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Post BMW 520d's squeaky brakes

Hello Everyone,

I have a weird problem with my March 2011 BMW 520d's brake's. The brakes first started squeaking in February 2012. After driving the car for 20-30 km the brakes start squeaking, when the car is just started there is no issue at all and the noise only comes when the pads/discs get heated up, i.e driving 20-30 km and that too the noise comes at speeds under 20-25 km/hr (slow braking in traffic/toll naka's).

At first I ignored the problem for a few weeks thinking it might just go away with some usage, but them in April this year it was really irritating me so I took the car to the dealer and the pads were opened in my presence and were discovered to be severely glazed hence they were sanded and cleaned using a brake cleaner spray and the disc's just cleaned using the spray too. Calipers were greased.

Problem resolved for the next 150-200 odd km or so and then it again started squeaking just like how glazed pads usually do!

I again pulled on with the issue and finally gave up by visited the service center in May 2012, pads again opened in my presence found relatively less glazed but an arc was visible on the front left and rear right pads and since this was a repeated issue they decided to replace all 4 discs and 4 sets of pads too under my 5 year BSI package.

Issue resolved for the next 300 km and squeaky noise again returned. I was shocked again! Was not keen enough to visit them again so I just called and informed them about the issue and they recommended that I drive a few more kilometers and then observe again.

Squeaky noise did not go and in September when the car was serviced for the first time they again checked the brakes and found them ok, they were cleaned (no glazing found) but were not greased.

Issue did not go and noise was still there, so this month I again decided to send the car and I went along hoping that if I personally go them utmost care would be taken to detect and resolve the problem. We went for a test drive and as expected after 25 odd km the noise started coming in, their road tested wanted to walk along the car while I braked at slow speeds, he primarily felt that the noise is coming from the front right tire but I personally feel that it comes from all around, it is quite audible even when the music is on, it sounds exactly how BEST buses and trucks brake during traffic/toll naka's and I am quite saddened with this issue in my 50 lakh car ! So they again opened it and no concern was they so it was again cleaned and greased. Car driven for 80 km by the same road tester and no noise discovered as yet but I am guess it might come back after 150-200 km of driving. I primarily use my car on the highway only and I always brake softly. During my last trip to Ahmedabad I braked hard couple of times upon advise hoping that any particles or dust gets away with the hard braking but in vain. Again the noise was very much there on the way back too!

Any help from fellow members would be deeply appreciated.
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Default Re: BMW 520d's squeaky brake's

I had this issue in my humble Palio and a close friend's Figo, but I believe the problem is similar. This has been noticed in a multitude of cars all across the globe, across brands. It has got something to do with the changed materials and manufacturing processes for pads, perhaps due to cost or environmental regulations

I also underwent the pad, and pad+disc replacement process some 3-4 times, but ultimately it was a post on one of the Dodge forums which solved it.

Try this: when such symptoms appear, accelerate to 100 kph and brake hard. Before coming to a full stop, release the brakes and drive normally for a few minutes to allow the brakes and pads to cool off. The grinding / screeching noise should reduce. If not, repeat the process some 3-4 times, each time allowing the pads to cool off. This process burns off the glazing that accumulates on the pads in stop start traffic.

Do let us know if that worked out. Also, do elaborate if the issue is only of a squeking noise or can you feel vibration/grinding through the car

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Default Re: BMW 520d's squeaky brake's

I can understand how irritating it would be.

Did you feel any juddering as well?, or else did you drive through water filled roads splashing water in the insides of Brakes?

Juddering could be because of Discs going bad due to some stones coming in between pads and Disc (I am sure this would have been checked by Service Engineers, but no harm in ensuring). They usually make noise along with judder, also do remember judder is usually more apparent at higher speeds.

The other area i have felt brakes make noise is when they loose lubrication (greasing) when driven through water and hence they make noise when bakes are applied.
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Default Re: BMW 520d's squeaky brakes

@vipul singh: I have braked hard during my last trip to Ahmedabad at speeds of 100-120 km/hr several times during the 7 hour journey from Mumbai-Ahmedabad but the noise was still there even on my return 5 days later. This has been tried several times and in fact there is no glazing at all this time! This is not a grinding or screeching noise but is a simple long squeaking noise that glazed pads usually make, it like a whistle.

@ mayankjha1806: There is no juddering nor did I drive through water filled roads infant I do not even splash water on the tires while washing her myself.

Fellow members who are specialists with brakes can give elaborate on further possibilities causing this squeaking.
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Default Re: BMW 520d's squeaky brakes

The solution is to remove the pads and put a coat of copper grease sparingly on the back of the pad.
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Default Re: BMW 520d's squeaky brakes

Brake squeaks could be from brake pad moving around and rubbing against the caliper. There are some solutions available that can be applied between the pad. The other reason could be the whole brake set up where they apply some solution while installing. If they had missed a specific spot it may bring out some squeak.

Best is to try applying that solution between the caliper and the brake pad.
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Default Re: BMW 520d's squeaky brakes

I have the exact same problem in my XUV. It almost sounds like when the pads are worn out (not completely but near abouts) and you brake. I am just keeping mum because I am soon to get a new set of pads (and discs?) which have been develpoed by M&M for a different issue. I am hoping this squeaking noise will also go away with the replacement. However, I can empathize with the OP. That "BEST bus" kind of sqeaking noise emanating out of your so called premium vehicle is not a very nice feeling to have.
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Default Re: BMW 520d's squeaky brakes

I had the exact same problem on my Vento when they had changed the rear axle post an accident and it did come from the rear drum brake on the side which was damaged the most. I first thought it was due to the monsoons and was advised similarly by the service centre. However when it persisted post monsoon i kept going to the service centre but they could not fix it for a full year and this is where i can totally understand your plight. i mean considering i paid 10 lacs for the Vento and i was irritated, frustrated and embarrassed to the point of a distress sale and can only imagine the frustration for someone who has paid 5 times the amount. I also faced juddering and this was quite scary while braking in stop and go traffic.

My solution: I changed my service centre from KSM to Downtown in Mumbai and tried to explain the problem to the best of my ability. they did take a lot of time but it hasnt reoccured so far (hope i havent spoken too soon). Unfortunately i havent checked what they exactly did (perhaps i wasnt expecting a solution but am pleasantly surprised that there is no noise whatsoever in more than 1500 kms since)

Not sure if this post is helpful and adds any value but just thought of sharing my experience.
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Default Re: BMW 520d's squeaky brakes

Have been facing similar issue in my Ikon 1.6 from the last 3 months. Paid a couple of visits to the A.S.S and both times they cleaned up the pads and things were perfect for the next 100 kms or so. Will be taking it to the service center this Friday to get it checked again. Not sure if it has any bearing but it was all silent these last 8 years until I replaced the wheel cylinders (rear).
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Default Re: BMW 520d's squeaky brakes

A quick question to all who face squeaking noise from brake pads in your cars: Do you wash / get your cleaner to wash your wheels frequently with SOAP & water?
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