaporation, although some tanks have floating roofs to prevent this problem.
5. Whenever there is a petrol truck at the gas station that is pumping gas into the underground reservoirs, move on and stop at another one! By refueling your car during that time, you might get some dirt with your petrol in your tank that will cause you additional problems.

While I knew about point 1 and 2 the rest have really been an eye opener. In addition to this I ensure to follow below:
1. Switch off the engine and come out of the car. I ensure to stand next to fuel filler, just to ensure they don't spill or do any sort of cheating.
2. Avoid fuel stations at highway as much as possible. IF any discrepancy the chances are high that you will not come back to rectify the same.
3. If its a new station, try to avoid the pump which attendant suggests. I always believe the attendants guide you to a pump which maximizes their profit.
4. Never go to a deserted station. Chances are high that the fuel might be adulterated,card machine not working, the pumps might not dispense right amount of fuel.
5. You ask attendant to fill 20L but he fills only 10L. Now you tell him that you had requested for 20 and he acts as if he has not heard properly and tells he would add another 10. I always say thank you, 10 is enough for now and shut the fuel cap. The chances are very high that they try to confuse you and fill incorrect amount/overcharge.
6.Lastly after paying the bill, cross verify the card receipt,message in phone. I have had atleast 3 instance where the attendant overcharged and refunded in cash.

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Default Re: How do you refill your fuel tank? What is the best practice?

Car: VW Polo GT TSI
Refill: 1000/- to 1500/- per week
When: When the level drops to 1/4th of the tank capacity
Fuel Pump: 90% Shell V Power. If not Shell, I go for HP.
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Default Re: Tips on filling fuel

Originally Posted by PrideRed View Post
1.The tip number one is related to the return mechanism that the majority of us didn`t know it exists in the petrol-kiosk pump. And here how it works whenever there is an excess of oil, the return pipe mechanism returns back that amount to the underground tank, although you have paid for it! Lesson do not fuel your car`s tank to the brim.
This fuel return pipe mechanism news is a hoax. Do not pay heed to this.
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