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Default Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10

The project is to build up a 1.6 Sachin tendulkar endorsed limited edition machine to the original glory embedding the latest modules and develop a Super sport. The project is titled S10 SUPER SPORT.

I initially started this thread way back in 2012 with the super sport plan but it had to be procrastinated for various reasons and had to change the initial car which was planned. I ended up owning 3 S10s in the process and the have 2 in my garage as of now. Tried to gain experience by building up 3 cars in the process but the SS was a unaccomplished dream. After two years of waiting i finally reach close to where i wanted to reach.

The story goes into chapters:

Chapter 1- why S10- The legend lives

Chapter 2- locating and buying

Chapter 3- owning a masterpiece

Chapter 4- Parts collection and budgeting

Chapter 5- Building the Super sport

Chapter 6- The era of the super sport which will be continued down the line in the threads to come

This is a story of the S10- a revamp for the new kids on the block who live in the world where diesel is the way of life. In an era where the new millennium began and performance petrol engines like 1.6 where unheard of, Fiat the silent company launches a signature.

The signature is of none other than the living legend Sachin Tendulkar. The man who is the God of cricket endorses a car with his own signature. A total of 500 cars are made and each individually numbered and autographed by the little master. The power and ability of the master blaster to demolish any form of attack took form of a hatch in yellow. It was named after the legend. “The legend of S10”. The car is as fiery as its master. Armed with fire power unleashing 100 horses the 1.6 had 16 valves with shorter gear ratios, it was loaded with amour to suffice the dream of an enthusiast.

The car comes with 4 signatures all round, limited edition badges, LE alloys, skirts, LE car audio, door sills, spoiler and an autograph endorsed by sachin. Honda had launched the 1.5 Vtec at the same time with an ad “wolf in sheep’s clothing” but the wolf had no signatures like the cheetah. Like the jungle the wolfs are more in number where the cheetah is still hard to spot. So was the scene of the S10. It attracted only the power hungry owners who wanted to be a cut above the ordinary. The owners had distinction and stood apart from the lay crowd where the canary yellow gains all the attention.

The S10 was launched in 2002 and I presume was sold till 2004. 10 years later, the car is still the performance benchmark in India. Even in 2012, mid-size cars engines with 1.6 engines with the latest tech in the offing will not stand the heat of the 1.6 S10.

The polo 1.6 , the 1.6 ford ikon josh machine the 1.6 Chevrolet petrol engines including the SRV are not even in the league to catch up with the naturally aspirated fiat mill. The 1.6 Baleno is another mill from the stable that entices the petrol head.The 1.6 Fiat makes migration from the old to a new petrol car to a new one a real tough catch since there is not a single car up to 10 lakh apart from the Fiesta 1.6 S that can stand shoulder to shoulder with this car.

The 1.6L Torque engine has power to amaze the present MJD turbo kick on a 90Hp remap car. Power and torque are so well balanced and spread out that you can literally feel a relentless surge of power through almost all rpm's. There is no lag as we usually are tuned to the MJD below 2000 rpm.

Its always at the tap of the pedal. Very rarely will you find the S10 falling out of it's rev range. The roll on and mid range are fantastic too. And the growl of the engine is something you buy the car for. An aftermarket exhaust is a must for the enthusiast as the music generated is ultimate nirvana.

Gear ratio's are perfectly blended to the engine. Its on song and so much in sync with each other.. Shifting gears to hear the engine growl will be so much a common practice. It’s a feeling to be experienced which the Italians gave us. A perfect after market exhaust combined with a performance filter gives you enough kick experienced form a Pink Floyd concert in the wembly stadium. Still incomparable and the legend continues even in the era of T-jets. Comparing the puntos sluggish gear ratios, I feel that the S10's gear shifts are just mindblowing.

It’s a totally driver focused car and ride and handling has always been fiats strength. The legend lives on in the heart and next chapter will tell you how the heart rules over the head.

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Default Re: S10 - Super Sport

Chapter 2

The story goes on to search an S10 for sale. I had a project to get a suitable s10 to work on and started a hunt through various sites and friends situated throughout India. The hunt was on for a period of 6 months and various cars for sale were looked into. Preference was given to cars down south as the RTO formalities and travel would be much simpler. My search for a kerala registered S10 yielded negative results as there are only 7 cars that have been registered here and none were for sale.

