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i usually downshift at about 40 kmph and i shift straigh to 3rd not 4th.

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Originally Posted by Rehaan
Am i the only person who downshifts from 5th gear at ~90km/h?

FE? whats that?


Well, it all depends on the mood. I am sure that no one (even on team-bhp) waits for the needle to reach the red-line before upshifting EVERYTIME.
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I heard from Ford mechanics that driving in 5th gear at low speeds ie, below 70-80kmph is not good for the diffrentials...i had front differnential wear since i was driving a lot at low speeds 40-50 kmph range.. now i always upshift while at more than 80 -100 kmph..no problems since then..
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Generally downshift from 5th to 4th at the speed of 55 to 60 in my santro
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On my Esteem (2007 model) I downshift around 50Kmph mark, whereas on my Indica (2002 model) I do the same around 40Kmph mark!
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It depends a lot on the factors such as speeds one is doing, traffic encountered, mood of driving you are in etc. I have found myself generally shifting down from 5th to 4th from 200+kmph (on certain highways) to 40kmph ( in cities, both speedo read). Though there is no general thumb rule, I basically downshift based on the load the engine is getting or whether I am in a sedate mood to drive or get some additional gas to burn. Irrespective of what the Speedo or the RPM needle shows.

As long as you aren't straining the engine or putting excessive load on it shifting down at any speed is OK!
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The speed varies widely as pointed out mclaren1885. Here are some speeds I use to downshift to 4th from 5th in my old (1-lit) Santro:

Level road in city with A/C : ~50 kmph
Level road in city without AC: ~45 kmph
Highway, normal acceleration on level road: 60-70 kmph
Highway, hard acceleration on level road: 80-90 kmph
Uphill stretch, normal acceleration: 70-80 kmph
Long mild uphill stretch, hard acceleration: 100-110 kmph
Long mild uphill stretch, racing mode: 120-130 kmph

On the highway I generally switch off my AC on uphill stretches and for hard acceleration.

As soon as I hit the long uphill stretch (maybe 4-5 kms long) immediately after the inlet toll gate on Mumbai side of the Expressway, the speed of my Santro starts dropping from about 130 kmph in 5th. If I am interested in maintaining 100+ uphill speeds (which is normally the case), I shift to 4th when the speed comes close to 100. If in racing mode I could downshift at 130 kmph in this stretch to keep my uphilll speed above 120. I don't do this frequently because it strains the engine (and I don't have a tacho either).

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i go with engine response/strain/sound, and amount of power required.
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Is there any specific reason this thread is trying to understand. Downshifting from 5th (why does that alone need a specific understanding). Pardon my ignorance here - but I am at total loss in this question.
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I get to use the 5th gear only on highways and seldom in city traffic. I downshift from 5th gear when the speed drops below 50KMPH and when I downshift from 5th, I slot it onto 3rd rather than 4th as I see little difference in power when shifting from 5th - 4th. We are talking about a 2003 MPFI Esteem with a little over 20 K on its odo, by the way.
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Originally Posted by mithun View Post
At what speed do you downshift from the fifth gear ?

I know that different cars are having different torques, so the speed at which people downshift will not be similar ?

And do you downshift based on the speedo/tacho or from the engine responsiveness ?

I downshift when the speedo goes below 40 KM/HR.
ur basics are right -
generally downshift when u feel that the engine is struggling to make speed with normal throttle operation, standing on the pedal will achieve jerks, load on engine and poor FE.

if ur mood is out for speed downshifts
u need to know what speed thru each gear the car attains max kmph

say 4th maxes at 90 kmph and u r in 5th at 120+ downshift at this point will get you a heavy jerk "Even if u blip the throttle" it wont help much. btw a downshift with split second blip in corners is real fun to be with power in and out of the turn. No lag.

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It depends on city/ highway, air conditioner ON/OFF, traffic and the mood while driving.
Usually I downshift at
50 km/hr in Getz and Santro
40 km/hr in Scorpio and Lancer
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Hehe for me there's nothing specific. On days when I want acceleration, I downshift to 4th even at 140-150 km/hr. On most sedate days driving inside the city, its more like 40 km/hr.
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Wagon R:
I found that I getter better FE, if I restrict my driving to the four gears inside the city. Fifth is engaged only if I am going over 65. My driving style is to use the brakes as less as possible, so from fifth its usually to neutral as I am stopping for a signal.

I get to the fifth as soon as I can and stay there.
The fifth extends from trotting speed to a full gallop.
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Downshifting from 5th depends on the car and the driving style and conditions

normally when i Safari i downshift from 5th around 75-80
in zen it 50 when i need to downshift cos mostly AC is always on
same is the case with Bullet Electra u have to downshift after 45

and i dont like the vehicle crawling and cramping in a higher gear but with a lower speed.
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