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Old 18th May 2006, 15:25   #31
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Hello ...
Honest Advice....Go For Yello Top... I just got one put in yesterday ... The D34 is arnd 11-12 K
Killler Killer Batteries.... and if you look at my post in the mods section about my problems you will see the system i am running .. and trust me .. have changed 2 batteries in the last 9 months.. i tired everything.... Exide.. Amaron... and nuting could keep up....and just in the last 2 days after i got my yellow top.. my car sounds Different...bass is tighter.. and there is definately a SPL increment too .. my boston components are sounding louder too... Trust me.. when you spend soooo much on a audio install and NOT give it the JUICE !!! it needs.. its just sillyyy...... and even my aplive head unit agrees with me.. have it hooked to my amps through the alpine amplifier link.. and its reporting much better voltages ..on both exide and amaron when i used to hit 18 on the volume on my head unit i used to my oltage drop all the way to 10.5 for breif periods .. the CAP is saving me here.... but it dosent take a genius to tell you that less POWER less Volume Output.....now with the yello top.. im hitting 20 on my volume and i still see 12.7 on my head unit .. with lights and AC ON.... trust me get the Yellow Or Red Top.. Both have Extremly High CCA ratings... thats what we ICE guys Need... lots and lots of CCA..... hehehehehe
anyone who spends over 50 K on a ICe install... should get Yellow Tops... and if you have smaller needs .. then go for a Red Top.. arnd 3 K cheaper for the Rt 34.. around 9 K.. Very Very Goood Too,... If you Need Power... These are Definately THE batteries to BUY ... here is the link to my post on mods and access section
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/modifi...r-battery.html (Need Mad Help With My New Esteem Vxi Car Battery .....)

Hope this helped..
Ps.. They definately look better built than Exide or Amaron Too...

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Old 18th May 2006, 15:39   #32
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can anyone suggest a good battery for my pulsar180?.. My old batteries just died out..it remained for 3 years..which one do u suggest people??..
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Old 18th May 2006, 15:47   #33
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People the battries we are talking here are the electrolyte type or lead car battery. they have acid in side when tillted the acid will spill or come out. But in optima the whole battery is seal u can install the battery any way u like even sideways also. So this make it a better than all the wet types. For all this type of features u will have to pay extra. and optima yellow top comes for 10k And I have it in my car.
Agreed totally. But, it just doesn't make sense to spend 10000 bucks for a battery.

Maybe, when i get a sports car.
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Old 18th May 2006, 16:34   #34
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Originally Posted by nitrous
Agreed totally. But, it just doesn't make sense to spend 10000 bucks for a battery.

Maybe, when i get a sports car.
spot on
moreover her our friend needs the battery for an Inverter so might as well he should look out for those guys who supply, install and maintain the battery / inverter for a 3 year period under WARRANTY. I've got one installed for 8,750 and the suppliers technician comes punctually(ya 4.00 pm) on every 25th of the month, hes got a purchasers card, ur signature after the maintenance done, and a scanner too --- does the necessary topping of dist water and cleaning of the points and thats what u need to have i suppose.
u can get more power for more money and when theres more money theres more service attention. so dont worry on getting which battery??? just look for a reliable dude.

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Old 18th May 2006, 18:43   #35
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Most Importantly, Identify the need of the battery before asking for Which or What Battery?...! Please specify the ICE, Accesories...the works you have currently installed..!

Optima Yellow or Red or Blue- It makes sense for only those section of users, who need that High Amp-age and Not Normal but Heavy Duty Usage...!

For the Lesser Mortals Exide,SF,Amaron,Bosch,Panasonic will do great...! Like I suggested, For anything above 10,000... I rather buy a Honda Little Genie for the boot..lol

PS- Battery's on a average do not last for more than 3 years- Not taking into fact the life time or sealed top. Battery's have chemical reactions which lose property to hold on to current with time and usage..So if your battery conks in 2 Years to 3 Years...It's lasted you your usage..!

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Old 4th January 2007, 12:35   #36
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For Old Santro, which battery is good/cheap? Exide failed in one year.Plese mention price of the battery as well.The starting trouble is only after weekend .
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Old 4th January 2007, 13:19   #37
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I've said this before somewhere. Just can't remember where.

Exide now makes rubbish batteries in my opinion. I would avoid buying a new exide battery.

Personally I have had a great experience with Amaron (Ding Dong) and I would also recommend the following brands with my eyes closed

1) Bosch Silver
2) Panasonic Varta
3) Prestolite

I would have recommended Leader (Brilliant German Brand) and Optoma but these are now almost impossible to come by. I have information that the importer for Optoma is no longer importing these products.

I may be wrong and I hope I am.

For an old santro, I would buy an Amaron off the shelf.
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Old 4th January 2007, 13:56   #38
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Yes, go for the amaron, a reliable battery. these days exides are made to just last the warranty, i guess.
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Old 4th January 2007, 13:59   #39
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Amaron - they're even confident to give a 4/5 yr warranty on some of their models. Exide is not bad - they've continued in the same mold as before, but Amaron batteries are known to last much longer under the same usage conditions.
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Old 4th January 2007, 14:13   #40
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My experience with EXIDEs are really bad. Go for Amaron - last long reaally long ,, ding dong........
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Old 4th January 2007, 15:33   #41
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My Indica came with an Exide battery as OEM in March 2003. It never gave me any trouble and lasted until June 2006 and 60,000 km. It would have lasted longer if the alternator (regulator) problem that surfaced then had been fixed immediately. I bought an Amaron Pro as a replacement.

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Old 4th January 2007, 16:23   #42
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Is this the Amaron Optima Yellow Top that you're on about?

If so, how much does it cost, & any idea why it isn't available?

Amaron website:
Amara Raja - Automotive - Optima
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Old 4th January 2007, 16:46   #43
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Yup elf thats the optima. They were supposed to be good batteries but just way too expensive.

Also, I think they had a few issues as well.

Currently Amaron and Bosch Silver are good batteries to go for.
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Old 4th January 2007, 18:26   #44
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hey everyone...
umm sam baba u said no more optima ? . this is bad. So what would be a alternative to people who dont mind spending 12-15 grand on a battery ? Any suggestions anyone ????
im really worried now.. have a optima in my car now. But what if it pops? what are our alternatives people ??
thanx in advance again
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Old 4th January 2007, 21:17   #45
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I had Exide on my 2003 Esteem as factory fitment and then suddenly one day it conked off leaving me helpless. I was searching for a decent replacement when I suddenly remembered AC Delco that was also on our Tavera. Checked with a few more guys and then finally went in for it. Its been hassle free so far. I had always wanted to try BOSCH though but did not find too many reliable dealers for it in Chennai. By the way an Optima or whatever for 10K is simply too much for a battery. I would rather buy 4 nos of any other normal reliable battery.
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