All were owned by hard core enthusiasts. The search continued though and went from KA, TN for the mean machine. The conditions were it has to be a single owner or not more than 2 owners, preferably well maintained with good mechanicals, electrical and the most important a body shape. Finally found a good one in TN and spoke to the owner regarding the sale and me and a close associate test the car in and out and vioila it turns out to be a decent car to start a project. The car was picked up from chennai and driven down to kochi and we had some minor niggles and issues which had to be sorted. There was an auto revving issue and it cropped up frequently. Checked out with my mechanic and he told me that the IDC (Idle control sensor) had gone. Since the IDC was integrated to the Throttle body the entire part had to be replaced. Then came a list ignition issue and the alternator had shown signs of failing well had changed the rectifier and got it serviced.

Well the building process started and it was painted and the project was on. But down the line i had issues from the family side as i was devoting too much of my time to the yellow machine. Had to settle down with my better half and i had the option to either to keep my punto or S10. Since my daily drive was on the higher side i had to think about parting with the S10. I didnt want to advertise it for sale but wanted to pass it on to a lover who would take care of it. With a heavy heart my dream project was half baked and i had to part with it.Spoke to my friend CV Anandh and told him to find a right home for my machine later did i realize he was open with both hands to receive it with open arms. My feelings were mixed but i was happy and i knew that it would not have found a more perfect home. The ownership and details are already posted in the forum.

Well time passed and i was still a silent spectator in the arena but the SS kept haunting me . I had to build one to my dreams i disclosed the same to my better half. I told her that i have just two automotive dreams and one is the SS and one is to prepare a Gypsy for the Raid De Himalaya. Since she did not understand head or tail of my story she said yes... Well then i start again. My hunt has begun for the perfect car which i want to build to glory. Since i have seen quite a few S10s my demands were too high and i always wanted to pick up a car from an enthusiast. The lesson learnt was that a car owned by an enthusiast will always have the extra mettle and will be worth the extra buck.
Search engines are on and quite a few trusted friends are entrusted with the mission to find the hidden treasure.

Then comes PUG the directory and bible for palios. A fellow member gave me details of a PUG owner who owns a well maintained S10 and he was thinking about parting with it. Called him up and spoke with him and got to know that the car in in Mumbai. Well traveling to mumbai was not in the cards as i had time constrains so called up a fellow member who was based in Mumbai. He goes and inspects the car and says go ahead and once the signal goes green i pay the advance via NEFT and the papers for NOC are handed over to my friend. The condition was that the owner was working in Bangalore so the car would be delivered in Bangalore. So its like im buying a car which ive not seen in my life. But the bodyline of the car was perfect and i was damn sure that i could work out the internals. Sept end 2013 i move to bangalore and stay with my bro and i tell them the story of an S10 coming down from Mumbai.

All were like Gosh!!! Are you nuts to pick up a car which you have not even seen. I told them ive spoken to the owner and he is a genuine guy and a hard core enthusiast and from the pictures i knew i had to expect a few Metro dents. Anyways on Sept 27th i was supposed to receive the car and the owner had started his journey from Mumbai by Yellow Express. One thing i was was sure if the car can come down safety to Bangalore then its on the healthy side. At around 7 Pm i get a call saying that the car has reached Bangalore and i move towards meeting my dream. Against the book of team bhp "Never inspect a car at night" . See the beauty parked and the owner waiting for me. A gentleman with his priced procession is all that i can describe. Interiors were neatly maintained and the body line was perfect. All i did was start the engine and check the idle and it was a constant 850 RPM. More than happy i didn't even want a test drive and now we move towards the fund transfer. Again an online NEFT transfer of the balance amount and the transaction reference was mailed to the owner.
Now i became a proud owner of a sachin signature. Got to speak with the owner regarding the NOC and details and i noticed that there was a bit of moisture.... Well it was not in the car but it was in the eyes of the owner. He just could not hide it and i knew the attachment he shared with the car. All i could do was to assure it would be in safe hands. Didnt wait too long as i felt he would break down so i just shook hands with him and told him he is welcome to drive the car anytime he comes down to Kerala for a vacation. Sharing a screen shot of the owners sale feature for your eyes only.

Day 1 of ownership.
Took it out for a spin and since bangalore traffic was not a place to check the strength of the 1.6 didnt take a chance but got a mild chance to check it at the electronic city flyover and the car was solid at three digit speeds. Tires were Michelin mx 2 but were a bit brittle but i already had a plan to upgrade alloys and tires so it was okay. Power delivery was smooth but it lacked the punch i was looking out for.

Day 2.
There is no S10 complete until it has FFE so i wanted to have an install ASAP. Had leela headers in my previous car which was done in Coimbatore. The tune was in total leela style with the rally beats which can pump adrenalin levels high every time you hit the pedal. Spoke with a few members and we decided to move to Raj Hingorani for exhausts and since the same was located at Mekhri Circle in bangalore i looked no further. Took an appointment for the next day and went over. The car had to be left overnight for shabeer and team to work on. I had specified that i did not want a very loud car but a very mellow exhaust note. He listened to me patiently and told me to come over the next day.

Day 3.
By around 11 PM the next day we get a call from the exhaust guys saying that the car is ready. My bro and friend go to collect the babe as i was dead tired running around Bangalore for parts for my project. By around 11.45 PM i hear a 1.6 growl heading towards my building and i clearly know that my machine is announcing its arrival around the neighborhood. I go downstairs and the wait for the ride. I could feel the difference in the air. Raj Hingorani with his exhaust magic was real symphony that leaves you struck for more. Just listened to the tune and was happy with it and left it all for the night.
DAy 4.
To get the real potential from the engine and new exhaust you need good fuel. Left to the nearest Shell outlet and tanked up the premium version. I could feel the change when the cylinders started firing. More refined car being smoother and the free flow made the car real free. It was roaring to go. The note was a bit loud but the guys over there told me it would subside after the initial 500 kms and that was something that i wanted. Just took it out for city drives to get a feel and i knew i would get a chance to test it on the open roads once i hit the highway on the way back home. Well now it had the power but I disliked the OE seats as it lacked lateral support so i wanted the Racing Ones which would keep you in cabin and it offered more confidence at high speeds.
Went hunting all around Bangalore and to my luck found a pair of good Sparco (replicas) and well it turned out to be Yellow and Black which was the last piece available. Well no one would want yellow seats in their car. I found myself lucky in that case because it would be in sync with the car. Had the seats fixed at Jc road and went ahead to pack my bags for the next day as we had to cover a distance of around 900 Kms

Day 5.
Start the day by 5.30 Am and we hit the highway to Coimbatore via palaghat- kochi- tvm. Initially when we left the main city i maintained a constant speed of 100-120 as the roads were open and the highway was inviting. Was waiting for a straight stretch where i wanted to check how much the car would move up to. It took some time for me to get in tune with the car as it was a new car to me and i had to get used to the brakes, dynamics and feedback of the car. Drive fee was excellent and there were no issues whatsoever. It was a rev hard machine and it seemed eager to do more and then i get an open stretch. I slowly push the pedal from the 120 mark and it eases up.. Im like impressed with the car and it does not feel like its a 10 year old machine.

I was a happy man and i knew that the machine was well cared and it created no issues in my power drive .The super sport project car was a good one to work on and since i was going to do the entire preventive replacements with mods in the anvil i had a wicked smile on my face. My primary objective was a prefect engine with all mechanical work sorted out a decent paint job and good tires. It had all the mettle to be transformed into one hot hatch to match the new kids on the block.

Car now enters the new home to be reworked. Enclosing the pictures of the car, seats i procured from Bangalore, the raj hingorani garage and the speeds the machine accomplished.
Attached Thumbnails
Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-photo-11.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-photo-3.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-396.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-383.jpg  

Attached Images

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Default Re: S10 - Super Sport

The S10 is a vehicle which seems to always be on Song!
My friend's dad owned one when we were in college and I can remember my friend boasting around about the SRT autograph!! I got a chance to drive it only once for around 10-12km and was amazed at the power that was available with just a tap on the gas!

Hope you have retained/planning to retain the stock looks.

Glued to your thread to read the rest of the chapters. And boss, please do post some pics!
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Default Re: S10 - Super Sport

The S10 badges OE 4 point fiat check on the glass ,C pillar badge and the S10 logo, The S10 OE stereo and the door sill badge.
These are the basic badges on an S10 for information.
Attached Thumbnails
Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-dscn1946.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-dscn1960.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-dscn1947.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-dscn1952.jpg  

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Default Re: S10 - Super Sport

the tire track / tread resembles a Hankook Ventus V12 Nice!

Congrats! keep us posted on the details and wish you many miles with this amazing beauty. take care and drive safe. KL has more S10s than anywhere else i believe.
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Default Re: S10 - Super Sport

Congrats, Car looks really well maintained.

I guess, you guys would be having almost 50 % of S10s out of the ones which are still on road in south india or even the whole country.
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Default Re: S10 - Super Sport

Originally Posted by Nimish anthony View Post
Still incomparable and the legend continues even in the era of T-jets.
I have driven a Gtx 1.6 extensively and I drive a T Jet. I do know the engine on the S10 runs a different state of tune. There is no comparison. The T Jet does have a bit of an advantage with regard to power. Stopping power cannot be matched though. Even then, I prefer the naturally aspirated engine on the Gtx. It is in a different league and feels more eager in any rev range. The T Jet has flat spots in the power band. Not something you will find on a Gtx, less so with a S10.

Originally Posted by Nimish anthony View Post
Now the plan was to offer the security a bribe and get things done. Hand him a 500 Rupee note and gave him my card.
Not that I have never bribed in my life but was this really necessary? I am sure that guard would have been more than happy to help you even if you had just asked him to do you a favor.
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Default re: Super Sport: Buying & rebuilding a Fiat Palio S10

Chapter 3 – Owning a masterpiece

S10 is a legend that lives through the veins of every fiat fan. The more I was engrossed about the car was because it was launched during the end of my college days. Got to see reviews about the car being the fastest hatch in the Indian market with a limited edition badge and 100 HP which was unheard in that era. The only other sedan to have 100 Horses was the Honda City 1.5. It was always a long distant dream to own one and it came to reality after a wait of 9 years. Some dreams take time to reach but when it reaches you it’s overwhelming. Living with a dream accomplished is an awesome experience.

The car is a true fiat. Build like a tank with an awesome suspension with a feeling of safety prevails. The car is a true sports breed with sportiness in every inch crafted. Acceleration to 100 is as quick to 11.5 seconds. That’s pretty good for a company stock car by any means. The dyno gave us a 96 BHP at crank which can be upgraded up to 160BHP with performance tuning of different levels. A big letdown is the brakes of the car, It just is not enough for the power it has been given. Performance brakes are available but for a price. Different aftermarket braking modules have been developed which will be implemented on the project car.

The notice everywhere you go tag follows you in the S10. Be it the local market to the new mall in town. The glances and stares just don’t tend to stop at the canary yellow even in this era where supercars rule the road in India. People who know the S10 come with questions to you and you can find the new kids noting the sachin signature and commenting on it. Some people call it the Yellow Palio and I have even been asked by garages that where I got it painted. I take time to explain to them what the yellow guy is all about.

It’s very much a normal car for daily drive if you don’t mind the running costs. There is a good commanding driving position, good gear ratios, decent clutch and a gem of an engine. The motor tends to be thirsty in the city but gives you the pleasure once the signal goes green. Other cars take time to pass by once you decide to floor the accelerator. Its best enjoyed at signal to signal where people glance at you in a flying palio. It’s not that you drive as a hooligan but the car is programmed to move with the acceleration tap. I could notice the stage faces giving me glances on their faces that meant what is this guy doing with a PALIO. Little does he know that the 1.6 has the power to weight ratio to leave many of the latest road gadgets to shame.

A used 1.6 comes at a dirt price starting from 60 k that can go up to 3lakh depending on the condition of the car. I would not recommend a badly abused car which comes too cheap. Restoration is not an easy process as there are a very few who know the mechanicals of the Fiat engine. The toughest part is the electrical of the car which fiat has incorporated space ship technology. If the wires have been cut and the car has electrical issues just stay away from such a car. Most of the cars have been cared for and its preferable to get one from a fellow enthusiast even though it might commend a high price. The reasons are it requires sound technical knowledge, spares, dedication, a workshop that can work on with you and of course the budget which you plan to build up..

The most important thing that has to be looked into when going for a used S10 is to make sure that the engine does not heat up and has all the mechanicals working. Fixing it can be a tiresome job. Preferably change the timing kit at the time of purchase of a used car if it has not been changed. A timing chain snap can be fatal and many of the guys in town have no idea how to get it back right. Had to encounter an instance where the same snapped on my friends car. Once the belt snaps then be sure that the valves are bend and changing the valves requires expertise as the seating has to be correct. Moreover the valves available in the market are the cheap Chinese ones which will cost u close to 2.5 k where as the OE ricambi ones cost you close to 10k. You would have to change the engine gaskets and sourcing the OE ones are still herculean task and the cost incurred is close to 8k. Preferably change the entire kit which includes a timing chain, idler bearing and tensioner OE Ricambi as dayco is also available with local spare part centers.

A change in the MC/SC is also recommended and if the car has clocked above 50k change the o2 sensor.
clutch is another thing that would have to be checked and if the same is done it would make an average car trouble free for a long time.
Plugs and plug wires can be inspected and if necessary be upgraded or changed as needed.

Synthetic oil with performance filters marks a huge difference with in a stock car making it a lot smoother revving machine. The pros and cons of performance filters have been discussed in detail through out the forum and i don't want to elaborate on that. Its a matter of individual choice for up-gradation.
A Free flow exhaust adds a note and makes a huge difference in the drive. My choices where Raj in Bangalore and Leelakrishnan in Coimbatore. I went for Raj as i previously owned a car with Leela headers and wanted a change. It took me two days of camping in Bangalore to get the headers done and it was worth the wait. I was asked if i needed full headers or side ones. I went for the full as i didn't want to be deaf with the extra loud side ones. Once the exhaust was done the car really worked out to be a new machine with more drool stuff . I preferred a mild exhaust tone to a loud aggressive one and got just as i asked for.

The note was a bit loud for me but they ensured me it would mellow down after the first 500Kms and it did to my liking. I would recommend it as a must since it makes a statement on road. The note of some FFE is so addictive that I come back home from work tired and exhausted and occasionally go for a short stint and brings you back home relaxed.

It’s what caffeine does in red bull so does a FFE does in an S10. If you wonder why team Red Bull constantly wins... I would say because the RED Bull has got a car with wings. So if its wings that you need then go for a FFE, performances filter with synthetic oil. It’s the stage one mods a normal 1.6 would need.

The next chapter will be in detail of the parts collection, cost and different parameters that where looked into while purchase. It would assist a fellow enthusiast before he starts to dream S10.

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Default re: Super Sport: Buying & rebuilding a Fiat Palio S10

Parts Collecting and building up the Super Sport.

Collecting parts for the 1.6 engine requires patience and a proper plan schedule. Since I had friends who had sound technical knowledge on the same I had collected various inputs from fellow members and old time fiat users. Never wanted to leave a stone unturned. Its now 10 years since the iconic S10 has been launched. If taken care properly the car will live for a lifetime. Parts age with time and some have to be changed over the time schedule. The first thing I did was to prepare a chart of things to be changed. The car was in real good shape and as there were basic things to be changed didn't want to leave a chance. The list prepared is attached for the initial work is enclosed and the following parts were changed.

1. Timing kit (timing belt, tensioner and idler bearing)
2. Ignition wire (bosch)
3. Lambda control sensor
4. Crank/cam shaft position sensor
5. Clutch Slave cylinder
6. Clutch Master Cylinder
7. Clutch kit (pressure plate, clutch plate and release bearing)
8. Gear lever kit
9. Gear lever cable set
10. Throttle cable
11. Air filter
12. Fuel Filter
13. Brake pads
14. Brake shoes
15. AC belt
16. Alternator belt and bearing
17. Compressor bearing
18. Throttle cable
19. Air Filter Hose
20. Fuel pump/level sensor
21. Crank Sensor
22. Strut Mounting
23. AC casing
24. master Gasket Kit
25. Oil Filter
26. Brake rotors
27. Thermostat Coolant
28. Injector Rail Pipe and Hose
29. Wheel Cylinder assembly
30. Front Strut Kit
31. Rear Strut Kit
32. Boot Axle
33. Lower Arm Bushes
34. Stem Cells
35. Hose Clips
36. Fiat OE monogram
37. Oil Mobil 1 Synthetic
38. Sun Visor
39. OE Clock
40. Back Strut
41. Front Strut
42. Wheel Cylinder

This was the master list that I had prepared since I wanted the car to be trouble free for quite some time.
Additional list on accessories mods and imports

1. OMP Steering wheel and boss kit
2. Momo Gear knob with lift release
3. Momo pedals
4. JDM rpm meter with shift light
5. Abarth Supersport badge
6. Sparco replica race seats
7.Raj Hingorani Full headers in MS
8. Slotted Rotors
9. Borbet 98 PCD alloys
10. Yokohama S drive 205/55/15

All parts were sourced from fiat and I tried to use Ricambi orginal for most of the parts available. Fiat fan clubs, dedicated forums helped me in sourcing the same.

The basic things towards the engine bay are the idle settings. The custom idle settings is around 750 RPM and it tends to waver if not set right. Its mandatory to change the timing kit as soon as any car is bought. The timing kit consists of a timing chain, idle bearing and tensioner it’s also advisable to change the alternator bearing if needed. Battery is another thing to look out for. As we are all aware of what a faulty battery can do. Preferable change all rubber hoses as they tend to stiffen over time. Ignition coil, throttle body might need replacement down the line and it’s advisable to go for a new ignition coil if you plan to use it a for a long period. Plug wires are a must to be replaced along with the plugs while going for a buildup. Engine porting and polishing have been done my a few members and its left to individual taste.
The biggest issue with the Palio is the breaks. It just won’t stop. Slotted rotors would be advisable as they have been tried and tested. They really work wonders for a car that has been prepared with mods. A few of our members have even tried the linea rotors on their machines which they claim do good. A soft suspension is another weak point and if stiffened would make the machine perform great at corners. The car handles the power well with a stiffer suspension and it’s a must feel experience as the same has been tried and tested on a friend’s S10.
This is an advanced detail set up planned for the project car as things are undergoing transformation. The basics for buildup had started and had to source the right mechanic to do the work to the standards I set. Luckily I was able to source a reliable one with the help M&N Racing who had set up a new garage close to where I stay. The guy was well versed and had a thorough bred knowledge as he had previous experience preparing rally cars for various circuits. Additional help was offered by the director of M&N racing who is a good friend of mine and we sat down and prepared a detailed chart on how to work on with the car. Reverse engineering of the existing car was planned and the module was to strip the car and start from the basics. Engine room was opened and the engine was unloaded for work. The idea was to start clean from a new slate replacing all belts, tensioners, pulleys and getting the engine back to OE factory spec. It was a bit tough and it needed time, patience and more that that the availability of spares for the build. Estimated an approximate time of 4 months for rebuild of the motor and then had a plan for a new paint job. But first was the heart of 100 horses that need to rev freely and we had planned the schedule based on that.
Now i had to dismantle a good car and get all these inside it and make it like how it has rolled out of the Fiat Plant back in 2002. Entire car had been stripped down. Now let the pictures do the talking.
Attached Thumbnails
Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-009.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-649.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-510.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-521.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-523.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-photo-1.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-photo-2.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-photo-3.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-photo-4.jpg  

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Default re: Super Sport: Buying & rebuilding a Fiat Palio S10

The pictures of the engine being removed, Gear box opened and cleaned and well the entire thing was stripped apart. The piston heads and valves were of carbon deposits. Now i wanted a cleaner engine and im confident it would real work out to be a meaner machine once its done.
Attached Thumbnails
Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-554.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-555.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-556.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-558.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-631.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-568.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-638.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-640.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-641.jpg  

Project Super Sport: Fiat Palio S10-571.jpg  

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Default re: Super Sport: Buying & rebuilding a Fiat Palio S10

A few weeks later i get a call from my mechanic saying that your block has arrived. Come and have a look. Eagerly i rush to the workshop and this is what i get to see
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Default re: Super Sport: Buying & rebuilding a Fiat Palio S10

Well it took some time for me to get all things back in action and now the engine had to be mounted. Enclosing few pictures of the same and the car will roll out in a few days time .
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7 months of waiting and finally the day comes when the engine was set. All electricals were connected and we all wait for the crank. A day which I was looking upon anxiously for such a long time and finally the day had come which brings life to the motor which was in the surgical room for the past half a year.

I applied for a dayís leave from office to witness the same. Just pray to the almighty and finally the trusted man who handles great engines walks up confidently and switches on the same. First crank and its into life and there was roar all round with all those present clapping their hands in joy as their hard work finally shows on. Engine was left idling with splitter splatter roars from the FFE and it was all going smooth with Zero engine noise. Words could not express my joy and it was a moment to cherish. Reverse engineering and bringing back a machine to glory and hard work finally pays.

The car was left in start for some time and then switched off. The valves had to get their seating right and the car would be left with the same process for the next 3 days. After 3 days the first test drive is taken and the smile I had on my face can never be seen again. Since it was the run in period for the next 1500 kms the RPM was to be kept below 2000 and the AC was disconnected to avoid load on the engine. The feel of a new engine, butter shift gears and the purring 1.6 gives you a new high. Did the first stint of 100 kms and I then felt how thirsty these motors can be delivering an average of 6.5-7 kmpl. I knew by the time it sets in im going to have a big hole in my pocket.

Now the car was on wheels but the body was touched up with putty and some leveling which made it impossible for me to take it out as a daily drive. The next step was painting and itís a herculean task ahead. Getting the Canary Yellow in the right mode is a task unattainable my many as many reputed booths made a mess of it.

The week followed talking with experts in the field and I found it tough to come in terms with the people who I spoke as my expectations were high and my confidence levels in handling it over to someone who I was not sure of. The original paint that fiat used was PPG and the dealer of the brand had the correct color code of the same but none of the booths I consulted were ready to go with the brand. I later found out that they had a tie up with a particular brand and it was all that they would use. If I insisted they would go for it but it was at my own risk. Quotes were received from two booths in cochin and one in Coimbatore. My choices of paint ended with Glasurit, Siekkens 2K and DuPont. Had my previous car painted in Siekkens and was happy with it but wanted to see how it works with the other brands.

Now wanted a subtle body kit for the italian horse. Had a few designs in mind and spoke with my friend who works out the same in metal. Had 2 hours of brainstorming and then decided on a front skirt and back diffuser. Since the S10 already has side skirts we didn't want to add more frills and spoil the existing shape. Then came another idea as the present stance of the car was a bit too high and i needed a 15 mm lowering in the rear for a sports feel. So now it was like first the car would be lowered and then the body kit would me incorporated to the existing bumper. Body kits fabricated in metal take more time and he wanted a fortnight to finish the work. Since i believed in the workmanship and quality i gave a yes.

All i said was it had to be what i told him and didnt mind spending the extra time for the extra perfection i was looking out for. Left the car and went back home still wondering how the metal would shape up and gel with the italian bumper. The wait continues...........

In the meantime i had collected some add on Gizmos for my ride. The project super sport had to be unique so had to add a few more frills. OMP steering wheel with Momo Boss hub, The Abarth Supersport badge, Type R Tachometer, Oil Temperature and water temperature meter, Bosch Super 4 plugs, Momo lift release gear knob to add a few.
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Default re: Super Sport: Buying & rebuilding a Fiat Palio S10

The car so far:

The car was entirely overhauled and the idea of attaining factory finish standards was a difficult task. Hurdles included the FIAT misery of sourcing spares which took more time than expected. The entire car was stripped and reset so we could go into detail of minor wires, sensors, denting, rusting and missing parts could be incorporated with the help of a donor car. The entire valves were reset to factory spec and the pistons and otherwise engine health was checked and found to be perfect. 0.5mm was shaved off for the performance increase. Grooving was in the chart but ruled out taking into engine life consideration. Turbo charging is in the anvil but not at this given point of time. Sourcing performance parts for palio is one of the most difficult things to come by.

FFE was added and a filter will be added in due course of the project. Plug wires are available in the UK but the exorbitant shipping rates have kept me on hold and performance plugs were added initially. Bosh brake pads are used while ceramic pads from mintex/ brembo and EBC are available. Performance rotors from the house of Tarox/ OMP are available via the import route. The suspension upgrade is one thing that will not lead you anywhere. Some palios come fitted with oil filed shocks and stiffening them the conventional way of using thicker oil adds on making the car hard for the spirited drives. Sport lowering springs for the same are also available. Have kept the suspension set up to normal magnetti marelli ones and the sports stiffened ones for my track days.

Performance clutches are not available in india but source able via the import route but you would have to take a chance if the same fits down with the models launched in india. Since I did not want to take a chance the performance clutch was abandoned. Stage one performance cams are available in India but as they say it’s all kept for the future upgrade.

Car runs smoothly with the run in period of the first 1000 kms to be taken care of well for the engine to get set. Have to hold on to a period less than 2500 RPM and eagerly waiting for the run in to get over so I could test the animal to its full potential. 15 inch Borbet 98 PCD alloys and 205/50 Yokohama S drives were used so the handling department does not compromise.

A few maintenance tips / advice based on my experience with the 1.6.

There are quite a few niggling issues with the 1.6 Fiat S10/GTX that keep on resurfacing time to time and it’s ideal to change a few parts as a step for preventive maintenance.

1.TDC sensor / Crank Sensor- It’s a part that can just leave you stranded at times so preferably change it at the time of purchase

2. Cam Sensor : One of the most important sensors in the 1.6 engine. Its located inside the engine and mandates removal of the timing cover, belt and hence if the same had failed earlier the roadside mechanics take the easy way of bypassing the cam sensor. The sensor informs the ECU about the rotational speed of the crankshaft. The car will stall if the sensor fails. Its mandatory to change the cam sensor if you wish to keep the car for the long run.

3. O2 Sensor AKA lambda sensor: Preferably change the same if the car has clocked above 60,000 kms. The inputs from this sensor is used by the ECU to adjust the fuel mixture and hence the replacement is critical for maintaining fuel efficiency.

4. Timing kit :- Well all are aware the importance of timing belt replacement but its mandatory to change the timing kit for all 1.6 machines to have a hassle free ride at the time of purchase.
The timing kit consists of a timing belt, timing tensioner and an idler bearing. Insist only on the OE Ricambi belt or Dayco if available. The same should be replaced only with a person who has thorough knowledge of DOHC engines and the garage should be equipped with the cam locking tool. The timing belt cover gets worn out in time and if corroded it can bring irrevocable damage so its preferable to change the inner and outer cover while changing the belts and tensioner. To go in sync its cam sensor, timing cover, tensioners and belts in the correct pattern.

5. Clutch Master Cylinder and Slave Cylinder: On the safer side its better to get it changed if you have a plan to keep the same for some time as failure of the same can leave the car stranded at unexpected locations.

6. Coolant Thermostat: Heating issues are prone to the 1.6 and the car can show tendencies of heating in different conditions. The replacement of the coolant thermostat and radiator cleaning along with a flush is recommended also check for the leaks in the radiator and if its of the denso make change the coolant tank cap is fine if so recommended to change as it can cause issues over time.

7. Alternator: One fine day you get stranded in the middle of nowhere and you get to know that the alternator has got kaput. Preferably change the alternator since the cars to date would have crossed more than 10 years of their product life cycle. The alternator is one of the expensive bits of the palio so if on a budget keep a rectifier with you as spare which would save you in time.

8.Fuel Pump: If you find your car not responding to the quick pedal to metal and there is a small misfire and at times you get the fuel indication not working fine then there is a high chance you might end up changing the fuel pump. It’s not mandatory to change the fuel pump unless broke but once it’s done then the expensive part of fiat maintenance crops up.

9.Throttle Body: Auto revving and then make sure your idle control sensor is gone. The idle control sensor is attached to the throttle body so at times when you clean the map sensor and TB precaution has to be taken not to upset the idle control sensor attached to the same. Once broken it will set a hole in your pocket.

10.Alternator belt, Ac Belt, Power steering belt, Gear Lever cable set and throttle cables if checked and replaced as preventive maintenance would make the car trouble free

11. Wheel Bolts : A small but overlooked thing can leave you stranded again at undesirable places so preferably replace all 16 bolts. If after market 100 Pcd alloys are used make sure that you use a wobble bolt and hub-centric rings. Hub Dia for fiat is 58.1 inner dia measured.

The above list was compiled based on experiences of owners who I consulted and own the machine and my own personal experience.

The project Super Sport: The things I learned the hard way.

Well since the project was quite ambitious the first thing needed was patience. It was something that I didn’t have but I had to get used to sitting countless hours at the garage managing my work and personal life and striking a balance between.
1. Budget: Plan your budget and write down in detail what all you want to do. Make sure you allocate the budget based on the estimate you get and be prepared to add an extra 30%.
Budget can be allocated for normal routine work while splitting it to Engine, Suspension, Body, Electrical and finally cosmetic. The cosmetic additions depend on your budget and taste so be prepared to shell out the extra amount for the same.

2.Parts: It’s something which you just can’t predict with Fiat as some parts are hard to come by. It took me 3 months for the Fuel pressure and Injector Rail so make sure you are ready to spend some time of yours collecting parts. Parts were collected from different parts of the country with the help of friends and fellow team bhp mates. Recommended FASS OTC and 99rpm.

3. Mechanic: You might have the right car, the right plan but it can all be screwed if you don’t have the right mechanic. People make different claims but getting a person who knows the job is difficult and it has to be made sure that you have a rapport with the person who does the job. He might test your patience to the limit but its all in his hands. Make sure you source all parts and pay for the labor

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Default re: Super Sport: Buying & rebuilding a Fiat Palio S10

Another side track story : Spare car creates a lot of kick

Living without a naturally aspirated machine was close to impossible for me and since the project took more time than expected i needed a car till my Super sport hits the tarmac. Thought of a Gypsy king but again i wanted to build one and with dedication and devotion so kept it in the anvil. My choices where the Fiesta 1.6 S, Honda City Vtec and Skoda RS. Parking would be an issue when the palio comes back and it was an interim car which had to go once the project was over. Searched all around and finally came across a 2002 City in pristine condition. I had previously owned a 1.3 Type 2 and the Vtec was a long dream to come by.
Looked no further and settled for the Honda and this is what i had for my GAP.

There is nothing to write about the Vtec as it has its own set of fan following and its a marvelous machine to live with. Not writing a comparison either as both these machines have their own leagues which cannot be explained. The Honda is much more simple and easy to maintain and is not as complex as the Fiat. The mod potential for the Vtec is tremendous as i spend some time getting to study the levels it can go through. Being the most sought out car for after market modifications it definitely has its own place among the petrol heads. Two cars are legends on their own and the fun factor varies from machine to machine. I would sum it up as City Vtec from the head and S10 from the heart.
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